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Best 8 Irons to Keep Your Clothes Neat and Wrinkle-Free

Keeping your daily wear crumple free.

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Ironing is an exhausting house chore we could not possibly shy away from. However, with the ideal helper, this work will be done in a jiffy. Allow the right iron for your needs to simplify your tiresome daily task. Run through the lines and easily straighten our collars and cuffs for an impressive looking garment.

You can choose a reliable and sturdy clothes iron from the many choices we have below.

American Heritage AHDI-6091 Dry Iron With Spray

₱ 495
Best clothes iron for the money

This is an affordable option for your home, office or even hostel dormitory. A basic dry iron to help you sort out that messy looking shirt or dress, it glides seamlessly on various types of fabric without a hitch. It is also perfectly easy to handle with the ergonomic design and is lightweight for your daily needs. The non-stick soleplate helps you to prevent any unwanted scorching on the material.

Imarflex IRS-340S Steam Flat Iron

₱ 650
Best clothes iron for home use
2. Imarflex IRS-340S Steam Flat Iron
Best clothes iron for home use
Updated on 22nd June 2020

Keeping the house tidy and neat is a never-ending work. If observed closely, there are ample fabrics around us which need proper care. With this steam flat iron, your home will look crisp and fine. It's suitable to be used for your curtains, table runners and even tapestries. With a steam control, you can set the level to your required preference. 

Black & Decker 1300W Non-Stick Coated Soleplate Dry Iron

₱ 1176
Best clothing iron for beginners

This efficient clothes iron is helpful for anyone to use. It's certainly a suitable one for beginners required to master the art of ironing. Comfortable to be used for all kinds of apparels, it easily works on difficult creases with the right amount of steam. There's also an anti-slip heel rest to avoid accidental slips.  Thanks to the self-clean system, you can ensure a longer product life for the iron.


Black & Decker 1600W Vertical Steam Iron

₱ 2450
Clothes iron with temperature control
4. Black & Decker 1600W Vertical Steam Iron
Best clothes iron with temperature control
Updated on 10th January 2019

If you love shopping, then you must be mind-boggled when it comes to the upkeep of those beautiful and fashionable outfits. This clothes iron with adjustable steam settings supports you to control the right temperature for the exact textile. Smooth to handle, it releases strong surges of steam when you have stubborn lines that just refuse to go away.


Korean Hyundai Fashion Hand Steam Ironing Brush

₱ 964
Clothes iron for travel

Travel often? This hand steam ironing brush will be a must-have to include in your packing list. This compact size iron packs into your hand carrier as comfortably as your suitcase. Despite its small size, the iron is able to vent out a powerful flow of steam. It's incredibly flexible to use for your ironing needs especially while you’re on the go. 

3D SM100 II Heavy Duty Flat Iron

₱ 800
Clothes iron without steam
6. 3D SM100 II Heavy Duty Flat Iron
Best clothes iron without steam
Updated on 10th January 2019

Get a heavy duty, dry iron for a power packed performance. This old-school looking one is highly functional to assist you in straightening out your office wear and your casual wear. Glide the iron over your clothes and be free from untidy lines. The easy temperature setting regulates the heating level, keeping your clothes safe from burns.

Micromatic MAI-1200 Steam Flat Iron

₱ 377
Best clothing iron for everyday use
7. Micromatic MAI-1200 Steam Flat Iron
Best clothing iron for everyday use
Updated on 10th January 2019

Enjoy your ironing work with this dual-function iron system. With both, dry and steam setting you will be able to alternate between the different settings according to your fabric’s need. The transparent water tank helps you identify the water level without having to check constantly. Enjoy the freedom of using one iron with many options.

Philips HD1172 Dry Iron

₱ 1806
Clothes iron with headlight
8. Philips HD1172 Dry Iron
Best clothes iron with light indicator
Updated on 2nd July 2020

Choosing the right iron for your home could be tricky, but this Philips model cannot possibly go wrong. Although sporting a simple design, its high functionality makes this iron (and its brand) a popular choice. The best quality of this iron is its indicator light, helping you determine when the iron is hot enough to strike. The sharp edge reaches into the tight corners of your shirt, leaving to surface untouched.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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