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9 Best Electrical Stoves That’ll Cook As Good As Gas Stoves

Bring your cooking into the 21st century.

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The heart of a house is certainly the kitchen. So instead of slaving away for too long in the kitchen, why not prep food efficiently by equipping it with a smart electric stove?

Without using any open flames, you can keep your home and your family safe without the fear of accidental burns. Allow creative homemaking juices to flow freely with these best electric stoves for your kitchen below.

Kyowa KW3642 Induction Stove

₱ 1835
Best stove for campervan
1. Kyowa KW3642 Induction Stove
Best apartment size electric stove – perfect for travel, suitable for an RV

Minimise kitchen space consumed with this Kyowa Induction Stove. A suitable choice for a small size home or even in a recreational vehicle, this cooker is designed with a futuristic slide and sensor touch control to enable user-friendly usage. 

You can also pack up this lightweight stove whenever travelling for a longer duration. Without any direct heat, this stove features an array of pre-set and manual functions to accommodate a variety of cooking style.

Whirpool Electric Hob

₱ 13154.00
2. Whirpool Electric Hob
Best electric stove top with front controls - suitable for condo

Conscious about finding the best electric stove for your modern kitchen? Do not compromise on quality when you opt for this Whirpool Electric Hob. It’s surely a people-pleaser with its classy construction fitted with four electrical hobs. 

Ideal for a large family with a hearty appetite, the stove features an energy-efficient function which allows for fast heating to drastically reduce cooking time. 

Chefs Classic Induction Stove

₱ 3899.75
3. Chefs Classic Induction Stove
Best electric stove for chefs – ideal for canning, smart choice for the money

Who says a home only needs one stove? Splurge a little bit extra and invest in this Chef’s Classic Induction Stove to fuel your cooking experiments. Although high in quality, purchasing this electric stove will not burn a hole in your pocket. 

With an energy saving function, this stove cooks as well as cools down fast too. Be it preparing daily meals or the seasonal jams and preserves, all it takes is just the press of a single button. 

Astron ES-173 Electric Stove

₱ 895.00
4. Astron ES-173 Electric Stove
Best electric stove with coils – great for bringing along on camping trips

Why not incorporate a rustic charm to your regular looking kitchenette? This Astron Electric Stove radiates an attractive old-school charm compatible with today’s hipster décor. It’s also real convenient to bring along for camping trips. 

This stove works on a single heating coil system with temperature control to increase and decrease the heat flow as desired. The safety light indicator ensures you keep away while the coil is still heated. Unlike the usual hot plate system, this electric stove heats up much quickly, perfect for making a quick meal. 

Hanbishi HES100F Double Hot Plate Electric Stove

₱ 1919
5. Hanbishi HES100F Double Hot Plate Electric Stove
Best electric stove for rental property

If you are looking to save cost yet not compromise on quality, try this Hanabishi Electric Stove for your kitchen. It’s reliable enough while being easy on your budget. 

Cooking is made easy with its 2 different hot plate sizes. It makes cooking different portions of the food easy and time-saving. Additionally, this slim stove fits comfortably onto the countertop without taking too much space.

La Germania Electric Stove and Convection Oven

₱ 60527.00
6. La Germania Electric Stove and Convection Oven
Best electric stove with convection oven, grill and broiler

Here’s a versatile electric stove with a convection oven to fulfil your expansive dreams of preparing delectable dishes for the family. This radiant La Germania electric cooking range delivers the options to help you cook, bake, grill or broil. 

The 2-in-1 combination allows users to prepare a wholesome meal without having to move about in a frenzy. It has a stainless steel finish, providing a clean ultra-sophisticated look. Definitely one for the home which deserves the best.  

Union UGIDC-188 Induction Cooker

₱ 1680
7. Union UGIDC-188 Induction Cooker
Best electric stove with automatic shut off - suitable for cast iron

An adaptable choice for a home with children, this Union Induction Cooker has a touch sensor control panel with a variety of pre-set cooking functions. It also features settings which helps to prepare your meals in a limited time. 

Besides saving time and effort, it also provides extra safety precautions with the auto-off program once the meal is completed. What’s even more amazing is the child lock system which keeps your child safe from unwanted accidents even if they do have itchy fingers.  

Tecnogas Electric Cooking Range

₱ 20495
8. Tecnogas Electric Cooking Range
Best electric stove for baking

Are you an avid baker? If you enjoy creating mouth-watering dessert delicacies, this Tecnogas Electric Cooking Range is an ideal addition to your kitchen. The electric oven allows users to work on healthier meal options or baked desserts while preparing daily fare on the cooktop. 

With four separate hot plates, even preparing food for a feast should not be a problem. The strong stainless steel body easily matches the modern looking kitchen of today.

Electric Hotpot With Griddle

₱ 880
9. Electric Hotpot With Griddle
Best electric stove with griddle - suitable for samgyupsal

Barbeque is common during the summer but when you own this Electric Hotpot With Griddle, it is possible during all seasons. Enjoy an accompaniment of a hot shabu-shabu broth while you grill meat, or fire up the griddle for some late night samgyupsal on the pan.

Want more fun? Flip some pancakes for breakfast on the non-stick electric griddle too. This multipurpose stove is after all designed specifically to accommodate any users need for grilling, boiling, frying, roasting or even stewing fresh ingredients. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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