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7 Blenders That Will Be Your Perfect Kitchen Partner

Pulverise fresh ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes.

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Have it fuss-free when you have a competent blender in your kitchen. This handy helper helps you to prepare traditional or modern meals and allows you to mix your ingredients conveniently. Thinking of getting one for your kitchen? Read on to find out the best blender for you from our selected brands.

Multipurpose Durable Commercial Grinder Blender

₱ 1490.00
1. Multipurpose Durable Commercial Grinder Blender
Best blender with grinder and silencer for ice

This electric blender with Japanese blade technology is a swift functioning instrument. It automatically reduces your kitchen work, increasing your efficiency when cooking. The hardened stainless steel is solid and sharp, and it is an impeccable grinder which allows you to prepare soups and sauces. Crush ice effortlessly and make homemade desserts too!

Demotech 12-piece High-Speed Power Blender Juicer

₱ 1289.00
2. Demotech 12-piece High-Speed Power Blender Juicer
Best blender with a juicer for smoothies

Tired of peeling and cutting fruits for your breakfast and as snacks? Use this high-speed blender juicer to prepare your morning smoothies. Its technology helps you to save up on your preparation time, and it is an extraordinary nutrient extractor. Blend vegetables, fruits and nuts into a smooth liquid. You could even use this nifty juicer to prepare pasta sauces and gravy dishes.

Imarflex IB-250P 3-in-1 Blend To Go

₱ 1550.00
3. Imarflex IB-250P 3-in-1 Blend To Go
Best blender with a tumbler for shakes

Prepare fresh and healthy drinks on the go! With this blender, all you have to do is blend and takeaway with its portable tumbler. Simply fill up your tumbler with fruits and vegetable of your choice, add in protein shakes and whizz away.

 Asahi BL-767 1.5L Glass Blender

₱ 1662.26
4.  Asahi BL-767 1.5L Glass Blender
Best blender and miller with glass jar

A powerful blender and miller combination, this kitchen assistant is highly resilient for your cooking needs. It is also perfect to help you mill blended coffee beans, nuts and grains. This trustworthy machine would even be an ideal housewarming gift or a thoughtful present for Mother’s Day. Simple yet highly functional!

S&H Active Life Baby Food Maker Processor

₱ 1459.00

Don’t want to feed your baby processed food? With this food processor, easily blend green vegetables and yummy fruits for your little one’s meals. The fast and high-power blade base purees any ingredient within seconds, helping you to create all-natural baby food.

Electric Magic Food Processor And Blender

₱ 569.05
6. Electric Magic Food Processor And Blender
Best blender and food processor for chilli

Processing chilli with your usual blender might be a problem. Avoid the spicy residue in your other meals by opting for a separate food processor and blender. From the traditional Adobo spices to the modern Chilli Con Carne gravy, prepare any spicy concoction without extra effort!

Philips HR2108 Blender 1.5L

₱ 3495.00
7. Philips HR2108 Blender 1.5L
Best blender with a spout for cooking

Looking for a blender for your home? This Philips blender is durable and long-lasting enough to be your companion for years to come. No matter what you decide to blend, the spout allows you to pour it out without any accidental spills. Keep your kitchen mess to the minimum with this helpful contraption.

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