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Inhaling polluted air full of dust, molds, and smoke would affect the overall health of a person. But in today's world, one cannot avoid being exposed to the low-quality air, especially those living in the city. Thanks to the invention of the air purifier, now everyone can enjoy breathing fresh and clean air. Discover stunning air purifier to suits your needs with the selection we have found for you.

1. FreshAir Air Revitalizer and Purifier
Best air purifier with water for allergies and smoke

This simple air purifier has a water tank with a maximum capacity of 390 milliliters and multicolor LED light. The plastic air purifier is proven effective in eliminating dust, toxins, bacteria, and allergens as well as removing unpleasant odor and smoke. The appliance is suitable for bedrooms or other small sized rooms.

2. Home Air Purifier Smart Dehumidifier
Best air purifier with dehumidifier and fan

A dehumidifier works by reducing the humidity of the air inside your house which makes the air less prone to allergens. This air purifier and dehumidifier have a turbo fan to enhance airflow and effectively purify and cleanse the air for better air quality.  With an energy saving feature and a low noise function, this appliance is an ideal choice for everyday home use.

3. Imarflex IAP-150 Air Purifier
Best air purifier with carbon filter and hepa filter

The air purifier from Imarflex stunningly comes with a three-layer filter function, which are the pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter. Plus, this air purifier works with 5 watts power and has variable speed control. The appliance does not only provide purified air but is very economical too, as it consumes less energy thus helps in saving electricity.

Best air purifier with essential oils for dust
4. Ultrasonic Air Purifier & Humidifier with LED Light
Best air purifier with essential oils for dust

This air purifier has an essential oil diffusing function and works with minimum noise.  With its dimly lit night lamp and ionizer which helps in eliminating dust and negative ions, the appliance is an ideal addition to a bedroom. Plus, the air purifier automatically turns off when there is no water in the tank, ensuring users safety when used at night.

5. Crane Shark 5 Stage Air Purifier
Best air purifier for babies with UV light – suitable for removing molds

A shark air purifier for the baby shark, this attractive air purifier comes with a UV light feature, which works in killing germs and bacteria for clean and fresh air. Plus, the appliance has a five-layer filter system to remove fungi, molds, and allergens effectively. With its cute design, this air purifier is an ideal addition to the baby's nursery.

6. Sharp FP-GM30E-B Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher
Best air purifier with mosquito catcher – suitable for pets

This air purifier comes with a mosquito catcher function, which works magic in not only providing the best quality of air but helps in eliminating the insects too. With its high-density plasma-cluster ion generator, this air purifier is an ideal choice for a household with pets as the appliance will provide a conducive environment for them.

7. Mi Car Air Purifier
Best air purifier for car and car pollution

Xiaomi introduces an air purifier specially made for the car with this Mi Car Air Purifier. Able to clean the air in less than seven minutes, this air purifier is controllable via phone with Bluetooth connection. The air purifier provides pure fresh air for the entire car with a low noise system, an ideal choice for those living in highly polluted areas like the big cities.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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