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Best 7 Water Dispensers For Purified Drinking Water

FYI: Sometimes, it's not hunger, but thirst!

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Water is a key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. Keep yourself hydrated with fresh and clean water at all times with a reliable water dispenser. It is both a practical and convenient gadget to have at home and your office. Drink water daily and maintain your vitality - we’ve listed some of the best water dispensers for you!

Tosot TWT-0201 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

₱ 9995.00

Save space in your kitchen or dining area when you opt for this bottom load water dispenser. This appliance comfortably keeps mineral bottles away from plain sight.

It also reduces the amount of strenuous effort required to carry the heavy bottles and place them up high. Definitely a more practical option for ladies to manage the bottles without needing extra assistance.

Dowell WDS-20P Floor Stand Water Dispenser

₱ 5720.00

The WDS-20P is a home efficient water dispenser which maintains a high-quality service. Its direct from the tap connection assures clean water for your living at a reasonable price. Unlike regular dispensers, you won’t have to subscribe to mineral water bottles at an exorbitant rate. Apart from a hot and cold water feature, it also has a dripping receptor that alerts you in case of leakages.

Markes Hot & Normal Table Top Water Dispenser

₱ 1550

Why settle for less just because you’re on a budget? The Markes Table Top Water Dispenser is quality for your money. Lightweight and durable, it could be effortlessly placed on any flat surface.

Besides saving space, the double safety device is able to detect overheating. This allows you to be able to prevent unwanted energy wastage. It also functions on a quiet thermoelectric technology that ensures your dispenser works with high efficiency.

Fukuda FWD790ST Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

₱ 4000.00

An economical choice for your professional needs, this simple yet functional dispenser does not take up much space. With both hot and cold water functions, you’ll have a never-ending supply of hot coffee whenever you desire. Another unique feature of the dispenser is its bottom cabinet which allows you to store your pantry needs where it is easily accessible.

Igloo Compact Ice Maker And Water Dispenser

₱ 30842.30

Nothing feels more rejuvenating than a cold drink during hot weathers. This 2-in-1 water dispenser has a built-in ice maker which will provide you with both chilled water and fresh ice at the touch of a button. Despite its size, it is ideal to serve both your family as well as an office floor.

Furthermore, the push-button means that you won’t have direct contact with the ice, unlike when using an ice tray. This helps to maintain hygiene especially when many people are using the machine.

Kortech Water Purifier And Water Filtration System

₱ 1548

This Korean-based water filtration system dispenses purified water every time you turn the tap on. It filters dangerous rust, dirt and bacteria residue from your water supply to keep it pure and clean. Furthermore, active carbon granules competently remove dangerous chlorine and chemicals from water. Your regular drinking water is now ionised and high in minerals to keep you and your family healthy.

Smart Electric Rechargeable USB Water Dispenser

₱ 199

A smart and compact water dispenser for today’s modern world, this valuable water pump looks nothing like your average dispenser, but it gets the job done just right.

Its smart design compromises of a 360-degree rotatable tap head and a one-push button to dispense water into your cup. Ideal to even take with you on your family travels!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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