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Say Hello to Clear Skin with these 9 Face Washes

Illuminate your skin.

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One of the most essential steps in skincare is cleansing. If not done correctly, breakouts, acne, blackheads and whiteheads can occur, which can be a pain. Get on the right track and invest in a good cleanser for clear and glowing skin! Read on for our list of the best face washes in the market.

Best face wash for dry and sensitive skin with tea tree oil
1. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Best face wash with tea tree oil for dry and sensitive skin 
Updated on 12th August 2020

Dry and sensitive skin can be easily irritated. This low pH gel cleanser is gentle on sensitive skin and perfectly balances the pH level of the skin to reduce redness. It also returns moisture to dry skin and protects your skin barrier for healthier skin. Ingredients such as tea tree oil and BHA controls oil sebum production, tightens pores and refines skin texture for baby smooth skin.

Say good morning to flawless skin!

Best face wash for combination skin without SLS and parabens
2. Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser
Best face wash without SLS and parabens for combination skin 
Updated on 12th August 2020

An all-in-one cleanser containing amino acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramide 3 and olive oil, Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser thoroughly cleanses, hydrates and gently exfoliates your face to give you radiant skin.

Without ingredients such as SLS, alcohol and parabens, this eco-friendly cleanser reduces sensitiveness and calms irritation. The nourishing effects of Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Houttuynia Cordata Extract also helps with various skin troubles and unclogs pores for fresher and smoother skin without drying the skin out.

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