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25 Presents for Your One and Only Papa This Father’s Day – 2019

It’s his time of the year to get something in return.

Your dad works hard day and night to provide for your family. All that hard work deserves some recognition, and that's why every year, we celebrate Father's Day. If you want to make the most out of that day, buy him a gift or two from this list of awesome items that we’re sure he'll love.

Check Mossimo Saffiano 3-Fold Wallet price below:

Every man deserves a reliable wallet for his money. If your dad hasn't changed his gear in quite a while, then now is the best opportunity for you to hand him this Mossimo Saffiano 3-Fold Wallet. It's robust, has several compartments, a picture pocket, and has a minimalistic yet elegant design.

Check Casio MTP-V001D-1B price below:

Time is the most valuable thing on Earth. It can't be created, and you're forced to spend it every single day. Why not buy your dad a watch to remind him that? This Casio MTP-V001D-1B analog watch is incredibly stylish yet reasonably priced. We’re sure your dad will love its silver design and comfortable strap.

Check GS Pull & Vitamin Organizer Water Bottle price below:

One of the most creative products on this list that's both practical and entertaining is this GS Pull & Vitamin Organizer Water Bottle. It's like any other reusable water bottle but has compartments to help you store some meds. Plus, it comes in five different colors to choose from, so you can pick whatever color your dad likes.

Check ROMOSS Sense 6P PH80 20000mAh Power Bank price below:

Everyone loves mobile devices, and almost everyone has one, including your dad. Why not improve his overall experience by giving him more battery life with this ROMOSS Sense 6P PH80 20000mAh Power Bank. It can charge a smartphone around five to seven times, so your dad can leave his charger whenever he needs to go out.

Check NIVEA for Men Protect and Care Shaving Foam price below:

Grooming and keeping a man’s face clean is important, so help your dad or husband by buying him this NIVEA for Men Protect and Care Shaving Foam for sensitive skin. It's easy to apply and leaves everything smooth and fresh.

This shaving cream isn't going to irritate the skin due to its mild formulation. It moisturizes and makes the shaving experience so much easier. If he fancies a clean cut, this one is a must-have for him.

Check Nova Ns-216 Wireless Rechargeable Hair Trimmer price below:

If your dad is the type of guy who wants to trim his hair, you should buy him this Nova Ns-216 Wireless Rechargeable Hair Trimmer. Unlike typical trimmers that are operated by AA batteries, this one can be recharged. It's practical and affordable, too.

Check M99 Quad Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch price below:

Smartwatches are getting cheaper but more effective every day, and that's why you should buy your dad a smartwatch this Father's Day. It's priced affordably and can be synchronized with almost every feature of his phone. Your dad can accept or decline calls, change the music, see messages, track his steps, and so much more.

Check Breathable Men's Sneakers Casual Sports Shoes Running Shoes price below:

A pair of shoes doesn't always have to be expensive. They can be cheap but still look amazing, and this pair of Satoh casual sports shoes is the perfect example. Get your dad a new pair that he can use for sports activities or just the casual walk. It’s fashionable, sturdy, comfortable, and is less than half the price of most sneakers available in malls today.

Check French Press Coffee Maker price below:

Almost every Filipino loves coffee, and if your dad loves it, then this French Press Coffee Maker is a must-have for him. It's resilient, exclusive, reasonably priced, but most of all, it makes delicious coffee.  And it's made out of stainless steel, so it'll last for a very long time without the worry of rusting. We’re sure your dad will be using this French Press Coffee Maker every single day.

Check C&YY Pelin Jacket price below:

Hoodies are a thing in our country, and some men love it even as they mature or hit their 50s. And if your dad is one of these men who want a modern and cool hoodie, you should support him by getting him this C&YY Pelin Jacket.

It's a black jacket with a hoodie with a relaxed fit. Not only is it stylish but it’s also super comfortable to wear. What makes it even better is its super affordable price.

Check Baellery Men Long Wallet Card Holders price below:

If your old man isn't a fan of cash, then this Baellery Men Long Wallet Card Holders is a fantastic gift for him. It can carry up to more than ten cards at a time. And it even has a dedicated SIM card or memory compartment.

It's made from leather, making it durable and elegant at the same time. This wallet can act as a mini-bag that can even store his smartphone. Its size is just right for any busy man.

Check JY019 Wi-Fi FPV Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter price below:

The next gift we recommend is more expensive than most of the products on this list, but if you have the money and your dad or husband is a techy guy, he'll jump all day long if you buy him this JY019 Wi-Fi FPV Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter.

Although it's a beginner's drone, it still packs a lot of features and is made out of high-quality materials. It's also easy to control, which makes him more comfortable using it. Plus, its parts can retract, making it portable and easy to store.

Check Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey 700ml price below:

If you're a bit unsure about what present you should buy to make your old man smile, we recommend whiskey. Nothing goes wrong with buying a 700ml bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. He can either add it to his collection or open it to celebrate! It's a premium blend that provides just the right aroma and strength.

Check A7 Ultra HD 1080P Waterproof Sports Action Camera price below:

If your dad or husband loves water sports, motorcycling, or just about any physical activity, the A7 Ultra HD 1080p Waterproof Sports Action Camera is a wonderful present for him. At its price point, it can record about 90 mins of video, which is more than decent.

Check Organic Lined Plain Polo Shirt for Men price below:

If your dad is a simple man, then he will appreciate this Organic Lined Plain Polo Shirt for Men. It's straightforward but still packs a lot of aesthetics for its simplicity. Moreover, it's only less than ₱300 apiece and you can choose up to six different colors. You can buy quite a few and diversify the colors if you like.

Check Aiwa Best Quality 40 Pcs Auto Repair Hand Tool Combination Socket Wrench Set price below:

Most men love tweaking or repairing things on their own, and if your dad is that type, this auto repair hand tool set will help him a lot. With this set, he can change his car wheels in no time. It can also help him with other mechanical problems, too.

Check 212 Men NYC Perfume price below:

Next gift that you can give that will never go wrong is this 212 Men NYC Perfume. It has hints of wood, ocean, and just a subtle touch of grapefruit and citrus to it. Manly, yet gentle enough to not make anyone's nose irritated. Best of all, it's oil-based, making it last longer than most perfumes, too.

Check Ali Pomade Ocean Waves price below:

If your dad still has hair, and hopefully he does, why not buy him this Ali Pomade Ocean Waves. It has a strong hold just like most hair waxes available today, but it's easier to remove just like hair gels since it's a water-based product. With this gift, he’ll enjoy fixing and styling his hair, and it will make him look a few years younger too.

Check S165 Mono Bluetooth Headset price below:

If your dad is a busy man working in a corporate setting, the gift we recommend that he'll find super useful is this S165 Mono Bluetooth Headset. Using this to answer his work calls will allow him to free both of his hands, so he can do other stuff while talking on the phone. Plus, it will also help him continue working even if you give him a call at the office.

Check INSPI Tees Sunset Sail price below:

Being on a tight budget is understandable, especially if you're still a student. If you really love to give your dad a gift this Father's Day from what little you have, we recommend buying him this INSPI Tees Sunset Sail shirt. It's only ₱199 and is made from quality fabric. It's comfortable to wear, has a nice print, and you can choose the right size for him.

Check COWATHER Men's Dress Belt price below:

Another gift that will surely be treasured by your father is this COWATHER Men's Dress Belt. It's a classic belt that's made of the finest leather. The belt is overall stylish and elegant. Plus, it's one of the most robust belts we've seen. You can choose from nine different sizes and three different colors – plenty of choice!

Check Card Shape Metal Bottle Opener price below:

If you want to give your dad or husband something he can carry around without too much of a hassle, then this Card Shape Metal Bottle Opener is for you. It has a slim profile and can easily fit in anyone's pocket. Plus, it has a purpose, it's durable, and it looks pretty cool.

Check Attraxion Kellin – 16010 Sling Crossbody Bag price below:

If your dad loves bringing a number of small things like his phone, charger, perfume, and other knickknacks that he finds useful every time he leaves the house, you should buy him this Attraxion Kellin sling crossbody bag. It will help him reduce the bulk on his pockets. Moreover, it reduces the chances of losing something while he's out and on the go.

Check Cocapark Laptop Bag price below:

Last on our list is for every father who brings a laptop to work, Cocapark Laptop Bag. It's a decent, durable bag with three compartments. You can safely keep a 14-inch laptop in this bag and carry its charger in the other compartments with ease. Plus, it has a padded shoulder strap, making it comfortable to carry even for hours.

What makes it even better is its safety features. It’s shockproof, waterproof, and uses oxford fabric for added durability. It’s also lightweight and affordable, too. Moreover, you can select up to three colors that your dad likes best.

How to Choose a Gift for Father’s Day

In just a few more days, Father's Day will fill the air. And it's the best time to repay the real-life heroes who work their hardest to keep the family stable and financially secure. However, there are so many gifts to give, and it's going to be quite a headache. Luckily, we have a quick and reliable guide for you - so read on.

Think About What He Needs

The first thing you need to think about when giving a gift to your dad or anyone, in particular, is if he/she will need or use your gift. Not only will it make their life better but it will also be valued as it comes from someone who cared for them.

If your dad works in an office, a bag will help him a lot in carrying the stuff he needs. But he works at home, which is quite a thing today, it might not get any attention. So choose a gift that you think he actually needs.

Consider His Passion

Other than things that your dad needs, also think about his passions. Any product that will contribute to his passion will surely be adored. If your father loves building stuff or carpentry, why not give him a set of new tools that he can enjoy using.

Your Budget

Of course, it's not all about what you think your dad wants; it's also about what you can afford. There's no shame in giving something that's not that expensive. As long as you give something that comes from your heart, it will always be treasured and valued.


Father's Day is your chance to repay your father for all his love, support, and kindness. It doesn't matter what you'll give; it's about the act itself. It shows you appreciate and recognize what he does for your family and you'd like to thank him for that through gifts.

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