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10 Best Mouthwashes in the Philippines 2024 - Buying Guide

Mouthwash as a practical supplement to daily oral hygiene practice

Southern Asians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans are the early users of mouthwash mentioned in ancient medical texts. Today, mouthwash benefits users more. Industries make mouthwashes to remove and prevent stains on teeth. It prevents terrible breaths, cures sore throats and gingivitis, and even makes mouthwashes suitable for kids to meet and exceed consumers' demands. The best mouthwash brands in the Philippines are listed below to help you choose one.

Top 10 Mouthwashes in the Philippines 2024

Best mouthwash for kids
Orahex Oral Rinse Mouthwash
Orahex Oral Rinse 380ml Mint A
Check Orahex Oral Rinse Mouthwash price below:
add_circle Alcohol-free formula safe for kids
add_circle Can treat gingivitis
add_circle Different variants and flavors
remove_circle The Pregnancy Risk Category is Chlorhexidine

Why It's Our Top Pick

Orahex asserts that it is the only anti-infective and antiseptic mouthwash that medical and dental specialists accept. It has been a dependable partner for more than 20 years in lowering bacteria and preventing diseases in the mouth.

Orahex is the ideal everyday mouthwash to protect you and your family from mouth illnesses, cavities, and sore throats.

Key Ingredients

In contrast to other mouthwash, the active ingredient of Orahex is Chlorhexidine, an antiseptic and disinfectant. It gets rid of oral bacteria and reduces inflammation and swelling.


Its main component, Chlorhexidine, is the most effective antiseptic mouthwash and is highly recommended by dental specialists.

Best mouthwash antiseptic
Listerine Cool Mint
Listerine Cool Mint 250ml
Check Listerine Cool Mint price below:
add_circle Effective germ fighter
add_circle The best alternative for flossing
add_circle Suitable for almost all ages

Listerine Cool Mint is a pleasant-tasting antiseptic mouthwash that kills germs to help prevent bad breath, plaque, and gum problems.

Key Ingredients

Thymol (2-isopropyl-5-methyl phenol), present in this mouthwash, is a potent antiseptic that most mouthwashes lack in its properties. This ingredient gives thyme a robust flavor but is pleasant and aromatic.


It kills 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath. Triple the action: Provides three times less plaque, three times healthier gums, and three times deeper cleaning of your mouth.

Best mouthwash with fluoride
Colgate Plax Antibacterial
Colgate Plax Antibacterial Mouthwash Freshmint Splash 1L
Check Colgate Plax Antibacterial price below:
add_circle No alcohol
add_circle No burning taste
add_circle Buying ample means more considerable savings
remove_circle Must use twice daily for the full potential

This antibacterial mouthwash protects against bacteria buildup, delivers long-lasting fresh breath, promotes healthier gums, and does not feel burning!

Key Ingredients

In those tolerant, the fluoride in a mouthwash rinse that this brand contains can help prevent cavities by integrating into the enamel coating of the teeth. While getting the correct quantity of fluoride is critical for adults, children may need it even more.


With twice daily use, Colgate Plax Peppermint Fresh Mouthwash eliminates over 99% bacteria, helps manage bad breath, and leaves you with consistently fresh breath.

Best mouthwash for toothache
Oral-B Duo
Oral-B Mouthwash Duo
Check Oral-B Duo price below:
add_circle Alcohol-free
add_circle Mild (mint) flavor
add_circle It also helps with gum problems
remove_circle Limitations on consumption, only after three years from the manufacturing date

One can have a healthier mouth and stronger teeth by using Oral-B 7. Mouthwash has advantages since it promises to clean areas that your toothbrush can't, avoiding toothaches from bacteria.

Key Ingredients

In this mouthwash brand, phosphoric acid is used with sodium to assist in preserving the pH, or acidity, of the formulation. Lesser ph in the formulation can mean the mouth won't get irritated but also helps maintain free from bacteria that cause different mouth illnesses.


This mouthwash helps reduce bacteria, freshens breath, and supports oral health. Its effective formula contains a mild mint flavor that is alcohol-free so that you can use it daily. The product lasts 24 hours to protect against plaque.

Best mouthwash for sore throat
Betadine Oral Gargle
Betadine Oral Gargle 500ml
Check Betadine Oral Gargle price below:
add_circle Works fast to heal sore throat and mouth sores
add_circle Aid in infection control
add_circle Kills viruses associated with colds, MERS, and flu
remove_circle Sensitivity to iodine

This medication is the most effective oral antiseptic for reducing mouth sores and sore throats quickly and comfortably.

Key Ingredients

Research shows that mouthwashes that contain Povidone-Iodine, the main component in this mouthwash brand, lower the risk of cross-infection from the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It helps reduce the number of viral particles and bacteria in aerosols used during medical and dental procedures.


This mouthwash quickly relieves sore throat and mouth sores, known as pharyngitis. It also helps prevent the spread of infection in the mouth. It kills viruses, the leading cause of sore throat, in as early as 30 seconds.

Best antibacterial mouthwash
Closeup Active Defense
Closeup Mouthwash Active Defense
Check Closeup Active Defense price below:
add_circle Superb antibacterial components
add_circle Long-lasting effect
add_circle Available in other flavors
remove_circle Sharp flavor

Long-lasting freshness and full oral benefits go with Closeup's active defense mouthwash and its antibacterial effectiveness.

Key Ingredients

Using sorbitol primarily in Closeup mouthwashes, you'll appreciate knowing that sorbitol in mouthwash poses no known dangers. It has been used safely in dental care products for almost a century despite the rising worry over artificial sweeteners and synthetic cosmetic components.


This mouthwash is effective in killing germs and preventing the appearance of bad breath. This product does not cause any irritation in your oral cavity. Proven effective in reducing viral load by 99.9% after 30 secs.

Best alcohol free mouthwash
TheraBreath Fresh Breath
TheraBreath Fresh Breath Mouthwash Oral Health Care
Check TheraBreath Fresh Breath price below:
add_circle Vegan
add_circle Gluten-free
add_circle Clinically proven effective for up to 24 hours!

For more than 25 years, TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse, an ADA-approved product, has been fighting foul breath with its certified non-alcoholic components.

Key Ingredients

The use of alcohol-free mouthwash has numerous advantages. Some of them include preserving saliva's natural balance, reducing tooth sensitivity, and being a safer alternative, especially for children of younger ages.


This mouthwash has natural ingredients and no alcohol, fluoride, or artificial sweeteners. Use it to promote better oral hygiene. Choose from a variety of flavors for a daily boost! 

Best mouthwash for gums
Oracare Cool Mouthrinse 500ml
Oracare Mouthrinse Cool
Check Oracare Cool Mouthrinse 500ml price below:
add_circle Gum disease killer
add_circle Restrains plaque buildup
add_circle Prevents bad breath
remove_circle Unappealing packaging

This product has stabilized chlorine dioxide with oxidizing action, efficiently preventing gum disease.

Key Ingredients

Studies have proven the effectiveness of using a stabilized chlorine dioxide mouthwash as an add-on to brushing your teeth in decreasing oral odor. According to these findings, using fluoride-containing toothpaste and a stabilized chlorine dioxide mouthwash twice daily for three weeks can reduce oral odor in a clinically significant way.


A small amount (about 15ml) to gargle effectively eliminates bacteria and fungi, leading to several mouth diseases and oral problems.

Best mouthwash for bad breath
Gumtect Mouthwash 250ml
Gumtect Mouthwash
Check Gumtect Mouthwash 250ml price below:
add_circle With great deals and discounts
add_circle It contains CPC to help reduce increased bad breath
add_circle Best for weak and bleeding gums
remove_circle It may have too much perfume with its perfuming agent: Propylparaben

Gumtect helps promote healthier teeth & gums and contains CPC that may help reduce the spread of mouth bacteria and viral infection when used regularly. 

Key Ingredients

Cetylpyridinium Chloride, one of the main formulas on this mouthwash, is recognized to be effective against plaque that causes bad breath when formulated at concentrations.   


Now with 20% more, that's even more powerful for fighting bad breath.

Best mouthwash for gingivitis
Crest Pro Health Multi-Protection
Crest Pro Health Multi-Protection Smooth Mint Mouthwash
Check Crest Pro Health Multi-Protection price below:
add_circle Cures gingivitis caused by bacterial infection
add_circle Reduces plaque bacteria
add_circle Smooth mint flavor (mild)
remove_circle Not suitable for younger ages

One gargle kills millions of germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis.

Key Ingredients

CPC is a substance that combats the dangerous bacteria found in dental plaque, making it a valuable component in various mouth rinses. Notably, CPC may lessen plaque's capacity to develop, aid in halting the spread of gum disease-causing bacteria, and alleviate a patient's risk of getting gingivitis. 


This excellent mouthwash helps your gums and teeth feel better at the first sign of gingivitis or bad breath. It also helps reduce plaque by removing the bacteria that cause it. Compared to other oral hygiene products, this mouthwash has 3x fewer alcohol and herb extracts, so there are no harmful fumes that can damage your lung tissues or taste buds.


Using mouthwash may be a practical supplement to certain people's daily oral hygiene practices. However, some claim it does not replace regular brushing and flossing. People tend to like this product because mouthwashes, like interdental cleansers, can get to places that are difficult for a toothbrush. Personal preference may determine whether to rinse before or after brushing. Still, depending on the features, manufacturers may advise using oral care products in a particular order to get the most benefit.

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