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10 Best Mini Washing Machines in the Philippines 2024

Mini, fast, and reliable

Portable washing machines are a great alternative to large appliances and are also effective for washing clothes. With a smaller load capacity, compact washers can pass through deep fabrics to remove stains and odors. It preserves water and energy while providing the same excellent cleaning performance as larger machines. 

Top 10 Mini Washing Machines in the Philippines 2024

Best Overall Mini Washing Machine
Union UGWM-20 Single Tub
Union UGWM-20 2.0 Single Tub Mini Washing Machine
Check Union UGWM-20 Single Tub price below:
add_circle UV-protected plastic
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Doesn'tDoesn't consume too much space
remove_circle No drying function

Why It's Our Top Pick

Union has gained a lot of mini washing machine reviews since, apart from being a space saver, it gives users the convenience of preventing the load from being piled up. It is best for soft, dirty rags and even baby clothes. It is durable and rust-proof, with efficient water consumption. Furthermore, it is also an energy saver, which we all love.

We occasionally have to cope with difficult-to-remove stains on our beloved clothes. Thankfully, this Union Mini washing machine lets you put an end to those difficulties.


The operation of the machine allows you to conserve time, energy, and water. It also has the maximum wash flow and circulation available, which can penetrate your favorite clothing and remove stains and hard-to-remove dirt. This washing machine is an exceptional deal at its affordable price.

Why buy this

This Union mini washing machine is among the market's most efficient appliances. Due to their 2kg capacity and powerful pulsator, both are particularly suited for small loads of laundry and are more than just affordable and hassle-free.

Best Mini Washing Machine with Dryer
HODEKT Travel Foldable With Dryer
HODEKT Travel Mini Washing Machine Foldable With Dryer
Check HODEKT Travel Foldable With Dryer price below:
add_circle Deep cleaning
add_circle Energy saving
add_circle Multifunction
remove_circle Limited laundry capacity

The HODEKT Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine Foldable with Dryer has developed to operate well while being simple to use. The washing machine'smachine's folding design makes it so that it doesn't take up much room while it's not in use. When folded, the washing machine stands only 10 cm tall. 


It can successfully clean clothes during the washing cycle and quickly dry them during the spinning cycle. Due to its small size and lightweight (1.7 kg), the compact washing machine can be carried around effortlessly and without much effort.

Why buy this

The washing machine can last longer and serve you better if stainless steel motors are used. You get all you need in a washer/dryer, plus the added benefit of silent operation. You will appreciate its sleekness, the simplicity of storage, and the efficiency of this investment. 

Best Automatic Mini Washing Machine
Tixx Automatic Mini Washing Machine
Tixx Washing Machine Mini Automatic
Check Tixx Automatic Mini Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Durable material
add_circle Robust base
add_circle Fast rinse
remove_circle Small capacity

This top-load washer is perfect if you're on a tight budget because washing machines may be expensive. Its low cost does not compromise the quality.


Its durable, transparent, and rust-resistant plastic body will provide you with more than you pay for in addition to an affordable price. 

Why buy this

Thanks to this hassle-free device, your life will be simpler if you're busy or just someone who needs to be tech-savvy. Large families should use this machine since it reduces utility costs and has an easy-to-use user interface that makes it easier for wash options.

Best Mini Washing Machine for Underwear
Xiaomi youpin Shuangling Portable
Xiaomi youpin Shuangling Mini Portable Washing Machine
Check Xiaomi youpin Shuangling Portable price below:
add_circle Ozone disinfection
add_circle Ultraviolet sterilization
add_circle Deep cleaning
remove_circle No drying function

The Xiaomi youpin Shuangling Mini Portable Washing Machine has several wash cycles, including one designed exclusively for underwear. It can also get over-the-air updates that boost performance. 


This washer emphasizes that it is excellent for daily washing and is relatively inexpensive. Setting up and managing the settings is simple. When you buy this washing machine, you have the benefit of being able to choose how long it will take to wash your clothes or underwear. The maximum period for the wash timer is 15 minutes. 

Why buy this

It can handle small laundry loads like those for baby clothing and underwear because of its 2.5 L wash capacity—users like that it has excellent washing and spinning capabilities despite only having basic features.

Best Foldable Mini Washing Machine
SWEAIGOR Folding Mini Washing Machine
SWEAIGOR Folding Washing Machine
Check SWEAIGOR Folding Mini Washing Machine price below:
add_circle UV sterilization
add_circle Rear drainage
add_circle Folding storage
remove_circle Can't wash large clothes

The SWEAIGOR Folding Washing Machine will satisfy you if you want the best value. Even less expensive is this portable washer. It's a simple, effective washing machine that uses minimal water and energy.


It includes a drain basket, has a touch timing feature, is portable, efficient, and rotates quickly in both directions. In addition to being compact, this washing machine performs admirably. As a result of its 40 Watts strong capacity, it does a fantastic job of removing stains.

Why buy this

This mini foldable washing machine is a good choice due to its adaptability and superior cleaning abilities. Also, this washing machine is gorgeous, easy to use, and offers a multicolor option. 

Best Mini Washing Machine Twin Tub
Union UGWM-22 Twin Tub Mini
Union UGWM-22 2 kg Twin Tub Mini Washing Machine
Check Union UGWM-22 Twin Tub Mini price below:
add_circle Quiet Operation
add_circle Large Capacity
add_circle Quick Wash
remove_circle Some customers don't appreciate quality

Union's twin tub washing machine is a top-loader with an all-in-1 feature for your convenience. You can use the washer and dryer combo at the same time. As a result, you can spin-dry one load of laundry while completing another.


The washer has a great, small size that takes up little space in storage and is only 9.33 kg, making it lightweight enough to carry around. The 320 watts of power generated by the motor to complete your laundry are sufficient to remove any stains from the clothing. The washer can handle a load of laundry weighing up to 2 kg.

Why buy this

It is ideal for compact living areas and was created specifically for small loads to prevent the accumulation of dirty laundry. Using it specifically for baby clothing and delicates can help to wash your garments more hygienically.

Best Mini Washing Machine for Baby Clothes
HODEKT for Baby Clothes
HODEKT for Baby Clothes Mini Washing Machine With Dryer Portable
Check HODEKT for Baby Clothes price below:
add_circle Spin dry
add_circle Large capacity
add_circle Blue Light Sterilization
remove_circle Portability is not much reliable

The HODEKT Small Mini Washing Machine With Dryer Portable has a vigorous stream that ensures all baby clothes are well washed. It also features blue light sterilization that sanitizes wet laundry and prevents odors from adhering to the clothes.


The HODEKT Small Mini Washing Machine With Dryer Portable offers three wash programs to ensure washing clothes properly. Loading and unloading your laundry will be simple and can be done from any angle thanks to the washing machine's easy opening function.

Why buy this

This machine has increased longevity because of its longer-lasting, 4.5 kg washing capacity, and non-corrosive plastic body. This is the best baby washing machine since you can conveniently utilize it in a tiny area.

Best Mini Washing Machine for Dormitory
Moyu XPB08-F2 Portable
Moyu XPB08-F2 Upgraded Version Portable Foldable Washing Machine
Check Moyu XPB08-F2 Portable price below:
add_circle Small and foldable
add_circle Double sterilization
add_circle High-speed draining
remove_circle Can't wash sweaters and large clothes

Our tiny portable washer is a small, delicate item. Due to its light load, it can conserve water and electricity. Our little washing machine's drain basket can dry your garments to a certain extent but not completely. It can make your things without leaking and prevent hand-twisting.


The compact washer can hold 2 kg of laundry, making it cleaner and easier to store in a small area. We employ incredibly quiet technology in our small portable washer. The water used for this washing machine is 1.32 gallons, and a ten-minute wash cycle.

Why buy this

The intelligent design allows you to use it anywhere, is compact, and takes up minimal room. It is also simple to carry and fits easily into dorms. High-speed draining feature with a 550 rpm speed, intimate and practical. 

Best Mini Washing Machine with Timer
SHANBEN Electric 7KG
SHANBEN Electric 7 KG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
Check SHANBEN Electric 7KG price below:
add_circle Easy to operate
add_circle One key dehydration
add_circle Large capacity
remove_circle Not automatic

This top-loader can easily slide into a limited space thanks to its small appearance. It was a good choice, and the two-month warranty supports that. The integrated stylish efficiently removes deep dirt without harming clothing.


It features a removable dehydrating barrel, a stainless steel dehydrating barrel, chooses 304 stainless steel of high quality, high-temperature resistance, a difficult-to-real distort strength, corrosion resistance, and long service life. It effectively removes tough stains and cleans garments. Its pulsator drives the clothing to roll up and down. Dehydration time is between 0 and 5 minutes, while wash timing is between 0 and 10 minutes.

Why buy this 

The maximum amount of laundry this machine can handle simultaneously is 7kg. Easy to use and quick laundry. Brand-new material, imitation paint craft that is small, delicate, and simple.

Best Mini Washing Machine with Antibacterial
KANAZAWA New Automatic Mini Washing Machine
KANAZAWA New Automatic Mini Portable Washing Machine
Check KANAZAWA New Automatic Mini Washing Machine price below:
add_circle Antibacterial
add_circle Blue-light sterilization
add_circle Save electricity and energy saving
remove_circle Not durable

This washing machine can clean towels, socks, underwear, and children's clothes. This small and portable washing machine is perfect. Elution has blue light sterilization for antibacterial purposes and is an efficient stain remover.


This washing machine was cleaned well and was also quiet. It uses 360-degree blue light irradiation and blue light antibacterial deep cleaning to make clothing cleaner and healthier while maintaining a fresher scent. It has a sturdy body and a powerful motor.

Why buy this

It is easy to use and comes equipped with all the features of a sizable washing machine. Both at home and on vacation, it is a helpful tool. The utility room, balcony, and living room are all convenient places to store.


As we live in an age of innovation, the washer-dryer device is convenient for maintaining our hectic lifestyle. Manual labor, hand washing, and cloth drying are all reduced by washing machines. Each washing machine includes a unique pulsator for deep cleaning garments. These appliances also include several forms of drying technology to keep undesired odors out of our clothes.Our guide, and mini washing machine review have helped you choose The Best Mini Washing Machine Philippines.

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