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10 Best Hair Straighteners in Philippines 2024 - Top Brands

Make your hair straight and look presentable with these ten best hair straighteners in the Philippines!

Suppose you want to straighten and smooth your hair at home. Blow dryers can be helpful and do work, but a flat iron is the best way to get super-smooth hair.

A hair straightener is a tool used to eliminate curls and waves in the hair. There are different ways to do this. Some companies make straightening irons, and others make chemical hair relaxers. Both straightening irons and chemical hair relaxers change how the hair looks.

So, if you’re looking for the best item, keep scrolling!

10 Best Hair Straighteners in Philippines 2024 - Top Brands

Best Overall Hair Straightener
Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener
Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener
Check Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle It is chargeable
add_circle Produce Less-heat
add_circle Auto shut-off
remove_circle It is pricey

Why It's Our Top Pick

All the advanced technology included in the Dyson Corrale straightener is there for one purpose: to provide excellent performance. Its battery packs a lot of energy for cordless straightening and the best possible balance in hand.

There is less dependence on heat to prevent breaking. Stronger hair has less damage. The first straightener with flexible plates gently embraces the hair braids, while the style gives you more tension and even control, using less heat and fewer strokes. Less hair breaking results from this, which results in stronger hair.

The Dyson brand is well-known for its great vacuums and bladeless fans and is a trusted name in hair styling supplies. You should keep the CorraleTM Straightener since it only has flexible plates that conform to your hair.

Key Features

You have more control, which means it takes less time and effort to create diverse hairstyles. This hair straightener utilizes less heat than other hair straighteners, which causes less harm and preserves the health of your hair.


The tourmaline edges on the flexing plates provide ionizing qualities that decrease static. Corrale has a slick and glossy outcome.

Why Buy This

To straighten your hair more conveniently, you can use this device cordlessly for up to 30 minutes. It means that, particularly while traveling, you can quickly locate available outlets! This hair iron won't have any mishaps since it also features an OLED screen that displays the charge and temperature and an auto shut-off.

Best Hair Straightener with Comb
Vidal Sassoon VSAS80PIK Hair Straightener
Check Vidal Sassoon VSAS80PIK Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle Wet & Dry use
add_circle Perfect for blow-drying
add_circle Soft bristles
remove_circle Limited information available

You may rely on Vidal Sassoon to provide a high-quality tool while still within your financial means.

Key Features

Because of its gentle nylon bristles, it is an excellent tool for coarse hair. And due to its straightforward construction, it is a perfect option for those who favor simplifying their hair care routines since it allows them to dry their hair and style it straight simultaneously.


This brush is not very complicated; its only purpose is to provide hassle-free straight hair. The three brush is for various styling type. There is 2 level heat wind controller switch so you can select the moderate wind level for your styling.

Why Buy This

Even though it may not have as many heat settings as some of the other models on our list, it is still an excellent choice for those new to the hairstyle.

Best Hair Straightener for Men
HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener
HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener
Check HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle It has a microsensor
add_circle It has adjustable heat
add_circle There are extras included
remove_circle Inconsistent pricing

The HSI Professional Glider aids in giving even unruly and coarse hair a clean and polished appearance. It can easily add waves and curls.

Key Features

Men with shorter hair can achieve silky results with ceramic and crystal plates. Additionally, they will lessen frizz and eliminate flyaways.


The straightener's micro-sensors control the temperature of the plates, evenly distributing heat and decreasing the number of times you run the straightener over your hair, minimizing heat exposure and damage.

Why Buy This

You can customize the temperature to your hair type with the 140–450°F heat settings, getting the best results and minimizing heat damage! Additionally, a 360-degree swivel cord gives you more styling flexibility.

Best Cordless Hair Straightener
Yateng Professional Hair Straightener
Yateng Professional Hair Straightener
Check Yateng Professional Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle Wider aluminum
add_circle Thermo balance technology
add_circle Streamline switch design
remove_circle Not a famous brand

When they created this clever cordless straightener, they were not messing around. Regarding styling necessities, the hair tool company always delivers its best, and this cordless straightener is no different.

Key Features

It is easy and convenient, and it protects the hair while giving it the appearance of having been professionally styled. Additionally, it offers protection for the environment as well as saving energy.


YT-530 has straight hair, is designed with a frosted slide hand appearance, has a tourmaline ceramic heating plate with a cool temperature, and has an anion temperature of 200 degrees.

Why Buy This

The Yateng Professional hair straightener ensures the heat can be adjusted to suit your hair type and has usable temperature settings. Its plate size is crucial to consider if you plan to use your hair straighteners for smoothing and curling the hair.

Best 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler
FEELYO Hair Straightener and Curler
FEELYO Hair Straightener and Curler
Check FEELYO Hair Straightener and Curler price below:
add_circle 2-in-1 use
add_circle Fast heating
add_circle It has a four-position adjustment
remove_circle Warranty not available

Although appropriate for many hair types, it is most effective on normal hair. It indicates that you must go over the hair strands a few times to achieve the desired effect when working with extremely thick hair.

Key Features

It is the right tool for you if you're looking for a versatile hair styling tool that will allow you to freely style your short hair, regardless of whether it's straight or curly.


The dinner plates are a combination of tourmaline and ceramic. You can curl or straighten your fine hair if necessary with this curling/straightening iron. They are mild enough to be utilized daily; however, you must practice correct hair care in the event you do so.

Why Buy This

No matter how long or short your hair is, you can use this hair iron to get styles that seem like they were created naturally, such as waves and curls. It is ideal for use in the morning while preparing for the day or before meetings.

Best Mini Hair Straightener
Philips HP8401/00 Selfie Hair Straightener
Philips HP840100 Selfie Hair Straightener
Check Philips HP8401/00 Selfie Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle It is durable
add_circle Silky smooth plates
add_circle Fast heat up
remove_circle It is pricey

Utilize this simple-to-use Philips Selfie straightener to straighten and style your hair. With the help of this product, home styling is simple and fast. For all those crucial selfie moments, present your best self. You can prepare with ease.

Key Features

You get straight hair that looks like a salon haircut! You can add waves and curls using the iron's rounded edges. Stay calm if you lack styling experience.


The straightener itself will tame frizz, leaving your hair smooth and silky. The keratin infusion technology helps moisturize and protect your hair from heat damage. The swivel cord is never a problem when straightening your hair on the go. You can easily bend over to prepare for the next hairstyle without worrying.

Why Buy This

This product includes an app to help you get your desired appearance. The main drawback of this hair iron is that you can adjust no heat settings, but it will still give you a selfie-ready impression whenever you use it.

Best Hair Straightener for Professional
Remington S8605-AP Infinite Protect Hair Straightener
Remington S8605-AP Infinite Protect Hair Straightener
Check Remington S8605-AP Infinite Protect Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle It has a built-in sensor
add_circle Advanced ceramic plates
add_circle It has an automatic safety shut-off
remove_circle It is pricey

A style that never goes out of style is smooth hair with a significant shine. Still, regular styling might sometimes cause you to lose that natural sheen and suffer color fading—introducing the Infinite Protect Straightener, which allows you to create your style while maintaining the health and vitality of your hair.

Key Features

This hair iron straightener offers a remedy for daily heat styling that may cause you to lose your hair's natural sheen and vibrancy and even fade its color. Its ceramic-coated plates with shea oil and UV filters give 2.5 times more protection and extend the life of your hair color. It also features an intelligent sensor.


The Intelligent Sensor and Advanced Ceramic coated plates with Shea Oil & UV filters found in the Infinite Protect Straightener give your hair 2.5x more protection and 5x longer lasting colors for gorgeous vibrancy and shine.

Why Buy This

Additionally, it has a 15-second heat-up time, so if you're pressed for time in the morning or need to use this hair iron right away, you won't have to wait long. This product is for all hair types, especially colored or chemically treated.

Best Hair Straightener at Home
KSKIN Mini Hair Straightener
Check KSKIN Mini Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle It is convenient to carry
add_circle It is compact
add_circle Double heat protection
remove_circle No clip

Keeping your hair looking great during the day is hard. Keeping up with your beauty routine can be a pain between work, errands, and even relaxing with friends and family. This product has more to offer than just a dazzling appearance; it also has features commensurate with its status.

Key Features

The KSkin is a flat plate mini hair straightener with a smart 150℃ —180℃temperature keeping function. It can prevent your hair from getting overheated or your scalp from getting hurt. The ceramic tourmaline plates enable smooth pulling motion without breaking or damaging hair.


This hair straightener is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to look their best while on the go. It's small enough to fit in your purse or pocket (or even just in your hand!), so you can take it wherever you go without worrying about cables or cords getting tangled up in your stuff.

Why Buy This

And it works magic: plug it in and then put it on your head! It'll get the job done quickly and easily—and when you're done, unplug it from the power source and put it away. No more worrying about finding a place to store that bulky flat iron when you get home from work!

Best Hair Straightener with Steam
Professional Fast Heating Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener
Professional Hair Steam Straightener Fast Heating Ceramic Steam
Check Professional Fast Heating Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle Digital power control
add_circle Applicable for dry and wet hair
add_circle Auto shut off
remove_circle Not widely available

A steam hair iron is the best option if you are looking for an appliance that will be less harsh on the individual strands of your hair while eliminating frizz.

Key Features

This product uses the most recent steam technology compared to the conventional hair straightener. It has five conditioning steam vents that add moisture and gloss to your hair, making it healthier and safer.


Your hair will look straight while protecting the weak fibers. There will be no damage to your hair. It results in 78% less hair damage. In addition, it leaves your hair instantly smooth and shiny.

Why Buy This

It contains a digital LED display with changeable modes of 6 various temperature settings (150-235°C/302-455°F) that can match your unique requirements, regardless of the kind of hair you have, from fine to coarse.

Best Hair Straightener for Beginners
BaByliss ST330K 2-In-1 Diamond Ceramic Hair Straightener
BaByliss ST330K 2-In-1 DIAMOND CERAMIC Hair Straightener
Check BaByliss ST330K 2-In-1 Diamond Ceramic Hair Straightener price below:
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Diamond ceramic design
add_circle For straightening and curling
remove_circle Shipped overseas

Ceramic plates already have smooth surfaces and can reach the desired temperature quickly. The addition of titanium makes it even more impressive!

Key Features

It has an easy on/off sliding switch and a long 2.7-meter swivel chord to minimize tangling. This item is unquestionably ideal for anybody looking for a stress-free style experience that comes in portable packing.


The plates on this hair iron are more corrosion-resistant and have a smoother surface. It results in a smooth and hassle-free straightening process that will continue to serve you well for many years.

Why Buy This

Protect your hair from damage with this hair iron. The six temperature levels give you the variety you need to create the perfect look, while code locks and auto-blocks help protect against damage if misused.

What is a Hair Straightener Iron?

One of the many ways to remove curls and waves from one's hair is to use a hair straightener, a tool designed specifically for this purpose. There are also other ways to achieve this result. The history of hair irons can be traced back to the 1700s, at the very least. It's common for people to picture curling irons when they think of these kinds of tools, but in addition to tongs and flat irons, you can also get devices designed to give your hair a straighter appearance.

How to Use a Hair Straightener

Using a hair straightener is quite easy. First, your hair must be clean and dry. Plug the hair iron and wait for it to heat up. Once the right temperature is set, divide your hair into sections and start gliding the straightener from roots to ends. Repeat this for each section until you get all of the sections done. Let your hair cool, and you will be done. Say hello to that silky, straight hair.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Hair Straightener

Follow the tips below to help you choose the right hair straightener for you:

  • Choose a plate material that best suits your hair.

Plate materials can be made of ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. These materials complement specific hair types. If you have thick or frizzy hair, a tourmaline plate is ideal, while a ceramic plate is for all hair types.

  • Choose the right size of plates.

The plate size depends on your hair length and thickness. If your hair is short, you may choose a narrow-width plate, and for long hair, a wider plate is better. 

  • Look for hair straighteners with temperature control.

Some hair straighteners have a digital display of heating temperature while some have light indicators. This hair straightener feature can help you control the temperature to avoid overheating which can result in hair damage.

  • Consider straighteners with safety features.

You can also check for heat-resistant handles and automatic shut-off to prevent your hands from getting burned.  A swivel cord is also a good feature for a hair straightener to prevent tangling. 

  • Read reviews and recommendations.

Knowing the best hair straightener brand may help you pick your hair styling buddy. The product reviews and recommendations are also a plus. 


We've compiled a list of the finest hair irons available online from companies like Dyson and BaByliss to assist you in choosing the best brand. Before adding to your cart, check out our purchasing guide and learn how to choose the best hair iron for your requirements and hair type. This article covers hair-iron straighteners and curlers and will be a solid starting point for your hairstyle adventure.

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