Massive discounts and sweet deals – these words are music to any shopper’s ears, and that’s what you can expect on Black Friday, 23rd November! This annual event is held on the last Friday of November after Thanksgiving. It was popularised as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Here's what you need to know about Black Friday 2018.

Why "Black Friday", though?

Historians believe that the name Black Friday was coined in the 1960s, where bus drivers and police used it to describe a day filled with heavy traffic and crowded streets and stores. Not a great thought.

However, in the 1980s, businesses started associating the name Black Friday with a more positive view. Retailers finally saw a profit for the year and these amounts were usually shown in black ink, as opposed to red ink being used to show losses.

The concept has since stuck around with stores traditionally seeing a marked increase in sales during the festive shopping season.

So, When Is It Happening? 

When: 23rd November 2018 is the official date for Black Friday 2018. Some retailers offer discounts leading up to Black Friday and flash sales occur on Black Friday as well. Just keep an eye on your favourite shopping sites to know what special deals are being offered!

Where: The best place for Malaysians to get Black Friday deals is ONLINE! While the Malaysian sites of some US stores offer discounts, the hype here is much less than in the US. So if you’ve got your eye on US products, you won’t find a cheaper day of the year to shop for it!

How is Black Friday Like in Malaysia? 

As a renowned shopping hub, Malaysia is certainly not about to fall behind on the Black Friday craze. Popular brands such as Sephora, Adidas, Cotton On, H&M and Harvey Norman have offered huge discounts on Black Friday 2018. As a Malaysian, you can celebrate by checking out shopping sites that ship to Malaysia for more amazing discounts.

Fun fact: Ever wondered why Cyber Monday happens immediately after Black Friday? It's the Monday after Thanksgiving Thursday and companies take the opportunity to get people to shop online then instead of on Black Friday. However, as many online stores practice having Black Friday sales today, it has resulted in a weekend-long sale lasting from Black Friday until Cyber Monday being established.

Why Hit the Shops On This Crazy Day?

Get your Christmas shopping done! – If you missed out on buying Christmas gifts during the 11.11 Singles Day sale, don’t fret, Black Friday awaits!

Get the things you’ve always wanted on this wonderful day of sales! It is best to purchase products such as electronics and household items on this day as you can enjoy discounts of more than 50%! Other things to consider are beauty products, clothes, and toys – just be sure to keep a look out for this year’s Black Friday deals.

Since you can now complete your Black Friday shopping online, why not take advantage of making purchases at the click of a button rather than having to join a queue that’s a mile-long at the stores?

Also, many companies offer free shipping services these days. This means that your purchases can easily make its way to you without having to battle traffic or requiring you to fend off other shoppers.

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We've Got the Best Black Friday Deals 

Discounts! Discounts! Discounts!

Ditch the traffic and crowd and jump online to your favourite shopping sites. Some stores have already posted their Black Friday specials, check these out:

7/24 Perfumes

  • 19th - 30th November 2018
  • 15% off every order with code IA15
  • Shop


  • Starts 22nd November 2018
  • Brand sales from over 100 brands
  • Up to 90% off
  • Flash sales from as low as RM11
  • Shop


  • Up to 50% off on selected products
  • Promotion runs from 20th - 25th of November 2018
  • Shop



Book Depository


  • BE10OFF: RM10 off purchases (valid until 23rd November 2018)
  • FREEZE58: RM58 off White Walker by Johnnie Walker Limited Edition (valid until 25th November 2018)
  • Shop

Bus Online Ticket

Christy Ng 

Cotton On


  • 30% everything with code KIKI
  • No minimum spend required
  • 19th - 30th November 2018
  • Shop


  • Black Friday sale: use code BLACK18 for 20% off the most expensive item in cart
  • Valid from 20th - 25th November 2018
  • Cyber Monday sale: use code CYBER18 for 10% off the most expensive item in cart
  • Valid from 25th - 26th November 2018
  • Shop

Focus Point

  • Promo code FPFESTA11 for RM11 off a minimum purchase of RM110
  • FPFESTA22 for RM22 off min. purchase of RM220
  • FPFESTA33: RM33 off min. purchase RM350
  • Free calendar with minimum spend of RM150
  • Shop


  • Discounts, pre-order sales, flash sales
  • Daily themed sales
  • Sale runs until 3rd December 2018
  • Shop


  • 13th - 26th November 2018
  • Up to 70% off
  • Grocery vouchers up to RM 70.00
  • Free delivery
  • Order

HP Store

  • 23rd - 26th November 2018
  • Up to RM550 price reduction on selected PCs
  • Shop

Hyper Gear

  • Discounts and free delivery with minimum purchase of RM50
  • Shop


  • 19th - 27th November 2018
  • 11% off sitewide with code BLACK (limited to one use per customer)
  • Shop


  • 20% discount with minimum purchase of RM60
  • Valid from 21st - 28th November 2018 with code JOY-BLACKFRI20
  • Shop



  • 23rd - 27th November 2018
  • Ongoing auctions, hot brands and coupons
  • Shop


  • 10% off all activities
  • 50% off all Food and Beverage activities
  • Buy 2 get 2 deals
  • Valid from 23rd - 26th November 2018
  • Use code MYBFCM10 for extra savings (only valid on 23rd November 2018)
  • Book


  • 23rd - 26th November 2018
  • Up to 85% off
  • Free shipping
  • Flash sales and hot deals under RM49 and RM99
  • Shop

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  • 45% off everything11
  • Limited edition gifts
  • Free shaker bottle for new customers
  • Shop


  • Only RM 399.00 for Pensonic's Noodle House PNM-01
  • Limited to first 100 customers
  • Valid with promo code PREPNH
  • Free limited edition digital kitchen scale
  • Shop


  • BUNDLE18: 50% off photobooks + 50% off additional pages, paper upgrades & accessories
  • Valid until 30th November 2018
  • JOY18: 5 free greeting cards with any purchase
  • Valid until 26th November 2018
  • Shop


  • Over 800 products on sale
  • Up to 50% off on games, exclusives and lifestyle
  • Digital items up to 18% off
  • Up to 55% off on accessories, and 90% off toys
  • Offer is valid from 12th November 2018, 12PM, HKT (GMT+8)
  • Shop

Roaming Man

  • 21st - 28th November 2018
  • 12% discount on all purchases with code BLACKROAM
  • Shop


  • 15% off everything
  • Starts 22nd November 2018, 10PM
  • Shop

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  • 23rd - 26th November 2018
  • BFCM10: 10% off all orders of $19 and above
  • CKR35: $35 off with minimum spend of $210
  • CKR25: $25 off with minimum spend of $140
  • CKR10: $10 off with minimum spend of $90
  • Shop

Siti Khadijah

  • RM20 off + free shipping with minimum spend of RM270
  • Valid with promo code SKIA20
  • 21st - 28th November 2018
  • Shop


  • 10% off selected products
  • Valid with code BLACKWHITE
  • Promotion runs from 23rd - 26th November 2018
  • Shop

Solar Time

  • 15% discount storewide on normal priced items
  • 23rd - 26th November 2018
  • Valid with promo code BFCM15
  • Shop

Tomaz Shoes

  • 21st - 27th November 2018
  • RM5 off with minimum purchase of RM50
  • Valid with code BFCM5
  • Shop


  • Promotion runs until 26th November 2018
  • Up to 70% off
  • Shop


  • 23rd - 25th November 2018
  • 10% off sitewide and storewide
  • Shop


  • Designer picks at flat 50% + 10% off
  • Shop


  • Sign up for an eligible course on Black Friday, get a free course on Cyber Monday
  • Valid from 22nd - 23rd November 2018
  • Book


  • Cyber Monday sale on 28th November 2018
  • Online exclusive - extra 10% off
  • Shop


  • 5% discount with minimum purchase of RM100
  • Valid with promo code BLACKFRIDAY
  • Book


  • 22nd - 27th November 2018
  • Additional 10% off with code BLACK10
  • No minimum purchase, discount capped at RM20
  • Shop


  • Exclusive - members only sale on 23rd of November 2018
  • For public: Early Bird Special (extra 25% off with code 25EARLY)
  • No minimum spend required
  • Shop

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Zen Zen Dream

  • 17th - 28th November 2018
  • 15% off with minimum purchase of RM60
  • Valid with code ZEN15OFF
  • Shop

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