If you fancy wearing a watch with the good old miniature clock-face display; the hour hand and minute hand on it, then you may be thinking of the analog, mechanical, quartz, or automatic watches that have been around for ages.

While many people who embrace technology are starting to use smartwatches, there are a class of watches known as Hybrids. These watches bridge the gap between the conventional wrist watch and the modern smartwatch. Classy, with technological ease.

1. Fossil Q Crewmaster
Best hybrid smartwatch for iPhone
Price from RM881.00

The Crewmaster provides analog time and a bezel for fitness tracking, 24-hour time viewing, and multiple alarms. Sync your Android or iOS phone with this watch to take photos, control music, and receive notifications. It's compatible with Android 4.4 (KitKat) and iOS 8.2 and newer.

Let this hybrid watch help to keep track of your fitness; the inbuilt pedometer keeps track of your running and walking throughout the day. Know that your devices are steadily connected with Bluetooth 4.1 technology and that you won't miss important notifications when your phone is in your pocket or bag.

2. Garmin Fenix 5X
Best hybrid smartwatch for men
Price from RM299.00

Have the confidence to go farther knowing that your Garmin Fenix 5X will show you what’s ahead (and guide you back). It's the ultimate multisport GPS color-mapping watch, made with a stainless steel bezel, rear case and buttons to accompany you through rugged terrains.

Look sporty and modern with the Fenix 5X. It looks good during events or in the great outdoors. Apart from GPS, it has the global navigation satellite system (GLONASS) which helps you through more remote areas where even the GPS system is not accurate.

Other features include a 3-axis compass, a barometric altimeter, and gyroscope. In smartwatch mode, the Fenix 5X will last you 12 days before needing a recharge.

3. Michael Kors Access Grayson
Best hybrid smartwatch for Android
Price from RM159.00

Combining refined aesthetics and innovation, the Michael Kors Access Grayson is designed for men living a fast-paced lifestyle. Made with Navy-Tone stainless steel, it's compatible with both Android and iOS phones although it's powered by Android Wear.

Conveniently get social media updates, as well as email and app notifications on this beautiful AMOLED display. There are also multiple display faces, interchangeable to keep things fresh. Stay healthy and monitor your active lifestyle with the inbuilt fitness tracking features.

4. Garmin Vivomove
Best hybrid smartwatch for fitness and heart rate
Price from RM999.00

Always on the move without much time to spare? Convenience is essential, and that's exactly what the Garmin Vivomove has in store for you. With a modern and minimalist design, this watch has more to offer than its looks.

Have your fitness measurements at your fingertips with the Vivomove because it tells you your steps, distance covered, 24/7 heart rate, and intensity minutes all measured from your wrist.

Paired with a smartphone, you can easily control your music from the watch, just swipe to activate the touchscreen. Get notifications like texts and calls too with this simple yet elegant watch.

5. Fossil Q Tailor
Best hybrid smartwatch for battery life and women
Price from RM881.00

The elegance and analog aesthetics of the Q Tailor may disguise the fact that the watch you're wearing is indeed a hybrid smartwatch. This one helps track your activities such as your calories burnt, steps and distance. This isn't a touchscreen watch and therefore the controls are the buttons on the right.

Set your goals, your alarm, and your 2nd time if you travel to a different time-zone often. It even alerts you when there are incoming texts from your phone. Compatible with Android and iOS, the Q Tailor has a battery life of up to 6 months.

6. Misfit Phase
Best budget hybrid smartwatch that also vibrates
Price from RM488.00

Living a connected life is having the information you need when you need it, and the Misfit Phase gives you just that. It's packed with awesome features to bring out the strength and style in you. It monitors your sleep, your steps, distance and calories burnt. What makes this watch stand out among others is the design and the interchangeable straps.

Get color-coded vibration alerts on your watch when it's synced to your smartphone. It notifies you of your texts, calls, emails, and app notifications. The Smart Button on the Misfit Phase lets you call your phone, take selfies, and even control your music. It comes with a 2 year local manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Skagen Hagen Connected
Best designed hybrid smartwatch for music
Price from RM979.00

This hybrid smartwatch has a range of features in the body of the classic analog watch. When synced to your smartphone, the Hagen Connected sends you discreet filtered notifications when there are incoming texts, emails and calls. The battery is non-rechargeable and runs on a common coin-cell CR2430 battery.

Some of the other features of this hybrid include phone-finding, sleep tracking, and music control.  The design of this watch lets you easily interchange with other 20mm straps. It also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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