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Invest In These 7 Best Phone Selfie Lights for That Insta-Worthy Shot

Step away from the shadows and into the light.

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As easy as it is to take selfies, they may not turn out as great as you’d hope. You can purchase top-spec camera phones, download the best photo editors, or have the nicest presets, only to find that proper lighting is what makes selfies good. 

Although camera flashes may be great, it cannot compared to external lighting such as a selfie light as flashes are usually too harsh.

What does a selfie light do?

A selfie light is a light fixture that illuminates the area around the front-facing camera of the phone to achieve the best possible lighting by preventing shadows falling onto your face. They also ensure that no unflattering orange or yellow tones and pixelated areas appear in your selfies.

Types of ring lights

There are standard ring lights that you can attach to your phone which are suitable for people who prefer casual selfies. Then there’s also special phone cases with tiny lights that illuminate around the perimeter of the case’s frame. 

Other than that, there are also tripod ring lights where some are made small for easy portability. If you want to go all out and level up your selfie game, you can even consider investing in a full-blown photography light kit for studio-quality photos.

Check out this list of some of the best selfie lights available today to illuminate your best side for some Instagram-ready pics.

Remax Rechargeable Mini Selfie Ring Fill Light (RK17)

RM 30
1. Remax Rechargeable Mini Selfie Ring Fill Light (RK17)
Best overall selfie light for all phones

The last thing we’d want is to have trouble from our selfie lights such as incompatibility and not fulfilling the job well. Well, Remax’s clip on mini selfie ring light promises to cater to all phones no matter iPhone or Android. 

Acting as a fill light with a soft focus effect, create brightly lit selfies in dim situations with its 3 modes and a flash mode. The light is powered by its built-in 100mAh rechargeable battery so you won’t need to get lithium ion battery.

Lumee Duo Phone Case

RM 99
2. Lumee Duo Phone Case
Best selfie phone case

The influencer-approved Lumee Duo Phone Case provides pro-quality front and back facing LED lights to illuminate your photos and videos regardless of where you’re at. At 3600 Kelvin temperature, the raised front LED strips are a lot warmer and brighter than the flash from the phone. 

With a simple push of the button, the lighting casts a warm glow that fills in the dark shadows to accentuate your best features. The LuMee Duo extracts power from its built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which can support 30 minutes of continuous use at full brightness before taking several hours to dim completely.

Professional Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder Stand

RM 23

The ring design of this Smartphone LED Ring Selfie Light allows you to take great selfies even in low-light conditions. Its flexible arm features a bracket clip that can be adjusted from 2.28 to 3.15 inches – making it compatible for most smartphones. 

Besides, it has the convenience of being completely USB-powered so you don’t even need batteries. You can even clamp this device onto a desk and rotate the bracket clip up to a full 360 degrees to allow for more creative angles with your selfies.

Neewer 18” White Dimmable Bi-color Photography Ring Light Kit

RM 360

The large range of colour temperatures featured in the Neewer 18" Bi-color Photography Ring Light Kit will handle difficult ambient light conditions and match other available fixtures. As the light is dimmable from 0 to 100%, you don’t have to manually adjust the fixture for the perfect light intensity. 

Besides, the light provides an impressive rendering of colours to bring out your most natural skin tone for accurate-looking makeup tutorials. A digital camera is not a must-have as this fixture also includes a 360-degree rotatable smartphone holder with an opening width of 5-10 centimeters so it can support most smartphones on the market.

XTERMO Smartphone LED Ring Selfie Light 

RM 9

The wallet-friendly XTERMO LED Ring Selfie Light features universal compatibility for most smartphones and can even be used on iPads and MacBooks. No matter where you’re at, you can depend on this ring light with three different levels of brightness for the necessary illumination to your selfies. 

This ring light is extremely user-friendly as you only have to clip it onto the top of your device, press the button, and voila, you are ready to snap away!  There’s also a soft rubber pad that cushions the clip on your device as protection from damage to your phone.

LED Dimmable Selfie Light with Beauty Speaker

RM 14

This LED Dimmable Selfie Fill Light double as a mini speaker for all your Vlog, daily stories and TikTok adventures. The LED lights will flash according to the rhythm of the music being played as you take your selfies or while filming. 

User-friendly, it features a plug-and-play design, made compatible to all devices that sport the 3.5 mm jack (or the dongle). Furthermore, its compact dimensions and lightweight design make it convenient to carry around. 

S-Way 12-inch Ring Light

RM 123.7
7. S-Way 12-inch Ring Light
Best selfie light with changing lights

Who needs colour filters when you already have an RGB colour lighting mode on this 9 inches tall Ring Light? Give your selfies a pop of colour from the 20 static colours and 6 dynamic colours that can be accessed via the remote control. 

Both the tripod ball head and the phone clip can be rotated up to 360 degrees so all the bases are covered when you want to capture that money shot. For safety reasons, the light fixture is made of a metal shell that provides excellent heat dissipation so the lamp will not be hot even if it used for a long time.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]nation.co. Thank you!

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