Time travelling machines do not exist, but these cameras come close by allowing you to relive your moments. 360-degree cameras help you record every angle of your adventures, giving you an immersive experience like never before.

1. Samsung Gear 360

Best 360° camera for car
Price from RM699.00

The Samsung Gear 360 has dual CMOS 8.4MP sensors and dual f/2.2 fisheye lenses which give sharp video and pictures up to 5472 x 2736 resolution in dual lens mode and 2304 x 1296 resolution in single lens mode. With an inbuilt stereo microphone, the Gear 360 ensures clear audio. Thanks to its IP53 water resistant rating, the Gear 360 can also take a splash. 

It also functions as a pretty decent dash cam. However, to mount it onto your car you would have to purchase the Samsung Accessory Starter Kit. Alternatively, you could also just get an OEM mount if you're not interested in the other accessories.

2. Ricoh Theta S 360° 12MP Spherical Camera 

Best for iPhone
Price from RM1,550.00

The Ricoh Theta S uses a 12MP CMOS sensor and a f/2.0 lens that’s capable of producing 14 MP images and full HD videos. Accompanied by 8GB of internal storage, this camera allows you to capture 25 minutes of continuous full HD video footage, with a maximum of 65 minutes.

Additionally, iPhone users will appreciate the extra control that the iOS app provides. Being very portable and user-friendly, this camera is one of the best in the market for its price range.

3. 3MP 360° Panorama Camera

Best cheap 360-degree security camera with night vision
Price from RM159.00

This security camera supports IR night vision and can automatically transition between day and night. It has a full 360° field of vision, complete with HD photo and video recording capabilities as well as a motion detection function, which is programmed to take pictures upon movement. Supported by Android and iOS, this camera is a good choice for home surveillance, even when you are on the go.

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4. XiaoMi Mijia 360 Degree Panorama Action Camera

Waterproof 360-degree HD camera for drone
Price from RM2,100.00

This camera comes with two 190° ultra wide-angle fish-eye lenses, reducing blind spots. The f/2.0 aperture and 3.5K video resolution also allow for good image and video captures. It has an IP67 rating as well, making it waterproof and dustproof. Its small build and mobile app available in the App Store and Google Play makes this a sound choice for outdoor adventures.

5. LG 360 Cam LGR 105 Spherical Camera

Best outdoor 360-degree camera
Price from RM690.00

The LGR 105 has two 13MP cameras and 200° wide-angle lenses to take full 13MP pictures and 2K resolution videos. Other useful features include the videos being compatible with Google Street View and YouTube. With its 5.1 channel surround sound and 1200mAh battery, this camera is a good choice to bring outdoors.

6. Ricoh Theta V 360° Spherical Camera

Best 4K 360 video camera
Price from RM1,639.00

This predecessor of the Ricoh Theta S records video in 4K and supports 4K live streaming. Equipped with four microphones, it also records 360° spatial audio for a life-like experience. The Theta V can be remotely controlled using a phone app via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Despite lacking a microSD slot, this is compensated by its 19GB of internal storage. With its brilliant design and impressive photo quality, the Ricoh Theta V is worth a try if you have the budget.

7. GoPro Fusion 360°

Best 360-degree action camera
Price from RM3,199.00

Equipped with two CMOS image sensors and advanced image stabilization technology, the GoPro Fusion records all your adventures in ultra HD. It also has spatial audio recording thanks to its multiple built-in microphones.

The GoPro Fusion has a built-in GPS which can capture your speed, path, elevation and more. Besides that, it can go up to 5m (16 feet) underwater without a housing and conveniently has voice-control, making it a great choice for your action shots.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us [email protected] Thank you!

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