Birthday parties, university graduations, family vacations, honeymoons... These are some of the memories worth cherishing and displaying. Instead of buying a collection of photo frames to display your many photos, why not get a digital photo frame instead? Here are 8 digital photo frames worth considering!

1. Transcend 8” Digital Photo Frame

Best video photo frame
Price from RM280.00

The Transcend 8” Digital Photo Frame doesn’t just display pictures. It also functions as a multimedia entertainment device that’s capable of playing MPEG4 video clips. You can use it to listen to MP3 music and even set a sleep timer. Finally, this digital photo frame comes with a decent 4GB internal memory.

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2. Nixplay Seed 8 Inches WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame 

Best WiFi photo frame with motion sensor
Price from RM749.00

Forget about the memory sticks. Or even SD cards. The Nixplay Seed makes displaying photos easy, thanks to its WiFi connectivity. You can simply share your photos from your Android smartphone or iPhone using the Nixplay Mobile App. It also boasts a built-in Hu Motion Sensor, where the photo frame automatically turns on or off by detecting your presence.

3. AVF Digital Photo Frame 8” 800 x 600

Best USB digital photo frame
Price from RM299.00
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This 8-inch digital photo frame by AVF is equipped with multiple connectivities. You can use three different memory cards including MMC, SD or MS. If that’s not enough, it also offers you a choice of USB connectivity. The digital photo frame features all the essential functions such as video & music playback compatibility, alarm and calendar.

4. Andoer 14” Wide Screen HD LED Digital Picture Frame

Best LED digital photo frame
Price from RM632.10
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The Andoer digital photo frame boasts a high-resolution LED screen, enjoy viewing your pictures in crystal clear clarity. You can also listen to your favorite music and watch video clips with the convenience of a wireless remote. This digital photo frame even supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean.

5. AVF Digital Photo Frame 15” (APF15018G)

Best big digital photo frame
Price from RM456.96
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With a sizable 15-inch HD display, you can literally see the bigger picture with this digital photo frame. The AVF also comes with a Bright Max feature, where it illuminates your picture clearer and brighter. Another feature is the ample 8GB internal memory, allowing you to store media files including songs and video clips.

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6. 2.4” TFT Screen Digital Photo Frame

Best cheap and mini digital photo frame
Price from RM54.72
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This mini digital photo frame will cost you less than RM 100. Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like video and music playback functions. But it does serve the basic purpose that matters the most: displaying digital photos. It supports either BMP or JPEG format and can playback up to 5 pictures.

7. Panimage P18004W01 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame

Best digital photo frame with Bluetooth
Price from RM609.84

The 8-inch Panimage P18004W01 comes in a sleek-looking black frame, making it an easy match for your desk or shelf. It can store up to 3,200 images and also offers Bluetooth connectivity for convenient transfer from your electronic devices. With interchangeable white and charcoal coloured mats, easily change the look of the frame when you feel like it.

8. Sony DPF-HD1000 10.1” Digital Photo Frame

Best HD digital photo frame with music, clock and LCD display
Price from RM600.00

The Sony DPF-HD1000 features a 16:10 wide-angle frame with 1024 x 600 high-resolution and 10.1-inch backlit LCD display. The 2GB internal memory enables you to save up to 4,000 photos and even store as many as 40 background songs. It also comes with additional features which include digital clock and calendar.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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