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Courtesy of a hefty price tag, MacBooks feature a robust machine under its hood and a beautifully sleek design on the outside. Therefore, you may want to mainten its internal hardware and paintwork in pristine condition in order to make it last.

Is it worth getting a case for your Macbook?

To put it simply, MacBook cases are worth every penny. We all know how expensive Macbooks are. That is why you may want a MacBook case to protect this precious investment especially if you’re not a careful person. 

Despite their full aluminium body, laptops are still fragile and MacBooks are still prone to scratches. An accidental nudge off a desk could mean a shattered screen or even a MacBook that refuses to start up again.  

Hard cases are especially great in absorbing the shock of a fall to reduce the amount of damage that the MacBook may experience. Some cases even have stylish designs to spice up the aesthetic of your MacBook to make it stand out from the crowd.

Listed below are some pretty great MacBook cases that can keep your lappie out of harm’s way.

1. Incase Hardshell Case

Best protective MacBook case

Price from RM310.00

Compatible with: 15-inch Macbook Pro

Give your MacBook Pro the ultimate protection it deserves with this Incase Hardshell Case. This case is made of premium polycarbonate material that is abrasion-resistant to ward off any potential scratches on its surface. Despite how it sounds, the case maintains its lightweight that’ll hug your MacBook snugly without sacrificing access to any of the ports, lights, and buttons. 

The case isn’t just protective, it also exudes sophisticated vibes with its stylish textured dot design. To top it off, the Hardshell case has rubberised feet to ensure that your MacBook is firmly in place.

2. Batianda MacBook Custom-made Hard Shell Cover

Best custom MacBook case

Price from RM90.32

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM90.32

Compatible with: All Macbooks

Love customised products that holds its practical value? Protect your MacBook from scratches and dust in style with cases offered by Batianda’s Hard Shell Cover. Whichever your prefer, the top cover can be fully covered with the design you have chosen or have a cutout for the Apple logo. 

If you wish for simplicity, you can choose between a transparent or black removable bottom cover.  For convenience, the covers are easy to install and remove. Besides that, the case is constructed precisely so you will still have complete access to the ports, features, buttons and Touch ID function on your MacBook.

3. MOSISO Plastic Hard Shell Case Cover

Best clear MacBook case

Price from RM59.69

Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Pro

Keep your MacBook safe from scratches and scuffs while still flaunting the Apple logo with the MOSISO Plastic Hard Shell Case Cover. This cover is made of a material that is flexible so it can snap on and off easily whenever you want to admire your MacBook on its own. 

Besides, this case comes with vents at the bottom to help in dissipating heat quickly from the MacBook. Don’t worry about the MacBook slipping through your fingers as the case features a soft-touch coating to enhance your grip on it.

4. Twelve South BookBook

Best leather MacBook case

Price from RM389.00

Compatible with: 13-inch MacBook Pro

Hand-made with genuine leather for an old tome-like design, the Twelve South BookBook emanates a vintage yet sophisticated vibe.  Luxurious yet practical, its interior is lined with soft felt to cushion your MacBook whether it’s closed or open. 

This BookBook has hardback sides, reinforced corners, and a cushioned spine so it can brave the elements of the day. As a stealthy security measure, the design of the case disguises the appearance of the safely-stored MacBook to make it seem like a vintage book.

5. PsDs Hard Protective Case Cover

Best cheap MacBook case

Price from RM24.90

Compatible with: 13-inch Macbook Air

The PsDs Hard Protective Case Cover does not compromise quality for its affordable price tag. For starters, it is made of durable plastic material that is see-through to highlight the classic Apple logo on the MacBook. 

Moreover, the top and bottom covers have a soft finish so it feels silky smooth to the touch. It even features full ventilation to disperse heat across the machine. On top of that, the case is designed to allow for complete access to all the ports on the MacBook.

6. Speck SmartShell Case

Best MacBook case for travel

Price from RM199.00

Compatible with:13-inch Macbook Pro

You can rest assure that the Speck SmartShell Case will keep your MacBook safe if you’re on the road often with your MacBook. The combination of the vibrant colour and hardshell design will defend against dent, bumps, and scratches  while functioning as a fashionable cover.  

At the bottom of the case are rubber feet so you can place the case on smooth surfaces and it will remain firmly in place. Besides, this two-piece cover features an ultra-thin and lightweight design which does not add too much bulk in your travel bag or luggage.

7. MOSISO Black Marble Matte MacBook Case

Best marble MacBook case

Price from RM60.99

Compatible with:13-inch Macbook Air

If you’re a fan of the classic contemporary marble aesthetic, then the MOSISO Black Marble Matte MacBook Case is just what you’re looking for. Its case features a snap-on design so the application process is extremely easy and convenient. With its precise cutouts, you will have complete access to all the ports and features on the MacBook without the need to remove the case. 

Moreover, your MacBook stays cool thanks to the ventilation design on the bottom cover for a safe disbursement of heat. Furthermore, the bottom also features four anti-slip white grips for great stability.

8. HRH Cute Animal Plastic Hard Case

Best cute Macbook case (for)

Price from RM46.00

Compatible with:  11.6 inch Macbook Air

Have difficulty finding the right case for your discontinued 11.6 inches Macbook Air? HRH’s Cute Animal Plastic Hard Cases features a selection of adorable designs that are sure to make you go “Aww”. The designs are durable and have crisp details as they are created using UV printing technology. 

Additionally, the case also features an unobtrusive design that lets you fully open and close your MacBook. More importantly, the case is precisely constructed to provide you complete access to all the ports on your MacBook.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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