LeapfrogGlobal has announced its brand new products targeted for both regular users and professional gamers with its leading brands in Southeast Asia, Armaggeddon and SonicGear.

Armaggeddon Monitors

The range released by Armaggeddon consists of the impressive curved gaming monitor models that are suitable for both professional users and gamers.

Lineups of monitors introduced:

PIXXEL+ XTREME - Innovative Curved Displays

The PIXXEL+ XTREME is designed to deliver users with a truly extraordinary experience. Built in various sizes from 24-inch up to 39-inch, the monitor comes with an innovative curved display that is built with infinity bezel. It is also capable of outstanding performance with a fast refresh rate of 165Hz and an ultrafast response time of 1ms - perfect for fast-paced games.

Meanwhile, the PIXXEL+ XTREME XC30HD houses a WHD resolution that supports up to 2560 x 1080p with a 21:9 screen-to-body ratio. This makes gaming and watching HDR movies in ultra-widescreen look stunning. An RGB backlight is also built-in to liven up one’s battle station.

PIXXEL+ EFX 27UHD SWITX - Switch Between Work and Play 

Armaggeddon has finally tied the knot with both work and play behaviour. With the PIXXEL+ EFX 27UHD SWITX, it has finally become a one-in-a-million monitor that is able to switch between 2K QHD resolution for casual gaming and 4K UHD resolution at 60Hz for streaming, effortlessly.

PIXXEL+ PRO - Perfect Entry-Level Options

The PIXXEL+ PRO is one of Armaggeddon’s entry-level series suitable for both gamers and designers. It has a bezel-less sleek design that stands out among other entry-level display monitors.

On the other hand, the curved designed display PRO PC27HD allows users to enjoy a modern and minimalist style alongside with 75Hz and fast response time of 5ms.

CPU + Streetwear

Besides releasing a number series of monitors, Armaggeddon also introduced its latest professional gaming rigs which are also the only gaming brand that offers a complete solution for a gamer’s needs.

A signature rig that has been optimized for performance is also available for beginners to choose from. Meanwhile, professional gamers are allowed to customize their own rigs to match their needs.

Moreover, they’ve also released its very first collection of streetwear whereby its prints will chameleon into different colours when exposed to sunlight.

As part of the collaboration between Armaggeddon and other brands and e-sports gaming teams, a new collection of hoodies will also be released as part of the exclusive merchandise.

Sonicgear Home Audio Series

Besides the new series of monitor lineups from Armaggeddon, LeapfrogGlobal also announced the release of SonicGear’s latest home audio products.

Products include 2.1 stereo systems, soundbar and headphones with major upgrades to internal specifications. New feature upgrades comprise of ambient lighting, system power, performance, and designs for better user experience at home.

But wait... There is more!

LeapfrogGlobal Group launched their Armaggeddon Official Store on Shopee and every Armaggeddon fan will be thrilled to discover irresistible deals. An exclusive merchandise collection between Armaggeddon and leading e-sports team Shopee Bosskur’s collaboration will also be available only on Shopee.

In order to commemorate the launch of the official store, Armaggeddon is offering Pixxel+ Elite EFX 27UHD at an incredible promotion price of RM 1,199. The first 80 buyers are also entitled to walk away with a limited edition Audiobox U150 Sound Bar worth RM 49.90.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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