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8 Best USB-C Cables That’ll Charge Everything

Charge away all your gadgets!

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The USB-C is becoming the go-to choice in terms of charging and data transfer technology thanks to its symmetrical, reversible connector. But choosing the right cable can be a real hassle. Some are optimised for computers while others are best for Android users.

With so many similar USB C cables, here’s a brief review to choosing the best, humble USB-C for your peripherals.

Mcdodo Gaming Fast Charging Cable

RM 11.3
1. Mcdodo Gaming Fast Charging Cable
Best fast charging cable - for handheld android devices like Note 8, Pixel 2

Whether you’re constantly on PUBG or just like lying on your sofa watching YouTube videos, this cable is for you. It’s designed for any kind of hand-held device. The 90° charging heads ensure the wires won’t bend out of place and it’s got a light to indicate the location of your device.

Aonear QC 3.0 Coiled Type C Cable

RM 165

Aonear has developed this amazing coiled cable that would do well to charge devices in your car. That’s because the cable has a type C USB connector as well as a USB port, which means you can charge up to two devices. 

So besides your phone, you can also charge devices such as Chromebooks or MacBooks. And if you don’t want to charge anything, just hook it up to your devices to use Android Auto. 

Anker A8168 PowerLine+ USB-C

RM 79
3. Anker A8168 PowerLine+ USB-C
Best braided cable - with 56k resistor, great for data transfer and external hard drives

The Anker A8168 PowerLine+ USB-C is quite a powerhouse. It’s made with Fast Sync & Charge technology which offers up to 5 Gbps speed; that means you can transfer a HD movie in just 5 seconds. Besides that, the cable come with a 56k resistor to ensure your devices will never get fried if there are any voltage issues. 

Charby Sense Smart Fast Charging USB Cable

RM 59.5
4. Charby Sense Smart Fast Charging USB Cable
Best cable with LED charge indicator

Probably the eco-friendliest cable out there, this Charby Sense Smart Fast Charging USB Cable has a little LED to indicate when your phone is fully charged. Better yet, it automatically cuts off any extra power that may damage your phone’s battery. Equipped with Charge Booster technology, this cable charges twice as fast on laptops and desktops. 

Dobe Nintendo Switch Cable

RM 15
5. Dobe Nintendo Switch Cable
Best cable for Nintendo Switch

If the standard Nintendo Switch just isn’t doing good for you, then try out the Dobe Nintendo Switch Cable. How it is different from different from your average USB-C cable is that it allows for high-speed data transfer, video output and rapid charging all at the same time. Moreover, this Dobe Nintendo Switch Cable easily does all that without giving your connection compatibility troubles.

Baseus 3 in 1 Lightning Type C USB Cable

RM 16.9
6. Baseus 3 in 1 Lightning Type C USB Cable
Best lightning type, fast charging cable - for MacBook Pro and Apple TV

iOS device users will know that Apple is strict on using third-party items with their products. A good news is that the Baseus 3-in-1 Lightning Type C is not just compatible with iOS devices; it also allows simultaneous charging for up to three devices. 

The Lightning cable not only allows for charging but for high-speed data sync. A bonus is that you can use this cable for both Apple and Android devices.

Lenovo USB-C to HDMI Cable

RM 95
7. Lenovo USB-C to HDMI Cable
Best type c to HDMI cable for monitors

The cool thing about this cable is you can connect any USB-C compatible device into a monitor or a projector; no HDMI cable required! This Lenovo branded cable particularly supports up to 4K resolution without needing to install anything. So if you’re tired of losing the HDMI adapter all the time, this one’s for you.

Moonar Bead Wrist Band USB Charger

RM 4.47
8. Moonar Bead Wrist Band USB Charger
Best portable wearable cable

If you need your cable with you at all times, then you’ll love the Moonar Bead Wrist Band USB Charger. With only 240mm, it wears as a bracelet around your wrist. Not only does it charge but it can also transfer data at a speed of 480Mbps. Note that this one’s made to be compatible for Android devices only. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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