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Make a Statement With These 10 Bomber Jackets For Men

Look bomb in bomber jackets!

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The bomber jacket trend isn’t going anywhere. From satin to nylon, to leather, to suede, bomber jackets have exploded (no pun intended) in 2017 and are now a staple in anyone’s closet. Looking to join the trend? We’ve picked a few of our favourite bomber jackets in different styles and made a list for you!

QUILLA Men’s Bomber Jacket

RM 29.9
Blue suede bomber jacket
1. QUILLA Men’s Bomber Jacket
Cheap bomber jacket
Updated on 11th January 2019

Don’t break the bank just for the aesthetic. This affordable bomber jacket is a staple piece that’ll amp up any outfit! The plain black design makes it an easy match for most clothes. Definitely a must-have!

H&M Nylon Bomber Jacket

RM 149.00
Lightweight grey bomber jacket
2. H&M Nylon Bomber Jacket
Lightweight grey bomber jacket
Updated on 11th January 2019

If black makes up a lot of your wardrobe already, why not try out something a bit more striking – without stepping out of your comfort zone? Grey! This bomber jacket is made from lightweight material for that classic bomber jacket look without drowning you in heat. It’s stylish and comfortable!

Cotton On Airforce Bomber Jacket (Blue)

RM 140.9

There is nothing quite like the classic airforce bomber. Add a pop of colour to it and there you have it – a blue version instead! This unique take on the bomber jacket adds style and flair to the traditional look. Match this jacket with a pair of nice kicks and you got yourself an Insta-worthy look. productnation

Produkt Bush Bomber Jacket

RM 142.9
4. Produkt Bush Bomber Jacket
Classic black bomber jacket
Updated on 10th June 2020

This simple, minimalistic bomber jacket is perfect for sweater weather – or if you’re a daredevil, then even on those scorching days! It comes in a safe shade, black which allows for easy matching. For an everyday type of jacket, this is your go-to. 

H&M Nylon-Blend Bomber Jacket (Khaki)

RM 157.95

If you want to stand out from the bomber jacket hype train, this bomber jacket from H&M is your pick. Its stand-up collar differentiates itself from the typical bomber jacket, giving you a runway model feel. Paris Fashion Week, we’re coming for you!

Reebok Training Supply Bomber Jacket

RM 215.9

Are you just as obsessed with the clean white look as we are? From fresh white kicks to white bomber jackets, the head-to-toe white trend isn’t leaving anytime soon. While we love a full white outfit, it can look a tad too dull and boring. Just pair this white bomber jacket from Reebok with a contrasting tee to bring more life into your look! 

L.I.M.I.T.E. Men's Silicon Patch With Printed Nylon MA-1 Jacket

RM 311.44

Bomber jackets are a symbol of toughness due to its military origins, while patches are more fun. It might sound like an odd combo, but what’ll you get is a bomber jacket with a modern twist! This bomber jacket from L.I.M.I.T.E. has patches and typography on it without taking away too much masculinity.

Banana Republic Birdseye Bomber Jacket

RM 362.9
Banana Republic
8. Banana Republic Birdseye Bomber Jacket
Camo bomber jacket hoodie
Updated on 10th June 2020

Hypebeasts, streetwear lovers, this bomber jacket is calling your name! The stylish camouflage print is eye-catching but still maintains enough casual vibes for everyday wear. It has a street style look and a more chilled-out touch! 

Zara Pique Biker Jacket

RM 129
9. Zara Pique Biker Jacket
Red bomber jacket
Updated on 10th June 2020

Get all fiery red and hot with this bright red bomber jacket from Zara! A fun twist on classic bomber jackets that typically come in neutral colors, this bomber jacket is here to make a statement with its vibrant red shade! 

Zara Leather Biker Jacket

RM 459
10. Zara Leather Biker Jacket
Leather bomber jacket
Updated on 10th June 2020

You don’t have to be in a biker gang to rock a leather jacket. Merge leather with a classic bomber jacket and you’re going to get a show-stopping piece of outerwear! Throw on some ripped jeans and a plain tee, and you’ve got yourself the perfect OOTD shot for Instagram. 

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