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10 Beautiful Bridal Shoes To Complement Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Walk down the aisle with your perfect “solemate”.

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Weddings, a day to celebrate love. However, it is also a day where all eyes are on the bride. Given that you are going to be the bride of the day, you can expect everyone to observe every detail of your clothing and adornments, from your head down to your shoes. Here's a list of bridal wedding shoes for you to strut down the aisle in confidence.

KATE MOSELLA Alayna Silver Glitter Bow Shoes

RM 499.00
Silver designer wedding shoes
1. KATE MOSELLA Alayna Silver Glitter Bow Shoes
Silver designer wedding shoes
Updated on 5th March 2019

This designer pair looks somewhat regal in its silvery glitter ensemble with an ivory bow. Custom-made to your preference, the shoes come with genuine leather lining and the middle soles are made of full sponge. It also has a non-slip outsole and features 4.5-inch heels, making it suitable for ballroom weddings.

ZALORA Miss KG Sandals

RM 180.90
Bridal sandals with rhinestone
2. ZALORA Miss KG Sandals
Updated on 5th March 2019

Some of us may not be very comfortable with shoes that are slightly above 1cm. Don’t worry, this rhinestone embellished sandals will make you feel no less than the princess you are on your special day. The shoes are completely animal cruelty-free with its synthetic insole, outsole and upper; it also has a strap fastening to ensure your feet will not slip out these shoes. Perfect for beach-themed weddings.

Bridal sandals with rhinestone

Chinese Traditional Flower Embroidery Wedding Flats

RM 77.42
Flat wedding shoes
No Brand
3. Chinese Traditional Flower Embroidery Wedding Flats
Flat wedding shoes
Updated on 14th July 2020

Here is one for the traditional Chinese tea ceremonies. These pair of flats is adorned with pretty flower patterns, which gives it an elegant oriental look. It is red in color, a symbol of prosperity, as the Chinese would have it. Also, the shoes are made of cotton with rubber soles, which makes it very comfortable for the long ceremony.

ALDO Kaia Wedge Sneakers

RM 376.9
4. ALDO Kaia Wedge Sneakers
White wedding sneakers
Updated on 29th May 2020

For some, the idea of wearing sneakers to your wedding may be incomprehensible or may have never crossed your mind. Brace yourself, for these sneakers, may just change your mind. The gold side zipper detail on the shoe and the solid white tone will make you feel like the badass bride you are. Moreover, the wedges are about 7cm tall, so you will not have to worry about tripping on your dress. 

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