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This Pet Umbrella Lets You Walk Your Dog Peacefully Under the Rain

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You’ve seen it many times; dog owners taking a stroll under the rain with a fancy umbrella, while their dogs are all soaked in rainwater. Give them that luxury of staying dry under the rain with this dog umbrella equipped with a leash.

The umbrella comes in a transparent body so that you can keep a close eye on your dog. It’s made with durable polyester, so it won’t tear easily when you’re out and about. There’s also a strong, built-in stainless-steel leash that you can attach to your pooch’s collar. You can also adjust the umbrella into your desired position to shelter your dog from the rain.

Dog Umbrella with Leash

RM 16.51

This umbrella and leash combo is designed with a solid stainless-steel frame. It’s not a long leash so your pup will not step out of the shaded area. Additionally, you can fold the umbrella and keep the leash inside for easy keeping.

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