It is so hard to find stylish maternity dresses in Malaysia. Not to worry! Here's a compilation of the most stylish maternity dresses online. You can find any type of maternity dress from formal wear to party dresses. Besides that, all our picks are super comfy with its cotton, nylon and polyester blend to give your skin that ultra-soft smooth feeling.

1. Mama.licious Maternity Flawn Long Sleeve Jersey Dress

Best Maternity Dress For Dinner
Price from RM255.00
Zalora Malaysia RM255.00

This Nylon blend, floral-printed dress is your best option of a maternity dinner wear. From its round neckline to its mesh sleeves, this floral dress will make you soon-to-be mothers stand out.

2. Dorothy Perkins Maternity Heart Print Wrap Dress

Best Maternity Bodycon Dress
Price from RM169.00
Zalora Malaysia RM169.00

Bodycon dresses are stylish and will give you the curvy look that you’ve always dreamed of. This maternity dress by Dorothy Perkins will add the extra curves with its V neckline and waist tie fastening.

3. Dorothy Perkins Maternity Ruffle Sleeve Empire Skater Dress

Best Black Maternity Dress
Price from RM159.00
Zalora Malaysia RM159.00

Designers around the world know that black makes people look smaller, and the time most women want to look small is during pregnancy especially with that big belly in the way. This polyblend maternity skater mini dress has a round neckline with ruffle sleeve detail and will give you the best outlook.

4. TOPSHOP Maternity Zip Pocket Pinafore Dress

Best Maternity Casual Wear
Price from RM229.00
Zalora Malaysia RM229.00

Women who are pregnant would love to dress well whenever they are heading out, even if it’s just a casual outing. Now they can! With this sleeveless denim pinafore dress, they can still look chic.

5. Dorothy Perkins Maternity Black Long Sleeve Dress

Best Cheap Maternity Dress
Price from RM100.00
Zalora Malaysia RM100.00

This long-sleeve mini dress has a round neckline, comes with a teardrop button, and waist tie fastening. The fabric used is polyblend. Hence, making it an ideal cheap dress that will be extremely cozy.

6. Mama.licious Maternity Ave Jersey Dress

Best Maternity Evening Dress
Price from RM199.00
Zalora Malaysia RM199.00

This bird-themed pleated maternity dress is the best choice for evening wear. With its round neckline and slim fit, you’ll look curvy and stylish.

7. Mama.licious Maternity Kailua Jersey Nightgown

Best Maternity Lace Dress
Price from RM149.00
Zalora Malaysia RM149.00

The V neckline on this striped nightgown with lace details does not only look comfortable but also will be something that you can wear at home and relax in on those hot days.

8. Mama.licious Maternity Anga Nell Knit Dress

Best White Maternity Dress
Price from RM199.00
Zalora Malaysia RM199.00

White is a colour that tends to make people look slightly larger compared to what their size may be. However, this striped nursing mini dress will change that stereotype by making you look as sexy as ever. Once you deliver, you can also use it while you breastfeed your newborn.

9. Spring Maternity Mara Maxi Dress

Best Maternity Maxi Dress
Price from RM149.90
Zalora Malaysia RM149.90

This maxi dress has nursing features which means you will be able to use it after you deliver. It is a regular fit dress and will expand along with your stomach.

10. Mama.licious Maternity Flower Printed Dress

Best Maternity Party Dress
Price from RM229.00
Zalora Malaysia RM229.00

This low neckline floral printed dress is the perfect maternity party dress. It’s extremely comfortable to wear with its slip-on style and elastane blend.

11. TOPSHOP Maternity Cord Pocket Pini Dress

Best Plus Size Maternity Dress
Price from RM249.00
Zalora Malaysia RM249.00

This solid toned corduroy dress comes with adjustable shoulder straps, a front button, and hook fastening. Its square neckline will make you look small no matter how big your belly expands.

12. Mama.licious Maternity Melika 3/4 Jersey Dress

Best Formal Maternity Dress
Price from RM229.00
Zalora Malaysia RM229.00

This solid shade maternity dress is a gorgeous dress which is most suitable for formal wear as it gives you that classy mature panel detail.

13. COVETZ Wedding Convertible Gown - Liberty Blue

Best Maternity Dress For Weddings
Price from RM129.00
Zalora Malaysia RM129.00

Weddings are a beautiful occasion and pregnant mums would want to attend. This dress is meant to compliment any type of body shape making it Maternity friendly. It will be a great investment if you are expecting.

14. Dorothy Perkins Maternity Self Tie Wrap Dress

Best Cotton Maternity Dress For Office Wear
Price from RM159.00
Zalora Malaysia RM159.00

This V neckline wrap style mini dress allows waist tie fastening and will keep you comfortable the entire day with its cotton blend.

15. MELIASARA Azzalea Arissa Dress

Best Maternity Muslimah Dress
Price from RM573.00
Zalora Malaysia RM573.00

This nursing friendly Muslimah dress comes with floral prints and shoulder paddings. The floral pattern and round neckline will keep you looking stylish.

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16. Dorothy Perkins Maternity Floral Print Wrap Dress

Best Elegant Maternity Dress
Price from RM169.00
Zalora Malaysia RM169.00

The best option for an elegant maternity dress would be from Dorothy Perkins. The brand caters for pregnant women and uses material that will keep them looking great and feeling light. This floral print wrap mini dress with its V neckline will give you the elegant look you’ve been yearning for.

17. Mama.licious Mlkaleva 3/4 Woven Short Dress

Best Maternity Cocktail Dress
Price from RM229.00
Zalora Malaysia RM229.00

There's no excuse to look frumpy on your days out! Mums-to-be can stay fun and fashionable with this floral-print wrap dress. It's comfortable, made from light fabric that won't restrict your movements, with enough room for your growing baby bump!

18. TOPSHOP Maternity Floral Wrap Dress

Best floral maternity dress
Price from RM209.00
Zalora Malaysia RM209.00

This floral printed maternity dress comes with a V neckline, fluted sleeves, and front self-tie waist fastening. You will be able to use this dress until the final term of your pregnancy.

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