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Count the Hours with these 8 Fun Kids Watches

What time is it?

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Learning to tell the time can be quite complicated and sometimes even confusing to new learners. Nonetheless, fret not because these top-picked watches can be your children’s lifetime guardian anywhere they go!

Smart Bluetooth Watch

RM 18
1. Smart Bluetooth Watch
Best with pedometer and vibration alarm

Let your child get innovative with this Smart Bluetooth Watch that features a variety of convenient functions. Compatible with all Android and iOS mobile phones, reaching your little one will be much easier. This light smart watch offers features like call syncing, pedometer, vibration alarm, camera, music player and many more to keep your child in line with technology!


RM 9.5
2. COOLBOSS Kids Watch
Best with alarm - suitable for learning to tell the time

Make your little one feel much cooler with COOLBOSS’ Kids Watch that comes with assorted bright colours to keep them on the move. Made from acrylic and PU materials, this durable watch is ideal for sportswear. Featuring LED display, alarm, timer, and night light, your child can definitely count on COOLBOSS anytime, anywhere.

M3 Wristband Fitness

RM 22.5

Keep your little ones fit with the M3 Wristband Fitness Watch that’s made with all the convenient functions to ensure your children stay healthy. Featuring the typical watch functions, this wristband watch also comes with additional functions such as heart rate tracking, pedometer, sleep monitor and even text messaging!

Kids Ice Watch

RM 26.6

Make your little one stand out with the Kids Ice Watch that comes in an assortment of sharp colours to keep things bright and vibrant at all times! A great gift for every kid, its box is designed to be lego-like and can also be used as a piggy bank! 

CASIO MQ-24-78 Analog Classic Watch

RM 40

Stay on track with time even underwater with the CASIO Analog Classic Watch. Assembled with a resin band and glass, this simple watch is highly durable and has a three-year battery life span, so your child can grow with it. Nearly weightless, your child will be able to rely on this watch for years to come. 

CASIO LA-20WH Sports Digital Watch

RM 53

Easily check in with time and speed all thanks to CASIO’s LA-20WH Sports Digital Watch. Designed to be water resistant, this durable watch comes with a 1/100-second stopwatch with various measuring modes including elapsed time, split time, and first to second place time. With functions like daily alarm and auto-calendar, regular timekeeping will be a cinch for your kid!

TEEMI ARMY Camouflage Kids Watch

RM 9

Buckle up to be on time with Teemi’s Army Camouflage Kids Watch. This stylish sports watch is designed with a rainbow-coloured back light, just perfect for your little ones who love fashion and glam! With a digital LED display and timer, your child will be able to easily tell the time and keep track of it. 

SKMEI Kids Watch

RM 19.9

Stay up to date with SKMEI’s Kids Watch. Made using comfortable silicone material, this digital movement kids watch doesn’t just display time, but date and week too. Apart from an EL Light in seven different colours, it also has an easy to adjust strap that makes tightening and loosening easy. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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