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10 Parenting Books To Help You Survive Being a Parent

Don’t freak out about becoming a parent just yet!

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Just found out that you’re going to be a mom or a dad? Feeling overwhelmed and clueless about how to be a good parent? Well, we know just how you feel! Not to worry, we have listed some of the best parenting books on the market.

There’s a book for almost everything to do with being a parent, whether it is for educating your child about religion or how to be a loving parent. With this list we’ve compiled, you’ll be able to find the most suitable parenting book for yourself.

Parent-Child Relations: An Introduction to Parenting

RM 470.67
1. Parent-Child Relations: An Introduction to Parenting
Best pick if you’re raising toddlers

If you would like to know more about parenting theories, this is for you. Not only is it an introduction to parents, it also provides theories on why certain situations or decisions might benefit you and your child in the future. It also helps you to understand your child and their actions a whole lot more.

Parenting with Values

RM 52.86
2. Parenting with Values
Best for teaching values

Parenting with Values explains the 12 values essential to a child’s growth and how to teach it to them the right way with practical examples. Deeply inspirational, this book will come in handy for parents who are committed to seeing their child develop positively.

The Art of Parenting: The Things They Don't Tell You 

RM 43.01

Going to be a parent already – that’s excellent. This Art of Parenting book will give you information on all the things that others may not tell you about having your own child. Not only does it provide you with the hidden secrets, but it also gives you special guides on how to handle these terrible situations that are coming.

Buckle up and get ready for the roller coaster that’s up ahead!

1-2-3 Parenting with Heart: Three-step Discipline for a Calm and Godly Household

RM 68.84

1-2-3 Parenting with Heart comes complete with relevant Bible verses to help maintain a Godly and calm household. This program has been proven to sort out common problems among children such as whining, stubbornness and sibling rivalry, to name a few. You don’t exclusively have to be a Christian to practice these methods – give it a try!

Binge Parenting

RM 81.75
5. Binge Parenting
If you’re expecting

This comic book is a fun way to scare expecting parents. It tells about the lives of a couple, their three children, and how the unexpected should always be expected. A good way for expecting parents to relax while waiting for the baby to arrive!

Parenting Strategies to Help Adopted and Fostered Children with Their Behaviour

RM 98.80

Adopting a child isn’t exactly the same as adopting a pet – it’s on a whole new level. This book provides you with strategies to help you cope with the child’s trauma therapeutically. Remember, it is about loving them just as much as their real parents would, but not replacing the people who brought them into this world.

Parenting for Beginners

RM 42.90
7. Parenting for Beginners
Parenting 101 at its best

Parenting for Beginners is a book that highly recommended for all parents who are preparing for the birth of their little one. It provides all kinds of information – from the process of pregnancy all the way to the birth of the child.

It is beneficial for couples who are clueless about what to expect, even after the birth of their baby.

New Parents

RM 88.20
8. New Parents
Best for new parents

This book is essential for anyone who has just become parents. It provides coaching questions which lets the both of you test each other and be open with one another. It is an amazing tool to help the both of you make decisions about your child together.

Parenting : Loving Our Children with God's Love

RM 29.34

Raising your child in accordance with religious beliefs can be challenging. This book helps address the nine issues parents today face when raising a child. It also explains via Scripture, that by using wisdom and joy, the journey that lies ahead will be an easy one.

Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life

RM 94.90

Youngsters who are about to become parents, buckle up for the next few years of your life. Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life tells the memoirs of parents Mother Pukka and Papa Pukka – the geniuses behind Motherpukka.com and the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast. In this book, they don’t promise that you’ll raise a child right, but instead see the light during dark times – and hopefully laugh more than cry.

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