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Anyone with a baby will know that you’ll need to lug around a load of things with you all the time. This is where you’ll discover that having a good and reliable diaper bag comes in handy. The diaper bag is where you’ll store all your baby’s essential items. Selecting the best diaper bag in Malaysia isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Seasoned parents will tell you that it takes trial and error until you find the perfect bag.

However, we’ve saved you the headache of researching for the best diaper bags available in Malaysia and listed our top picks by their brand, price and where to buy them to help you make a quick comparison. Here are our recommendations for the best diaper bags in Malaysia.

Best unisex and backpack diaper bag for dads and everyday use
1. SOKANO Insular 10016 Baby Diaper Bag Backpack
Best unisex backpack diaper bag for dads and everyday use

This backpack diaper bag made our list of best diaper bags in Malaysia because the unisex design is practical, dads won’t feel embarrassed carrying this around and mums will appreciate the understated design too. The bag is available in black, blue, grey and red.

The zip up main storage allows quick access to items and the insulated side pockets are great to carry around bottles of milk. The backpack also comes with stroller straps, a diaper change pad and wipes dispenser. The backpack design coupled with the relatively large capacity makes this bag great for travelling or just for everyday use.

Best stylish and versatile diaper bag
2. Simple Dimple Shield Diaper Bag
Best stylish diaper bag

This bag is a best seller for parents on the move as it comes with a built-in changing pad, fully insulated sidewalls, and stylish hard case. This stylish diaper bag is the way to go if you want a diaper bag with designer looks to complement your style whilst still being versatile and tough. It is also exceptionally practical with water resistance, stroller strap, multiple zip compartments and slip pockets.

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Best diaper tote bag for normal or airplane travel
3. 3 in 1 Largos Mummy Essential Diaper Bag Travel Bassinet 
Best versatile diaper tote bag for travel

We included this 3-in-1 diaper bag in our review because of how cool and multi-functional this is! It is a traditional diaper bag that transforms into a portable bassinet. This feature comes in handy if you’re stuck with your baby at airports, train stations or just about anywhere. With this, your baby will always have a comfortable place to sleep in.

Best nylon and cross-body strap diaper bag with wipe dispenser
4. Diaper Bag with Detachable & Adjustable Cross Body Strap
Best nylon and cross-body strap diaper bag with wipe dispenser

This messenger-style diaper bag features an adjustable and detachable cross-body strap. It’s made of waterproof nylon and equipped with a wet wipes dispenser. It also includes a milk bottle holder and a side pocket with a zip for quick access.

Best diaper bag with lots of pockets for long haul flights and twins
5. SOKANO Premium Large Capacity Diaper Bag (4 Pieces Set)
Best diaper bag with lots of pockets - good for long-haul flights and twins

This is perfect for those planning longer excursions with their child. This diaper bag comes in a set of 4, including a big bag, small bag, diaper changing pad and a feeding bottle holder. This diaper bag set got our vote not just because of its large capacity but also its versatility, which makes changing diapers on-the-go easier.

This bag is especially useful for those long outdoor stopovers when just one diaper change is not enough. Additionally, this bag is made of waterproof soft oxford fabric and PVC lining which makes cleaning it a breeze.

Best quilted diaper bag for double stroller with changing pad
6. Storksak Bobby Lightweight Baby Changing Bag
Best quilted diaper bag for double stroller with changing pad

This diaper bag made our list because of its ingeniously crafted interior compartments, as it comes equipped with a padded changing mat, insulated bottle holder, a pacifier case as well as eight extra organizer sections. The bag is equipped with Velcro handles and patented stroller straps which allow it to be fitted to any stroller, be it single or double.

Best small and lightweight diaper bag in purse design
7. Portable Tote Diaper Bag
Best small and lightweight diaper bag - purse-sized

If you need a small bag for quick trips with your baby, this is the best bag for it. This diaper bag can fit enough wipes, diapers and other essentials for a quick trip with your baby. Although small, this bag is also equipped with a portable food box and bottle warmer.

8. V-Coool Mummy Bag - Green  
Best economical diaper bag for those on a budget

For those on a tight budget, this dirt cheap but high-quality diaper bag in green is our choice. For the price, you get a waterproof and lightweight bag with many compartments. This is really good value for money and it is so cheap that even if you already own a diaper bag, this one is useful to have as a spare.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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