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Snuggling and spending time with your little one can be oh so fun, but there’s just so little time and so many to do around the house! 

Thanks to baby bouncers, you can have your baby seated nearby while you catch that short break to get daily errands done or rest. Moreover, bouncers do help to train your baby’s sense of balance as well!

At what age can a baby start using a bouncer?

As surprising as it may sound, they’re safest especially when your child is a newborn. That’s because babies who aren’t able to sit up themselves will not kick or move too much which may cause unwanted, dangerous bouncing. 

In essence, these seats are suitable from the ages of newborn to six months old as babies of these ages can stay in place calmly when being left unattended for a bit. A word of advice; you should leave the bouncers on flat ground instead of elevated ones (like a table) in order to avoid accidental bouncing off the edge.

You may want to check out these bouncers for your little one.

Fisher Price
1. Fisher Price Infant-To-Toddler Bouncer Rocker
Best rated, overall cheap baby bouncer

Whether it’s feeding or play time, Fisher Price’s Infant-to-Toddler Rocker makes everything convenient! As a bouncer, you can place your baby on the seat and let them be entertained with the overhead toy rack. When your baby grows past 18 months old, the bouncer is convertible to a toddler rocker.

Best cheapest baby vibrating bouncer
Desing Home
2. Iguana Baby Bouncer BBYLS03
Best cheapest baby vibrating bouncer

Soothe your baby with this Iguana Baby Bouncer which offers calming vibrations as well as the cosiest, softest seat! The modern bouncer comes with a removable overhead toy rack which encourages your baby to reach and bat for the toys, ideally made to strengthen their motor skills and coordination!

Best cheap travel baby bouncer
3. Osh Baby Bouncer
Best cheap travel baby bouncer

What’s better than a bouncer that is portable and lightweight? Osh’s Baby Bouncer is ergonomically designed to provide proper support for your child’s head and back. Its tailored fabric seat conforms cosily to your baby’s body to distribute its weight evenly for added comfort. With three positions to fit every position, this bouncer can be set upright or tilted anytime.

Best cheap baby bouncer seat
4. Infant-To-Toddler Rocker Bouncer
Best cheap baby bouncer seat

Let your little tot grow with this Rocker Bouncer that is made convertible to fit your growing child. This modern, sturdy bouncer is made with two recline positions to be used as a rocking seat for napping or even a stationary seat for feeding. Being able to hold up to 40 pounds (18kg), it comes with calming vibration and toy arch to keep your baby calm and entertained.

5. Ayinr Auto Baby Bouncer
Best cheap auto baby bouncer

Everything you’d ever need for your child is right in this Ayinr Auto Baby Bouncer. With three swing speeds and preset timers ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, the remote controlled bouncer also offers four soothing melodies to keep your baby instantly at ease.

Best cheap baby bouncer jumper
Alpha Living
6. Alpha Living Bouncer Jumperoo
Best cheap baby bouncer jumper

There goes the crawling days when your baby is ready to get up on their tiny feet. Thanks to this Alpha Living Jumperoo, your baby can train to balance their stand safely while being under full care through its harness belt design. Other features include a 360-degree rotatable seat unit where the height is adjustable as well as a tray that’s filled with toys and buttons that emits melodies when pressed.

Best cheap baby bouncer rocker
7. Prado Malaysia Rocker Bouncer
Best cheap baby bouncer rocker

With Prado’s Rocker Bouncer, your child will always be at ease. This bouncer offers adjustable features to fit your baby throughout their growth while ensuring their safety comes first. Thanks to the secured belt design, risks of your baby accidentally bouncing off is eliminated. Light and portable, the bouncer can easily be folded and kept compact wherever, whenever!

Best cheap doorway baby bouncer jumper
8. Evenflo ExerSaucer Bumbly Door Jumper
Best cheap doorway baby bouncer jumper

With this very adorable Evenflo Jumper, your little one will definitely be occupied jumping and balancing while you can take some time off to run your own errands around the house! This jumper’s harness bracket fits securely on your door’s architrave to ensure your child will stay within place.

Best cheap baby bouncer swing
9. Realeos Baby Bouncer Swing
Best cheap baby bouncer swing

Swing your child into la-la land with Realeos Baby Bouncer Swing. Requiring manual swinging and to ensure safer conduct of use, this bouncer can be swung at up 85 degrees the most. With a locked stationary feature for feeding time, the silent bouncer can also grow with your little one as it holds up to a whopping 60 kilogram of weight!

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