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Reflux in infants arise when food backs up from their stomach, resulting in them spitting up the food. It is a common occurrence in babies and isn’t unusual, hence it is not considered to be a serious condition as it rarely transpires after they are past the age of 18 months. Nevertheless as parents, seeing babies in a difficult or an uncomfortable situation can be heartbreaking. There are several types of reflux - here are some milk formulas that will help to ease these conditions.

1. Similac Lactose Free Infant Milk

Best for CMPA

Price from RM55.90

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CMPA is an abbreviation for Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy. It is a hypersensitive reaction caused by cow’s milk-based products onto the immune system. For the babies with this allergy, opt for the Similac Lactose Free Infant Milk that is specifically catered for babies with CMPA. It is a soy-based, lactose-free formula milk, and still contains all the nutrients that you would typically get in a cow’s milk-based formula.

2. Abbott Similac Total Comfort

Best for silent reflux

Price from RM66.23

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Silent reflux is best explained as an infant that is regurgitating in the oesophagus but not to the extent of the mouth. It leads to discomfort and distress, but does not result in a vomit or spill of milk. If you suspect your child could be experiencing silent reflux, Similac Total Comfort lives up to its name and provides comfort to toddlers by using vegetable oil.

3. Nestle Nan HA Stage 1 Hypoallergenic

Best for wind

Price from RM99.90

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Gone with the Wind should be a baby milk formula’s brand name. Windy babies experience flatulence that can cause great discomfort. It may be before, between or after a feed, or even for the most part of their day and night.

As parents, the difficult aspect is figuring out where along the intestinal tract the wind is trapped, and what caused the excess wind. Worried that you didn’t pay attention in Biology class? Don’t have to enrol in a medical degree, just use Nestle Nan HA 1 BL! It contains Bifidobacterium lactis - a “friendly” bacteria that helps to prevent “bad” bacteria.

4. Novalac AR Special Formula

Best powdered milk for acid reflux

Price from RM90.32

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Too much acid in your baby’s stomach? Use Novolac AR’s Special Formula to reduce the regurgitations in your infant. It prunes the acid reflux in an infant’s stomach and is also easy to digest. The formula is saturated with nutrients and possesses corn starch which averts babies from vomiting.  

5. Isomil Plus

Best for 1-year olds

Price from RM67.60

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Reflux rarely continues in infants after 12 months of age. For toddlers who have surpassed that time frame yet still experience reflux, do give Isomil Plus a try. It’s a lactose-free and soy-based formula specially targeted to children above the age of 1-year old.

6. Nankid Optipro HA 3

Best for colic

Price from RM74.99

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Colic is the waves of pain and discomfort that is associated to the distension of the bowel – normally with air, causing regurgitations in infants. Alleviate it with the Nankid Optipro HA 3! This milk is formulated with active bifidus culture that yields relief for reflux and colicky babies.

7. Novalac Novamil IT

Best for constipation

Price from RM78.00

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Is your child having troubles with their North and South? Reflux and constipation? Poor baby! Take Novolac Novamil to reduce irregular bowel movement and regurgitations. This milk is made with fresh milk to cater to reflux and constipation. Additionally, it also accelerates intestinal transit.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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