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Keep Your Baby Warm with These 8 Cozy Blankets

Snuggle up!

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Maybe you’re new to parenting and you’re not sure if a baby’s blanket differs much from the one that you use yourself. Or maybe there are other factors that you should take into consideration that you aren’t aware of yourself. The good news is that baby blankets pretty much run on an it-is-what-it-is basis. Yet, they do much to keep your child warm and snuggled up. These top-picked ones are especially great to give your little tot peaceful nights of rest!

Summer SwaddleMe Baby Blanket

RM 9.9
1. Summer SwaddleMe Baby Blanket
Best for hospital-use - suitable for newborns

Keep your precious little one secure with the Summer SwaddleMe Baby Blanket. Ideally designed for newborns, this light baby blanket is made purely from cotton to wrap your baby cozily. With an adjustable wing that is fastenable, this baby blanket also comes with a leg pouch to make diaper changing a cinch.

Just To You Baby Fleece

RM 13.99
2. Just To You Baby Fleece
Best for strollers and cars - suitable for girls and boys

Snuggle your baby into comfort anywhere you go with the Just To You Baby Fleece that is made with a durable double layer design to provide ultimate comfort to your child. Available in multiple designs, this baby fleece is super soft and gentle, just perfect for the newborns!

Home Collection Cloth Blanket

RM 64.02
3. Home Collection Cloth Blanket
Best for toddlers - suitable for crib use

Get your child feeling cozy and warm with this blanket that is so soft, it will have your little one feeling like they’re sleeping on clouds. Slightly thicker than regular blankets, it is suitable to take when travelling to countries with cold climates and is also easy to wash without shedding any fluff. A solid investment indeed!

Plush Hooded Blanket

RM 28
4. Plush Hooded Blanket
Best with animal head hood

Your baby will be the most adorable with this Plush Hooded Blanket that is made to swaddle your little one into sleep. Designed with a hood that resembles a bear, this blanket will have your baby photoshoot-ready with all that cuteness too. Easy to use, it is made using organic cotton and is fastenable via velcro - a smoother, safer option if your baby brushes against it. 

CuddleMe Hybrid Swaddlepod

RM 28.3

Make cuddling possible with CuddleMe’s Hybrid Swaddlepod that allows your baby to sleep soundly all night long. Made of the best quality of cotton elastane, this baby swaddlepod comes with a two-way zipper from top to bottom for a quick and easy wear, along with a matching baby beanie to complete the look! 

Kolaco Baby Blanket

RM 24
6. Kolaco Baby Blanket
Best large blanket

Your little ones will get all the comfort they deserve with the Kolaco Baby Blanket. Made of the cosiest cotton flannel, this large blanket comes in an assortment of fun designs for little girls and boys. It is available in a 4-in-1 pack, supplying you with additional pieces to store extras wherever necessary. 

Baby Shark Sleeping Blanket

RM 33

Let your little one embrace the baby shark fever with this Baby Shark Sleeping Blanket. Made of 100% cotton on the inner part, its outer part is made of plush cotton, fleece and polyester fibre to keep your baby warm at all times. The wide opening and long side zipper also makes it easy for you to put your baby in without too much hassle. 

Knitted Baby Blanket

RM 69
8. Knitted Baby Blanket
Best knitted blanket

Keep your child protected from the cold with Yuero’s Newborn Baby Blanket. Designed with a hoodie to fit your little one perfectly, this wool-knitted sleeping bag is soft and has none of the scratchiness typical of wool. Ensuring your baby stays warm and cozy, its button design also provides convenient use anytime, anywhere. 

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