Maintaining your beard takes a fair bit of work. Trimming them often is crucial to keep a specific shape and style, but using the correct beard oil is essential too. Keep your beard in excellent condition with these oils we've curated for you.

1. Mokeru Organic Beard Growth Oil

Best scented beard oil with jojoba and argon
Price from RM24.00
Lazada Malaysia RM24.00

If you already have a thick and manageable beard, then you should maintain it with Mokeru Beard Growth Oil. The Jojoba and Argon in the ingredient will keep your beard moisturized. It also doubles as a perfume; containing natural plant essential oils.

2. The Beard.On Beard Oil

Best beard oil for dry skin
Price from RM60.00
Lazada Malaysia RM60.00

If you find your skin flaking often, then this Beard.On Beard Oil is for you. It’s made of refined coconut, jojoba and castor oil to remove dead skin, nourish hair follicles and boost collagen. Although it's designed for dry skin, this formula doesn’t leave any greasy residuals that will clog up your pores.

3. Mensive Moustache & Beard Oil

Best beard oil for dandruff
Price from RM25.50
Shopee Malaysia RM25.50

In case you're wondering, your beard does have dandruff as well. If that's the case, then you might need medicated oils like this one from Mensive Moustache & Beard Oil. It contains various oils as well as fleece flower to keep the snow from falling.

4. Beard Oil By Bojeng

Best beard oil for sensitive skin
Price from RM13.50
Shopee Malaysia RM13.50

Beard Oil By Bojeng has soothing properties in its ingredients that will curb any irritation. It also keeps your skin moisturized, ensuring that you don’t break out easily. If you have sensitive skin, then this oil is made for you.

5. Mr. Muk Beard Oil

Best beard oil for stubbles
Price from RM75.00
Shopee Malaysia RM75.00

Mr. Muk Beard Oil is made for stubbles and shorter beard. All you need is a few drops after your shower, and your stubble will feel as soft as butter. It's also an excellent pre-shave conditioner for a close, comfortable shave.

6. Growell Hair Beard and Moustache Tonic Oil

Best for growth and thickness - suitable for patchy beards
Price from RM50.00
Lazada Malaysia RM50.00

Growell Hair Beard and Moustache Tonic Oil are excellent for those with a patchy beard. It’s specially formulated to accelerate hair growth on your beard, moustache and even eyebrows. This product only takes 14 days, and you'll see satisfying results.

7. Sevich Beard Balm for Smooth Beard

Best beard oil for styling
Price from RM28.90
Shopee Malaysia RM28.90

The Sevich Beard Balm is not oil-based but contains beeswax instead. Just like any hair gel, dab the formula onto your palms and style away. This product is lightweight and will not itch your skin.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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