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Remind her how much you love and appreciate her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day! Ranging from classic roses to simple spring time flowers, take a look at our pick on the best flower bouquets available online!

1. Kate

Price from RM159.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM159.00

Will anyone ever get sick of red roses? I doubt that. A bouquet of red roses, traditional and timeless. This simple yet unique bouquet in a hat box speaks for itself, and nothing screams ‘I love you’ as loud as a red rose bouquet would.

2. Lovelyn

Price from RM801.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM801.00

100 red and white roses arranged in a heart shape symbolizes how great and irreplaceable your mum is to you. Impress her with this stunning floral arrangement that will surely show her how appreciative you are of her!

3. Angelina

Price from RM199.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM199.00

Instead of the usual bouquet of vivid red roses, why not opt for a more gentle and elegant option? The Admire Angelina is put together using Phalaenopsis Lily, Phaleonopsis Orchids, Carnations and adorned with Succulent to bring a unique touch of contrast. This is a bouquet to fall in love with!

4. Sweetheart

Price from RM288.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM288.00

Go all out with this beautiful arrangement of red roses surrounding a single gold-tinted rose in the middle. All arranged with ruscus leaves on the outsides for a touch of contrast, this is sure to tell your mum that she is one in a million. 

5. Cara

Price from RM190.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM190.00

Does your mum prefer the simpler side of things? Then this sweet medley of orange and champagne-coloured roses are perfect for her. Delicate and graceful, this pretty bouquet is sure to wow her. 

6. Paradise Found

Price from RM175.00

shopping_cart Flower Advisor Malaysia RM175.00

Lilies are known to symbolise humility and devotion - qualities that might just be apt to describe your mum. Gift her this bouquet of brightly-colored lilies, purple roses and pink carnations to tell her just how much she brightens up your day! Our bets are that it would brighten hers too. 

7. Eternity Lavender

Price from RM139.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM139.00

Looking for a gift with a bit more oomph? Take a look at this preserved lavender rose. Even though it’s not a giant fancy bouquet, it’s a thoughtful gift. Available in different colours that carry different meanings as well!

8. Ray of Sun

Price from RM175.00

shopping_cart Flower Advisor Malaysia RM175.00

There’s more to flowers than just the classic red roses. This beautiful arrangement of sunflowers, yellow roses and white and yellow daisies in a vase is just as thoughtful and appreciative, and will even be a welcomed pop of colour!

9. Phalaenopsis Orchid

Price from RM339.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM339.00

Maybe your mum is more of a plant person. For a more homely feel, this vase of Phalaenopsis Orchids will be something that your mum will love to use as a table piece or decoration. It will be a great addition to any home! 

10. Wondrous Susan

Price from RM319.00

shopping_cart BloomThis RM319.00

Instead of just getting flowers for your mum, throw in some stunning jewellery too for an amazing gift! This arrangement of champagne Roses, pink Chrysanthemum and Bunny Tails comes packed in a heart-shaped box with Wanderlust+Co's Maia Ivory necklace. All in all, it’s meaningful and beautiful. Just like mom!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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