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12 Must-Have Travel Essentials For That Long-Awaited Holiday

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Pack light and you’ll go far. As light as you would like to pack, there are some items that you must add to your ‘To-Pack’ list. With these items, travelling is definitely made easier and you’ll definitely go further. Here are our ultimate picks for the travel essentials that you should pack for your trip.

Wetty Mini Wet Wipes



When you need to answer nature's call

The last thing you want to experience is wiping your derriere with your bare hands. Pack a stash of mini wet wipes with you like this right here. These mini wet wipes are perfect for travel and they are alcohol-free. Plus, you can use wet wipes as hankies too.

AC Universal Travel Wall Adaptor with 4 AC Socket

RM 17.7

Travelling with slightly larger electronic devices like a laptop is when you’ll usually need to locate sockets and have the RIGHT plug. So, to avoid any unforeseeable disappointment, be prepared and get a universal travel adaptor. That way, you can keep your laptop and (other devices!) fully charged.

ESEN97 LED Motion Sensing Headlight Light



For the one who has Nyctophobia—Fear of the Dark

The flashlight app becomes redundant if your phone runs out of battery and your fear of the dark could make a lights-out situation worse. That’s when a headlight comes in handy. Just strap it around your head when you need it the most as its super bright light will shine its way through!

Travel LED LCD Digital Luggage Weighing Strap Scale



If you've got heavy baggage

Never plan to fork out money for extra baggage fees but somehow had to? Then get yourself one of these portable scales so that you can travel and shop with ease especially when you come across lots of irresistible souvenirs.

Weekly Medicine Storage Case Organizer  

RM 38.9

If you are on medication while travelling, then it’s always best to get yourself a medicine organizer to save you from fumbling through multiple tiny bags of medicines. But even if you are free from supplementary, it’s still safer to pack some medicinal drugs with you since your familiar brand is not always available abroad.  

Anker A1209 Portable Power Bank



Not every corner provides a socket to recharge our devices. For that reason, it’s wiser to have a power bank with you. This incredible power bank by Anker can charge up to 3 devices in one go and its compact size makes it travel-friendly. Not to mention, it has a built-in flashlight too.

Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Spray

RM 17
Best for those traveling to tropical countries

Mosquitoes are downright annoying and can be dangerous too. Nobody likes red blotches and all the itch that mozzies cause. Whether you’re mozzies’ frequent victim or not, it’s still worth purchasing a repellent and spray some on particularly in Malaria zones.

Lihit Lab Notebooks

RM 46.2

Some feelings and experience are not easily captured in photographs and that’s why it’s more amazing when you write them down. It'd be better if your notebook comes with extra compartments for pen and maybe some useful brochures. Plus, a notebook is more convenient for scribbling road maps when asking locals for directions.

NIVEA Deodorant Extra White Serum Spray

RM 17.32

Don’t cringe just yet because deodorant keeps your underarms fresh and properly nourished. Nivea’s Extra White Serum deodorant helps smoothen and brighten the underarm with the help of avocado oil. With just one spray, it protects you from experiencing sweaty underarms for a good 48 hours. Now, that’s a winner!

TSA Resettable Suitcase Padlock



Best for backpackers

Whether you have one or two or multiple backpacks, take a couple of padlocks with you. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry. Padlocks keep your bags safe and especially if you’re staying in hostels, padlocks come in handy for securing your lockers too.

Plaid Aztec Scarf



Best for chilly weather or season

Skip the poofy, woolly ones and opt for nicer, lightweight scarf that can keep you warm during rainy days or windy evenings. Guess what? A scarf can double up as a beach blanket too other than keeping you wrapped up in unexpectedly cold journeys like during a sub-zero air-conditioned bus ride.

Dettol Soothe With Chamomile Instant Hand Sanitizer

RM 6.90

Speaking of toiletries, hand sanitizers were once in the limelight for a hygienic reason. With that being said, always bring along a mini one to clean your palms just in case you can’t find clean water to wash your hands. Clean hands have better chances of keeping unknown bacteria at bay.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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