How YouTuber Natalia Taylor Fakes Her Bali Vacation

Don’t believe everything you see on social media!

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Credit: Photos and video taken from Natalia Taylor

It's not every day that you can travel thousands of miles away to take Insta-worthy shots like the Kardashians. Not even YouTuber Natalia Taylor could afford that kind of lifestyle. Therefore, she resulted to taking her 'vacation' images at an IKEA store. Her latest venture: Bali, Indonesia.

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Unlike our usual IKEA outfit which consists of flippers, shorts and t-shirts, Taylor showed up in a bright pink cocktail dress and started doing an editorial-like photoshoot in the showrooms. Not forgetting the bathtub scene, where she draped a bathrobe over her cocktail dress and wrapped her head with a towel, before posing inside a bathtub. Talk about being creative.

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Credit: Image taken from The Sun

So you're probably wondering what the purpose of this video is, apart from entertainment and comedy. Taylor is trying to make a point that not everything you see is true, especially on social media. Many Instagrammers, or better known as 'influencers' love taking fake vacation pictures.

For example, you might be seeing a vacation picture on one at Rome or the Bahamas, but really the heavily edited picture is taken at her backyard with lots of digital filters. As also reported in The Sun and Bored Panda, travel images from some Instagrammers are heavily edited. What they usually do is download an app or two, edit their physique, and then proceed to add little details like clouds, trees and seagulls in the background.

Then they will edit the sea, sky, greeneries and the city views, making the colours more vibrant. So, are they really in Shanghai? Or is that just Petaling Street?

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As for Taylor, she made this video, with plenty of behind-the-scenes and Easter eggs to prove a point that her pictures, (like the many influencers we see today), might look convincing on social media, but she's just at IKEA. That's how easy it is to fool the public! "Don't trust everything you see on the internet," said Taylor, and this is why we love her for the realness and authenticity.

That aside, we did spot some exciting IKEA products in the video. If you did too, here are some items you can own to make your home a little more like the cosy showroom…or a room you see in Bali!

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