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10 Things You Might Need Before The CNY Reunion

Before you eat all you can, shop till you drop!

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Although Chinese New Year is around the corner, the Reunion week is the crucial one where everyone prepares to buy last minutes clothes, household items, kitchen utensils and even jewellery. As you can guess, all prices, including haircuts, will be hiked due to the high demand and some products will make you wonder ‘do I really need this?’.

Wonder no more and buy whatever you wish for with Shopee’s CNY sale. This Rat year, Shopee has a big Chinese New Year sale that includes free shipping and selected items for only RM 1. What’s more, Shopee is hosting an array of exciting activities with prizes to give away, such as Shopee coins and cash vouchers from now until 28 January. Check out what Shopee has to offer below but also, remember to key in the Shopee Promo Code at checkout for more discounts!

Red Lace Evening Maxi Wrap Fishtail Dress

RM 58.23

It’s not easy looking for the right red dress, especially when Chinese New Year is so close to date. The fastest way to get a fashionable one with good cutting is via online, and Shopee can deliver it to you for free. Look graceful and elegant in this lacy maxi wrap fishtail dress, which you can also recycle for weddings and other grand events.

Mens Traditional with a Modern Texture

RM 35

Guys, enough with the polo tees and tacky shirts. It’s Chinese New Year, so play your part, wear a nice traditional Samfu and play matchy-matchy with your missus when she wears her elegant Cheongsam. This cotton Samfu has a relaxed fit, is hot-weather ready and has a vintage yet modern overall texture on the front.

Tupperware Everyday Bowls Set of 8

RM 119.9

There’s going to be plenty of food left when your guests leave your house at the end of the reunion dinner. Store your food and keep them fresh for days in these Tupperware containers – the package comes in a set of eight storage bowls so that you can keep anything from soup dishes, gravies and big meat pieces.

Table or Floor Powerful Fan in Red

RM 32.9

The temperature is always at its peak during the Chinese New Year. Instead of increasing your electricity bill, use this powerful floor fan to cool your house and guests instead. It’s only 10 inches in size so you can even place them on the table or countertop; you can transfer it around too.

Cooking Pots Set Of 3

RM 205

Throwing a reunion dinner at home requires numerous cooking utensils for the hundreds of dishes you’re making. Add on to your collection these cooking pots that can help reduce your cooking effort. They come in 32cm and 28cm in diameters, plus a complimentary 24cm pot for sauces and liquids.

Fashionable Sling Bag in Pink

RM 4

Can’t find that perfect bag to suit your red dress or Cheongsam? Stop looking for red and go for a pink one instead to set the contrast. This sling bag is small and lightweight, making it easy for you to wear it when you go for house visits. Besides, it will be great to store all your angpows as well. Not feeling the pink? There’s a nice dark red one as well.

MMX YBD6-100 Electric Pressure Cooker 6.0L

RM 189

Running out of time to cook for all of your guests this Chinese New Year? Get all the help you can with this 8-in-1 electric pressure cooker – it cooks your fish, chicken, ribs rice and porridge fast and you can cut down on the washing time, too. You can adjust the pressure time, and delay your cooking as well when you have enough to serve your guests.

Hotel Style Soft Bedsheet Set of 7

RM 69

Upgrade your bedroom this CNY and give your bed a new look with these new, red sheets. It’s designed with hotel-grade comfortability, super soft and easy to wash as well. The package comes with a bedsheet, comforter, bolster and four pillowcases to transform your bed into a hotel-grade one.

Khind Multi-Purpose Cooker MC388

RM 188

There are so many dishes to cook in so little time this Chinese New Year. Not to mention the limited counter space and cooking utensils you have at home – that can be a challenge. Hence why you need this 8-in-1 multi-cooker to help you cook all your dishes, all at once. You can boil, braise, stew, steam, deep fry and stir fry your dishes all at once; cleaning would be super easy, too.

Chinese New Year Joyful Hamper

RM 488

We understand that work is crazy, and there isn’t time to go shopping before the Chinese New Year. Shopee’s got your back; get the hamper of your choice online, like this one, and have it delivered to you for free. It comes with an exquisite packing, decorative trimming and a lovely greeting card too.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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