When the government implemented the ban of straws, Boba lovers were concerned. It’s rather difficult to enjoy the pearls without those thick straws. Not to mention that the bubble tea craze has exploded; especially when there’s an entire street in SS15 Subang Jaya dedicated to the Boba business.

Float Boba Container Milk Tea 5

Metal straws aside, we are always looking for ways to enjoy our drinks without having to kill turtles in the process. Thankfully, Mickey Wu and Fang Shih, two Taiwanese industrial designers have solved our concerns with Float; a no-straw, glass container with a filter made especially for bubble tea.

Float Boba Container Milk Tea 8

There’s a filter at the top of the BPA-free container. So, when you sip your tea, the pearls will be easily consumed as well via the spill-safe opening. Also, there is a smaller opening for when you only want to drink your tea and not the pearls.

Float Boba Container Milk Tea 3

This container is lightweight and is easy to bring along when you’re out and about. Besides, it’s also easy to disassemble when you need to wash it at the end of the day. According to its Facebook page, the Taiwanese designers will only release Float in Winter 2019; the end of this year. The exact release date in Malaysia is still unknown, so stay tuned for more information.

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