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8 Gift Ideas for that Aspiring Mermaid in Your Life

Mermaid vibes for the mermaid soul.

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Have you always dreamt of being a mermaid? You or your girl squad might have that one friend who thinks she’s a mermaid. The one who loves corals, long luscious wavy hair, a beach bum and a big fan of all pretty little mermaid things in life. You can now make yours or your BFF’s dreams come true with these mermaid gift ideas.

Mermaid Contact Lens Casing

RM 6.5
Best mermaid case container
No Brand
1. Mermaid Contact Lens Casing
Best mermaid contact lens case 
Updated on 29th July 2020

This cute shell-shaped container is a travel storage case for your contact lenses’ needs. It can fit your standard sized contact lenses case and also lens tweezers. Need to grab-and-go to the beach quick? You’ll know where to find your lenses!

Mermaid Pendant Necklace with Shell Case

RM 14
Best mermaid necklace
No Brand
2. Mermaid Pendant Necklace with Shell Case
Best mermaid necklace
Updated on 5th August 2020

Carry your love for the sea everywhere you go with this gorgeous holographic scale mermaid necklace that's pretty, shimmery and dreamy! This would be a perfect gift for those who would never want to go a day without being a mermaid. It also comes with a cute seashell case for you to keep your gem in.

Mermaid Tail Blanket  

RM 83.00
Best mermaid blanket
3. Mermaid Tail Blanket  
Best mermaid blanket  
Updated on 27th July 2020

Sleep like a mermaid with this soft and comfortable mermaid tail blanket. This lightweight blanket is made up of cozy knitting and promises comfort, warmth as well as durability. Throw off some serious mermaid vibes while you sleep or when you’re watching a movie on the couch.

Swimming Paddle Mermaid Tail Monofin

RM 96.68
Best mermaid tail / monofin for swimming
4. Swimming Paddle Mermaid Tail Monofin
Best mermaid tail/monofin for swimming
Updated on 21st December 2018

Do you have little cousins or nieces who dream of having a mermaid tail? If yes, you definitely need to get them this monofin as a gift. It is made of pure imported silica, which lends its soft and durable properties.

With this fin, they can improve their butterfly stroke, which is the swimming style that resembles swimming like a mermaid. We bet you, this “mermaid tail” will make their mermaid journey a memorable and interesting one.

Novelty Mermaid Mug

RM 30.00
5. Novelty Mermaid Mug
Best mermaid mug
Updated on 21st December 2018

Typo’s Seashell Iridescent and Mermaid Tail mugs will get all mermaid-wannabes’ day going smoothly. We will warn you; you would never want to drink out of anything else ever again. Spend your days drinking fruit punches or coffee at the beach together with your mermaid squad. Cheers!

Mermaid Glitter Clutch

RM 115.00
Best mermaid clutch and bag
6. Mermaid Glitter Clutch
Best mermaid clutch/bag
Updated on 21st December 2018

Keep your pearls and seashells safe with this beautiful clutch bag. Containing the main compartment that's secured with a clasp closure, you can also transform the clutch into a sling bag thanks to its detachable chain shoulder strap. The clutch is made up of faux leather material with velvet inner lining.

The Little Mermaid Inspired Earrings

RM 15
Best mermaid earrings
7. The Little Mermaid Inspired Earrings
Best mermaid earrings
Updated on 21st December 2018

Who can forget the most iconic mermaid of this century? Present your little one with this cute pair of The Little Mermaid Inspired Earrings. The stud earrings are silver plated, with one stud as Ariel herself, and the other as her underwater best friend, Flounder!

Mermaid Scale Phone Casing

RM 17.9
est glossy mermaid phone case
8. Mermaid Scale Phone Casing
Best glossy mermaid phone case
Updated on 21st December 2018

Complete the mermaid theme with this gorgeous holographic sparkling case that reflects brightly in the light (or the ocean). Coming in a pink or gradient pink-blue tone, this beautiful soft case will protect your phone from dust, scratch and shock. Always remember, girls deserve pretty things!

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