Decorating your home to your satisfaction can be tough. Worse still, getting inspired is barely possible sometimes, and you might feel defeated. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Here are some Pinterest-worthy ideas!

1. Vintage Pendant Ceiling Lamp

Best Vintage and Elegant Home Décor - great Victorian home decor idea

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Known for their unique styles and designs, pendant lights have become more and more popular recently. This vintage pendant light is the perfect conversation-starter. Install it however you want – hang it on its own, or style it up as a chandelier, turning that space into a hipster hotspot.

2. Ceramic Handcrafted Vase & Bowl

Best Country Home Décor

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If your home feels a little too modern, then tone it down with this beautiful ceramic vase. The soil-brown colour and subtle stripe design on the vase brings in a whole earthy feeling to the room.

You can either fill it with a fragrant bouquet to brighten the room or leave it as it is and have your guests wondering the mysterious history behind the beautiful artifact.

3. Family House Rules Wall Decal

Best Cheap but Modern Wall Décor for Home and Kitchen

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Managing a family and making sure that everyone stays grounded is tough; sometimes it might take a toll on you. When things get rough, it’s nice to have some positive reinforcement around.

Keep the good vibes going strong with this inspirational wall decal. It mentions a few crucial family rules, and can be placed anywhere in the house! Plus, it’s easily-removable, so redecorating is stress-free.

4. Toilet Rules Wall Decal

Best Bathroom Wall Décor

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You know how we’ve been raised to be polite to our guests all the time? This politeness stops us from reminding them to put down the toilet seat, even if it pisses us off, and that can be a problem.

With this toilet decal, you won't have to tell them. Let your guest learn the toilet rules indirectly with this adorable piece of decor; they'll leave your toilet spotless. It’s small, can be placed anywhere, and is a cute, fun addition to the bathroom.

5. Pink Flowers Wall Art Canvas

Best Decorative Home Wall Décor Painting

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Unless you’re into old-school decor, you’ll want to do away with framed art pieces. Canvases are where it’s at, and can modernize your home aesthetic. Giving off an artsy, modern vibe, the art pieces are sure to pop.

These bright floral canvases come in a set of three for you to play around with. Hang them up together or divide them into different rooms to stick to a common theme, they’ll look great either way!

6. Glitter Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Best Modern Décor Idea

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Oh, hello – if you haven’t heard all about the colour-changing pillowcase trend, then get on our level! This magical looking pillow has a secret colour-changing side to it (which isn’t a secret anymore, but still!).

The secret message is revealed by simply brushing your hand over the sequins. It’s definitely a novel, worthy addition to your home and we promise you won’t regret it.

7. Copper Wire Fairy Light

Best Beach House Decor Idea

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Fairy lights have gone from being popular during the Christmas season to being an all-season favourite, and honestly? We’re not surprised.

With fairy lights, you can go all sorts of crazy – from winding them around your bed frame to draping them behind your curtains. They're the perfect addition for those beachy vibes because you'll be stargazing long after you've left the beach.

8. Colored World Map Wall Decal

Best Kids Wall Décor

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Placing a world map in your kids' room encourages a child's natural curiosity about the world around them. It's a unique and interesting piece of art and it may turn them into little geographical geniuses.

Putting up a world map decal might be different, but trust us; they'll be able to learn the different geographical locations without even trying. When they grow up and travel, they’ll be thankful for their old world map!

9. Mandala Bohemian Tapestry

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Bohemian tapestries are common among teenagers; you can often find one hanging in their rooms. Why? Because painting a design like the ones on a tapestry would cost a fortune, and nobody’s got the time or the money for that.

If you’re someone who has recently moved and are trying to decorate your room, then try this! This Mandala tapestry lends your room a boho vibe, and now you'll even have a cool backdrop for your OOTD selfies.

10. Anchor Wheel Wall Clock

Best Nautical Home Décor

Price from RM599.00

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Do you live far away from the sea, and miss it terribly? Turn that frown upside down, because you can now pretend to be on a boat all year-round with this anchor wheel clock.

By mounting this adorable clock, you'll constantly be reminded of your seafaring adventures. You can place it in any room, the choice is yours!

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