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6 Tips On How To Effectively Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

This is how polluted your indoor air is!

Don't be fooled by the air in your home. They are usually filled with microorganisms and bacteria that will affect the air quality and your health. Also, shutting your sliding doors tight may not stop polluted air from entering your home.

Your home can be stuffy and dusty, especially if it's grounded in the middle of a busy city. Breathing in polluted air every day may lead to severe health concerns, especially your lungs; if you are one who works from home.

Air pollution is not just outdoors but indoors as well. It's crucial to purify the air at your home, and there are plenty of ways to do so that don’t involve costly machines. Here are a few effortless ways you can practice to keep your air at home clean, fresh and purified.

Kill bacteria and dust mites with anti-allergen detergents

Dust mites and bacteria can release a kind of toxins in the air that could harm our lungs in the long run. These mites could be found on your bedsheets, sofas, curtains and chairs and could cause allergies to your nose and throat. Possible side effects: feeling lethargic. Use anti-allergen detergent to clean your bed sheets and other fabric regularly.

Salt lamps are useful if you have asthma

Polluted air is the worst if you have respiratory issues like Asthma. Inhale better air quality with salt lamps; the Himalayan crystal salt produces negative ions to fight microorganism, bacteria and viruses in the air that could cause allergies. Plus, they make a great home decor too!

House plants help purify your home

Not a fan of aromatherapy? Go for houseplants instead like Peace Lillies, The English Ivy, and Spider Plant. They absorb polluted air and toxins that can cause difficulty in breathing. Besides, these plants add a touch of green to your home, giving you the cosy feeling.

Use organic home cleaning products

Cheap floor cleaners and surface sprays can sometimes release toxins into the air. If you’re unlucky, they might do more harm to your respiratory system than good. Use products that have natural ingredients such as lemon- and vinegar-based. They can keep indoor air fresh and clean, driving away bacteria and even insects.

Water filters clean more than just your H2O

The chlorine in water has the potential to release gas into the air. That’s harmful, especially for asthma patients. Not to mention that chlorine can be dangerous if your skin suffers from eczema. Install a water filter at the main inlet (located at the scary room outside of your apartment) to reduce chlorine. Alternatively, you can install smaller filters at taps that you often use.

Swap to an Air Conditioner with Nanoe Technology

Due to bad air pollution, air conditioners are now equipped with high tech purifiers to filter off dirty air. Panasonic takes this feature up a notch with their Nanoe Technology that’s built inside their devices. They work to generate atomised water particles that are rich in hydroxyl radicals. However, there are two parts to the Nanoe Technology, and both play very different functions to purify your air at home.

Your fabric materials and carpets are usually dominated by bacteria and microorganisms. Thankfully, Nanoe X Technology is created to infiltrate deep into fabrics to control the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. This feature also destroys allergens caused by your pets, mites and fungi, while deodorising substances that produce unpleasant odours.

Nanoe-G Technology, on the other hand, removes dust and kills mould growth that’s around the surfaces of your walls, dark corners and bathroom. It works to trap and deactivate dust particles as small as PM2.5 with its filter. If you are prone to allergies and asthma, then this feature is ideal for you.

Additionally, all Sky Series Air Conditioners come with the Dust Sensor feature. It works to detect a high level of dust before triggering Nanoe-G to purify the air.

Just like all your other smart appliances, you can now control one or more of your AC units with your smartphone via the Smart WiFi Network Adapter. Pre-cool your room and activate the 24-hour air purification feature; so you can go back home to clean, fresh air. Additionally, manage your energy usage patterns for better budget planning all via your phone.

Panasonic’s air conditioners are energy-efficient, thanks to its Inverter Technology. The feature works to reduce power consumption when it reaches your desired temperature by changing the compressor’s speed accordingly. No more shocking, expensive electrical bills at the end of each month.

Take some time to learn these simple steps, especially if you have asthma and other respiratory symptoms. It’s easier to breathe (pun intended) when you know the air around your home is clean and safe.

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