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Spruce Up your Kitchen Counter with these 18 Best Vintage Kettles

Get that Pinterest-worthy kitchen you've always desired!

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One of the quintessential items every household has is the humble kettle. You can live with no food for several days but you cannot last a day with no clean water. Kettles have transformed dramatically in terms of looks and technology. Fashion trends have gone back to the vintage look, even for kettles, so why not look into making your drinks in style?

Is glass kettle better than stainless steel?

Made of tempered glass material, glass kettles overall, do not break easily and will not corrode. They are easy to clean and maintain, being transparent makes it easier to monitor the process. However, they are heavier, pricier and can shatter, if you’re careless. Stainless steel kettles are resilient and light. Loaded with numerous features at a cheaper price but they can be harder to clean and maintain.  

Is it OK to reboil water in a kettle?

Health experts have advised that we should not re-boil water. Tap water contains natural chemical substances which transform when first boiled and this eradicates bacteria/germs in the water. But if you re-boil the water, the already transformed and dissolved chemical substances can change to be more toxic, exposing us to health risks.

Breville Tea Maker BTM800 One-Touch Intelligent Automatic Tea Machine

RM 1375

This is a 1.5L high-end barista type Tea Maker. It has a brew basket (fine mesh with airtight lid) where you fill the tea leaves in, which will automatically move down into the water once the exact right temperature is attained. There are five temperature settings which you can choose from. With user-friendly buttons, you can opt to set it to auto start at certain times.

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot

RM 76.19
2. Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot
Best kettle with tea infuser
Added on 21st May 2020

Made by the ‘King of Glass’ in Japan, this 700ml tea pot is beautifully and perfectly designed. It has a stainless-steel tea leaf infuser. Just add in your tea leaves, hot water and ensure the correct temperature. Too high a temperature will make it bitter and too low would not draw out the full flavors. 

Delonghi Icona Vintage Electric Kettle 1.7L KBOV2001

RM 368

This is a modern and sleek kettle, with 1.7L capacity. Available in several body gloss finishing with a few chromed and embossed details, this kettle has certainly made its mark in spotting a jazzy look. With a 360 degrees swivel base and a detachable base, this allows for a cord-free experience. The kettle employs a 3-level safety protection, so you can use this daily with no qualms at all.

5L Canny Stainless-Steel Whistling Kettle

RM 79.9

A traditional kettle, from Taiwan, this is a versatile kettle and is great for use on any stove top, namely electric stove, gas stove even induction stove tops. Made of quality stainless-steel, its body is sturdy. When the water is boiled thoroughly, you can expect a loud and harmonious whistle to alert you. 

Philips Jug Kettle HD9303

RM 69
5. Philips Jug Kettle HD9303
Best kettle for boiling water
Added on 21st May 2020

This 1.2L kettle will get your water boiling seriously fast. Made of food-grade stainless steel, this kettle has a large cover opening that allows convenient usage and easy cleaning. Its base is 360 degrees rotatable, containing the cable within it, thus making it cordless. Packed with 3 safety features, this kettle is best when you need hot water fast.

Morgan Electric Kettle MEK-4802SSCL

RM 96

This stainless steel 4.8L kettle has a 360º rotational base that contains the power cord so that there are no excess cables, allow easy pouring. Despite being a huge capacity kettle, it still manages to spot a sleek look. Cleaning and maintaining this kettle are easy due to its huge opening. Once the water is done boiling, it will automatically turn off.

KitchenAid 1.25L Electric Kettle

RM 589
7. KitchenAid 1.25L Electric Kettle
Best small kettle
Added on 21st May 2020

A 1.25L compact kettle, from KitchenAid that is adorable and popular. Spotting the look and design of a stovetop kettle, you can choose from 6 colours. It has a stainless-steel body and also an aluminium handle. The cord base is a wrap-around, to reduce any hassles with excess cords, and its lid can be removed completely, making it easy to fill in water.

Morphy Richards Retro Kettle

RM 295
Morphy Richards
8. Morphy Richards Retro Kettle
Best kettle with filter
Added on 21st May 2020

An amazing 1.5L kettle with lovely tones that accentuates its attractive retro shape. It is a quiet kettle and has an informative water level indicator. The water gauge is illuminated and the handle is designed well that it allows easy handling and pouring. There is a replaceable limescale filter. Unfortunately, the water level view is difficult to make out due to condensation inside the kettle.

Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

RM 249
9. Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle
Best kettle with a thermometer and long spout
Added on 21st May 2020

This 1.2L kettle features a fixed thermometer and thus ensures the right temperature at all times.  Having a perfect gooseneck spout is crucial for a precise hand drip manoeuvring. Constructed by medical-grade stainless steel, this kettle is long-lasting. It has a triple-layer base, giving that flexibility to work on any stove-top. Equipped with a built-in temperature gauge, this helps to prevent burning coffee beans.

Brewista Artisan 600ml Gooseneck Variable Temperature Kettle

RM 699

An electric kettle with a retro look, spotting a wooden theme on a stainless-steel finishing, this kettle ensures the accuracy of the pour-over and drip mechanisms involved in coffee/tea making. With the assistance of the induction plate, digital control of accurate temperatures can easily be achieved. The narrow and long spout helps heaps to pour the hot water exactly where you want it.

Krups Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel Housing, 1.7L

RM 435.00

As the natural tea flavors come out when brewed rightly, having the exact temperature is crucial. Equipped with 5 pre-set temperature configurations, you can easily select the right one. There is a clear and informative LCD display on the kettle’s base and a removable anti-scale filter at the spout. Made of brushed stainless steel, it executes a classic look.

Tefal Electric Kettle

RM 184.00
12. Tefal Electric Kettle
Best rated and affordable kettle
Added on 21st May 2020

This 1L kettle is littered with striking black and yellow colors with a shiny finishing that exudes a sharp, trendy look and feel. It has a variable temperature control, a clear water level window, removable anti-scale filter and a cordless design with a 360 degrees swivel base. Employing a locking lid and an automatic shut-off safety feature, you can be assured of its usage on a daily basis.

Delonghi Argento Flora Kettle KBX2016

RM 399

This kettle is everyone’s dream. Not only is it fully functional, it spots a lovely contemporary design with gentle rounded corners along with powerful angles. Its swivel base and the brushed chrome finishing adds that extra elegant touch. The thermal cut-off feature, along with twin neon lights (power-on), non-slip base and a removable filter, makes this a kettle that is truly worthwhile investing on a long-term basis.

Morphy Richards Special Edition Accents Pebble Traditional Kettle 100101

RM 360

This 1.5L kettle has a subtle cone-like design within a stainless-steel body, spotting several finishing. The power switch is illuminated and has a cordless base which makes pouring easier. There is a clear water level indicator and a removable limescale filter. Employing a fail safe cut off, this kettle combines both functions and looks well.

Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Kettle KLF03PB

RM 770

Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Kettle, is large enough to hold water for seven cups. Its design spots a look from an earlier era, creating a vintage feel with polished chromed handle and base with its stainless-steel body exhibits a cute and classy feel. The temperature can be adjusted to cater to various drinks, and the ‘keep warm’ feature is helpful to retain the temperature.

Zell Stainless Steel Tea Coffee Kettle

RM 121.00

This stainless-steel kettle is BPA free and is resilient to corrosion and rust. Not only does this kettle heat up quickly, it also spots this simple yet stylish design. The anti-slip handle is angled in such a way that it enables easy and precise pouring, also protecting your hands from harm’s way.

Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

RM 494.00

Having a brushed stainless-steel body along with BPA free plastic, this Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle is programmable. This is a simple version that is more affordable and best suited for a good cuppa pour-over coffee. With a real-time temperature display, this has a count-up timer to help with monitoring the brewing process. The gooseneck spout allows accurate pour control.

Philips Electric Kettle HD9322 – 1.7L

RM 199
18. Philips Electric Kettle HD9322 – 1.7L
Best kettle with water filter
Added on 21st May 2020

This UK-designed and stylish colored metal kettle is sturdy and will last you a lifetime. Its stainless-steel body is rustproof, resilient and durable. The kettle has a temperature control feature and an anti-calc filter that ensures water clarity at all times.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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