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Remove Excess Moisture from Your Home with These 9 Electric Dehumidifiers

Decrease the humidity of your home with these top dehumidifiers.

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Managing the humidity of your home is essential as it not only helps keep your home comfortable, it is also healthier in the long-run as it helps with respiratory problems and prevents mould. Those who are prone to allergies should definitely invest in a dehumidifier. Want to make your life easier? Check out the list we have curated below for the best dehumidifiers around!

KEMING Mini Dehumidifier

RM 88
Best mini dehumidifier for home and bathrooms
1. KEMING Mini Dehumidifier
Best mini dehumidifier for home and bathrooms

Don’t underestimate a mini dehumidifier – despite its size, it does the job well by decreasing the humidity in the air, especially on hot days! Don’t worry if you’re a light sleeper, the noise is subtle enough for you to get a good night’s sleep. On top of that, it works well even in bathrooms.

MeiLing MD-01 Dehumidifier

RM 299
Best dehumidifier for babies and asthma

Babies and people with respiratory problems like asthma are easily affected by poor air quality. This dehumidifier from Mei Ling removes harmful contaminants, ensuring the air is fresh just like the sea. Additionally, the noise levels can be adjusted, making it silent enough for babies.

De'Longhi DEX14 Dehumidifier

RM 1350
Best dehumidifier for rooms

Feeling frustrated with the amount of mould in your home? This dehumidifier from De’Longhi will help with that! With the built-in air filtration, it’ll improve the air quality in your rooms and remove excess moisture. Although it doesn’t come with a humidistat and has a slight noise, it is still an excellent quality product that gets the job done.

UniBond Aero 360 Pure Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier

RM 85

Prevent mildew and mould while improving the quality of air in your home with this dehumidifier from Unibond! It's small and portable, so you can easily place it on your tabletop. A great option to ensure proper absorption of excess moisture in the air anywhere in your home.

STADLER FORM ALBERT Dehumidifier 70m2 4.6L 

RM 1919

This dehumidifier is ideal for large sized rooms as it has a coverage of up to 753 square feet! This is also an all-in-one dehumidifier that comes with a humidistat, drainage hose and wheels at the bottom for easy manoeuvrability. Plus, it’s noise-free as well. For a price like this, we bet that you’ll be utterly satisfied with your purchase.

Delonghi DEX16F Dehumidifier

RM 1399.00
Best quiet dehumidifier with humidistat

To easily check the humidity in your home and keep it at an optimal level, invest in this dehumidifier from Delonghi which also comes with a humidistat. Compared with the previous models, this is a much better version as the noise-level has greatly been reduced and operates much quieter. If you have a larger budget, opt for this dehumidifier!

Portable Ultra-Mini Semiconductor Dehumidifier 

RM 186.45

This ultra-mini dehumidifier that also acts as an air purifier is extremely portable and lightweight! Move this around from room to room with ease. Super quiet and fashionable, prevent mildew in your home caused by excess moisture with this dehumidifier!

Morphy Richards Dehumidifier DE35E

RM 1298
Best dehumidifier with a drainage hose

This dehumidifier from Morphy Richards has a tank capacity of up to 4 litres and a timer that can be set to auto shut-down for convenience. For easy drainage, it also comes with handy drainage hose and wheels for portability. Drain water from the tank hassle-free!

Hisense HAP-09JSN 1.0HP Portable Air Cond

RM 1499
add_circle Compact in size
add_circle Digital control panel
add_circle Auto evaporation technology
add_circle Wide air circulation and fast cooling
remove_circle Only good for small rooms

This portable air conditioner from Hisense provides cooling air for your home! There are many modes available such as sleep mode, super cool mode and smart mode. It also comes with a remote for your convenience, so you don’t have to walk up to the device to change the settings.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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