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Train Stronger and Safer With 7 Of These Sturdy Leg Sleeves

Better to be safe than sorry.

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‘Prevention is better than cure’ - people who are active in sports tend to get injuries. Thus, it is imperative to prevent that with leg sleeves. If you're recovering from injured muscles and soreness, these sleeves comes in handy, too. Besides, leg sleeves work to increases blood flow and circulation too. Check out our list of sleeves that'll work for you.

Leg Compression Power Sleeve

RM 95
1. Leg Compression Power Sleeve
Best compression full leg sleeves – suitable for varicose veins

Varicose veins are painful and uncomfortable - they're enlarged and swollen veins that can be seen on your legs or feet. This leg compression power sleeve can help increase blood circulation to ease the pain. If there are no signs of varicose veins on your legs, you should still use these sleeves for protection when doing intense exercises.

Bikeboy Protection Leg Sleeves

RM 22.9

For rope climbing, wall climbing or rock climbing you’ll need a leg sleeve that will not restrict your movements. The Bikeboy protection leg sleeve has an antiskid silicone strip to stop you from slipping off. It’s also comfortable to wear, and it absorbs sweat exceptionally well.

Sponge Knee Pads

RM 23.63
3. Sponge Knee Pads
Best leg sleeve with knee pads - suitable for sliding

Made from rubber, latex and high-quality sponge, these knee pads will offer you full protection even when you slide on harsh, rough surfaces. They're equipped with a soft sponge to reduce shock when your knees hit the ground with impact. These knee pads are ideal if you perform a lot of cardio-based exercises, and dancing.

Aolikes Calf Shin Compression Sleeve

RM 35.9
4. Aolikes Calf Shin Compression Sleeve
Best lower leg compression sleeves – suitable for shin splints

Aolikes are well known for making compression sleeves and apparels. If you are suffering or recovering from an injury such as shin splints, you should use this calf-shin compression sleeve to fasten recovery rate. You're also advised to use this sleeve to prevent injuries from happening.

Full-Length Protection Knee Support

RM 14.8
5. Full-Length Protection Knee Support
Best leg sleeve for under knee braces

This leg sleeve would fit nicely underneath a knee brace, keeping it in place. Besides, it improves blood circulation while preventing any injuries, soreness or swelling from occurring. You're advised to wear this sleeve each time you go for your workouts.

LP667 Knee Support

RM 56.9
6. LP667 Knee Support
Best leg sleeve for squatting and wrestling

Both squatting and wrestling can affect your knees, so using knee sleeves is crucial. This knee support fits comfortably and can be used for intense athletic activities. It’s sweat absorbent so it will not slide off easily. Avoid injuries by protecting your knees right now.

Dual Compression Knee Sleeve

RM 179
7. Dual Compression Knee Sleeve
Best leg sleeve for basketball and running

Activities such as running and playing basketball require strong, healthy legs. Therefore, wearing a leg sleeve provides you with the joint support that you'll need. It also keeps your muscles warm while you're out running. If you’re feeling sore on your legs, these sleeves will help ease the pain and soreness as well.

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