The year is 2018 and we are witnessing a fashion revolution. What is the revolution, you ask? Trendy and comfortable plus size clothing. Brace yourself for an online shopping spree, because we are going to show you some delectable pieces that are all about celebrating your gorgeous body. 

Ex’otico ¾ Sleeve Casual Jacket


RM 129.00

We are a big fan of clothes that work for multiple settings and occasions. This charming jacket is a prime example of such specimens. This piece is great for an impromptu jaunt around town but also smart enough that even the most conservative workplaces will not tell you off for a dress code violation. Be prepared, instead, for the many questions on where to get this jacket!

Plus Size Blue Peacock Dress


RM 329.00

This mesh dress with its captivating peacock embroidery is high up on our list of must-haves. With its becoming neckline, this piece is great for a date with that special somebody. Alternatively, pair it with a denim jacket for a casual look.

V Cut Elbow Sleeves Blouse


RM 39.00

A simple blouse is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. This red piece is perfect for those “chill days” and with the right amount of details to make it a standout amongst its peers.

Comfort Pants


RM 70.00

Yet another great addition to your workwear collection. These pants are stretchable and without any button or zip to maximize comfort. You get all the benefits of leggings without getting into the finicky argument of whether one should wear leggings outside of the gym. Win and win!

Smocked Off Shoulder Floral Plus Size Dress


RM 105.31

If we could, we would wear this sweet floral dress every day for the rest of eternity. It is extremely flattering with its A-line cut and off-shoulder design. Wear it with a pair of Converse for the perfect weekend look.

Plus Size Jumpsuit with Lace Mix


RM 279.00

This jumpsuit is the epitome of easy elegance with its delicate design. Perfect for a girls night-out or for that special anniversary dinner. Alternatively, wear it to work and dominate the boardroom.

Plaid Off the Shoulder Plus Size Tunic


RM 61.67

A tunic top is a must-have for all women. Throw it on with a pair of jeans or shorts and you are out of the door. With its off-shoulder design and sleeve details, you will definitely get a lot of wear out of this piece.  

Straight Leg In Cocoa with Rips


RM 235.00

It is a truth universally acknowledged that ripped jeans will never go out of style. This straight cut piece hugs you in all the right places and is the very definition of the phrase “curves for days”. Wear the jeans with a tailored blouse and heels for dress-up affairs. Alternatively, pair them with a plain T-shirt and sneakers (or flip-flops) for lazy days.

Button Up V Neck Plus Size Blouse


RM 78.97

If you are on the hunt for the perfect blouse for work, this is it. This button-up number comes in a gorgeous purplish-blue shade. Throw it on with a pair of tapered pants or a pencil skirt and you get the perfect workday outfit.

Europe Mesh Embroidery Dress


RM 150.00

The embroidery detail on this dress is beyond exquisite and conjures up the image of a modern Disney princess flouncing around, belting her heart out to a smashing soundtrack. This gorgeous piece with its flattering A-line cut is the dress for that fancy party you have coming.

Zanzea ¾ Sleeve Loose Top


RM 38.00

This casual off-shoulder top screams comfort and is effortlessly stylish. The versatility of this top means that it is appropriate for any and all occasions like running errands, brunches, and catching that latest blockbuster.

Plus Size Button Up Lace Trim Midi Skirt


RM 63.51

Vavavoom! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is this skirt? The cut of the skirt, the strategic placement of the buttons, and the delicate lace trimming all work perfectly to show off your gorgeous curves.

High Waist Casual Skinny Pants


RM 42.90

Hate ‘em or love ‘em, we cannot deny that the Kardashians are a very stylish bunch. These pair of pants would be right at home in one of their many closets. The paneling showcases the waist and the zip details on the sides add a strategic contrast to the material.  

Glitter Maxi Dress with Pleated Waist


RM 315.00

This dress is the big gun to whip out for that formal affair or fancy party. The cut of the dress complements the female body perfectly and the glitters bring just enough sparkle to make you the belle of the ball!  

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!