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You’ve set the table, light the candles, cooked your best meals from your grandma’s recipe book, and now your wine opener is stuck inside a broken cork. This won’t be happening if you were to use this Automatic Electric Wine Opener from Xiaomi Mijia Huohou.

It only takes six seconds to open a bottle of wine, instead of the usual five-minute struggle. The package comes with a foil cutter, too – no more chipping your nails when removing the layers of foil.

This opener is built in with a rechargeable battery; one full charge enables you to open up to 70 bottles of wine. So you can go out and about with your wine opener and without the charger.

Automatic Electric Wine Opener from Xiaomi Mijia Huohou
Xiaomi Mijia Huohou Automatic Electric Wine Opener
Best automatic electric wine opener

Although the traditional corkscrew might have a vintage vibe, this electric opener has a clean and sleek look. You can easily control the device with just two buttons: up and down! You can bring it around conveniently and it makes an excellent deco for your kitchen counter, too.

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