Squeezing lemon over your salad with both hands might make you feel like Gordon Ramsay, but the mess made and seeds falling into the bowl is very troublesome. You should give your hands a break and let this citrus spray do the job instead.

This citrus spray is simple to use and easy to clean. After cutting a small opening at the top of a fruit of your choice, screw the spray in and start seasoning your salad, seafood and even marinades. It comes with a protective cap, so you can keep the spray, still attached to the fruit, in your fridge.

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Citrus Fruit Spray

Best Citrus Spray

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With this spray, you can control the amount of citrus that goes into your food without overpowering them. Besides, the spray also prevents loss of vitamins and oxidation from the juices of lemon, lime, oranges and other fruits you desire.

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