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This Fried Chicken-Filled Roti Canai Burrito is Only RM 4!

It's what dreams are made of!

The easiest and most common dish to order at a mamak is still the roti canai, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. There are several upgraded roti canai dishes such as Roti Pisang and Roti Telur, but have you ever tried the Roti Canai Burrito?

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Also known as Roti Canai Merecik Special, this must-try dish is the latest hype on the ‘unique’ Malaysian food list. It’s made with a mix of an omelette and fried chicken pieces with aromatic spices. The mixture is then rolled into a burrito-style pastry and lightly pan-fried until the sides are brown and crispy. Have it with the curry of your choice. 

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That’s not all; you can request for the cheese version to make it extra flavourful. Cheese is added on top of the pastry after the pan-fry. As you know, cheese goes pretty well with chicken meat and omelette.

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This dish is currently available in Malacca. If you’re adventurous enough, feel free to take a day trip down to Malacca and try this Roti Canai Burrito. However, we strongly believe that this dish will arrive in KL city very soon. When you’re there, don’t miss out on their highly recommended Nasi Lemak and Laksa Barakah as well. It’s best to get all three dishes to share, so you’ll get a taste of everything.


Stall No. 8272, Jalan Pandan,
Taman Kesidang Seksyen 1,
Kampung Lapan.
75250, Malacca.

Operating hours:

7.30am to 12am
Closes on Tuesdays

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