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10 Cake Delivery Services That You Can Put Your Trust In

Delicious cakes on the way - save the mess in your kitchen!

A celebration without a cake is like a holiday without photos. No matter how much fun you had, it will always be incomplete. Whatever the occasion - be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, festivals or even simple get-togethers, cakes no doubt make them merrier.

While nothing beats baking your own cake, you could do with some professional help every now and then. Especially when getting a cake is just a click away - with delivery services right to your doorstep. You can save your precious time and celebrate without a hassle. Not to mention the messy kitchen you have to clean after baking!

Cake delivery services are now taking center stage and some of them are even offering custom made cakes - you can literally design your own cake! Here’s a list of some really great cake delivery services in town - a wide range of selections to meet your various needs. Take your pick and rest with a peace of mind.


Best for birthday and crepe cake - with balloons

Junandus is a cake delivery service provider with quality being their top priority. They use ingredients from all over the world that go through a meticulous selection process.

Their crepe cake options range from D24 durian crepe to espresso macchiato crepe - all amounting to over 20 types! Can’t seem to decide on which one? The Fat-Ten-Tic-Deal is a unique 'marriage' of 10 slices of their sensational crepe cakes. Now, isn't your sweet palate tickling?

Junandus also values birthday celebrations. Their vast variety of birthday cakes are available in various flavours, shapes and designs to suit your preference. But that’s not all! How does a cake paired with balloons or flowers sound to you? Just name your occasion and they’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on their occasional sales to get the best deals!

  • Delivery: Free shipping for orders above RM129. Minimum RM15 for purchases below RM69.
  • Areas: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang Island, and Johor Bahru
  • Same-day delivery: Orders placed before 1 pm on weekdays.

Cake Together

Best vegan and healthy cake

Cake Together was founded with the intention to provide hassle-free cake delivery. Their team consists of passionate home-bakers from Klang Valley and their catalogue of exquisite cakes includes healthy cakes too! Whether you’re a vegan or you like it gluten free, this place has it all. What’s best is that they’ve been reviewed to taste amazing too!

Cake Together has about 15 types of healthy cakes such as gluten-free carrot walnut cake (made using gluten-free flour and brown sugar), vegan chocolate brownie cake (made from non-dairy chocolates and vegan butter) and vegan banoffee (made using dates, walnuts, cashew nuts, coconut oil, and almond milk).

  • Delivery: Free delivery to KL, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Penang (Island). Other areas in Selangor and Penang Mainland with a sub-charge ranging from RM10 - RM25
  • Areas: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang
  • Same-day delivery: Order placed before 4 pm for delivery within 4 hours (for selected cakes)

Flower Chimp

Best for chocolate cake - with flowers

While they specialize in flower deliveries, Flower Chimp has expanded their range of services to deliver cake too! Their signature is their triple chocolate crepe cake that is made from premium dark chocolate powder and imported Belgium chocolate, nicely finished with a layer of chocolate ganache.

As for flowers, they have a wide assortment of flowers be it roses, orchids, tulips, carnations, lilies and so on. Select your flowers according to the occasion or even customize your order with add-on gifts such as teddy bears, chocolate boxes, etc.

  • Delivery: Free
  • Areas: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Seremban, Alor Setar, Johor Bahru, Malacca, Kota Bharu, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri
  • Same-day delivery: Order placed before 2 pm

Eat Cake Today

Best for same and next day delivery

Need a cake last minute? Eat Cake Today provides delivery services within the same day, the next day, after 2 days / 3 days and even during the weekends (as long as it is within the minimum processing time)!

With over 400 plus premium cakes, their choices include designer and made-to-order cakes. But do be sure to check on the availability as the cakes are categorized according to the day you order them.

  • Delivery: Ranging from RM10 to RM40 (depending on location and distance)
  • Areas: Klang Valley and Selangor
  • Same-day delivery: Order placed before 2 pm

SK Homemade Cakes

Best for carrot cake and eggless cakes

Back in 2008, SK Homemade Cakes was just a cake shop based in Penang. It has since expanded to serve more than 30 cafes in Malaysia.

One of their specializations is their premium quality vegan eggless cakes. Not compromising on taste and quality, these cakes have the same quality and consistency of regular cakes. They also have nearly 20 different variations to try!

If you’re a carrot cake lover, their walnut carrot cake is also worth trying. With Granny's homestyle baking, the cake is moist and deep-flavoured, and contains raisins and California walnuts. It is topped with a light cream cheese frosting to give additional tanginess to every bite that you take.

  • Delivery: Minimum RM18
  • Areas: KL, Selangor (excluding some outskirt areas), Penang and Johor Bahru
  • Same-day delivery: Not available


Best for fruit cake, coffee cake and butter cake

Suanson takes pride in baking only the finest delicacies, as they have been in the baking industry for over 40 years. They hold strongly to the tradition and bake cakes just like they bake for their families.

Among Suanson’s finest specialty cakes is their variety of butter cakes which are available in 6 flavours namely chocolate, coffee, marble, orange, pandan and vanilla.

As for their fruit cakes, you will have an array of choices with more than 10 varieties available. This includes banana, carrot, durian, lemon, peach and prune.

Some of us have a unique liking for coffee flavoured cakes. Suanson’s varieties include fresh cream coffee cake, coffee cheesecake, coffee butter cake, sponge coffee cake and even layered coffee cake. Now wouldn't you love to try them all?

  • Delivery: Maximum charge of RM50
  • Areas: Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam
  • Same-day delivery: Possible upon request, depending on availability of cakes

Kindori Moments

Best for ice cream cake

Kindori Moments hails from a Japanese ice cream brand where frozen fresh fruits are turned into ice cream on the spot. This process uses very low sugar without preservatives and colourings. They even use state-of-the-art blast freezing techniques to preserve the freshness of the fruits and retain their nutrients.

Worried your ice cream cake might melt on its way to you? All of Kindori’s frozen products are placed in a cooler box with ice packs. Choose from as much as 14 flavours for the ice cream, including the all-time favourite vanilla to matcha flavour. Simply pick your favourite flavour and Kindori Moments will do the rest!

  • Delivery: Delivery charge ranging from RM 25 - RM 45. Free shipping for next day deliveries for orders above RM 180
  • Areas: Klang Valley, Selangor, Penang, Johor
  • Same-day delivery: Order placed before 1 pm (available only within Klang Valley and Selangor)

Jelly Cake Michelle

Best for jelly cake

Jelly Cake Michelle is a home-based enterprise that specializes in customized homemade jelly cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Michelle works closely with her customers and presents them with unique designs to meet their needs and expectations. The shop has over a few hundreds of varieties for you to choose from. Rest assured, they all taste as good as they look!

  • Delivery: Free for areas covered
  • Areas: Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya
  • Same-day delivery: Next day delivery depending on the design

Souka Bakeshop

Best for red velvet cake

Souka Bakeshop is located both in Subang Jaya and TTDI, with the latter being their first branch. They specialize in classic and vintage delicacies and wish to serve their customers as homely as possible.

Red velvet is among their more popular options. It's perfectly layered with a generous amount of cream cheese and balanced with the lightness of their red velvet cake - a true match made in heaven!

  • Delivery: Delivery charge of minimum RM20 (around Subang Jaya) and vary for other locations. Sub charges may apply for special requests
  • Areas: Klang Valley
  • Same-day delivery: Subject to availability of cakes

Little Collins KL

Best for unique designer and anniversary cakes

Little Collins KL offers both ready-made cakes and custom made cakes. The ready-made cakes include options like salted caramel chocolate cake, rainbow cake and the pinky raspberry vanilla cake.

If you plan to treat your beloved spouse to a lavish wedding anniversary celebration, do check out their custom made cakes. These cakes are meant to make statements and stand out from the rest. You can even decide on the design, size and flavour, or just give them a description of what you have in mind, and Little Collins KL will work on the rest and give you the best surprise for your spouse!

  • Delivery: Free for Solaris Mont Kiara SOHO KL. Other areas delivery fees range from RM 10 - RM 55 (might change depending on area)
  • Areas: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya
  • Same-day delivery: Not available

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