While we all love a good old-fashioned cheesecake, gone are the days that god-forbid anybody tried to taint classic recipes to make anything out of the ordinary when it came to baked goods.

In recent years, Malaysia herself has seen an increasing number of bakers place their own local twists to vintage cakes. Some might argue that our local flavors ought to remain separate of Western-origin sweets. But apart from these cakes being relatively new even to locals, they stand out in the manner in which they are unapologetically Malaysian. And if they do end up tasting good, why not?

If you’ve not tried a good-tasting Malaysian-infused cake yet, here are some options that just might change your mind!

1. Tofufah Cheesecake

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Eat Cake Today RM150.00

Tofufah lovers, this is for you. Made with tofu, cheese and digestive biscuits, this cake melts in your mouth with its soft and creamy texture. It is also the perfect dessert if you’re looking for something that’s light on the palate after a feast. What’s even better is that it contains ginger and gula melaka as well, coming close to actual tofufah.

2. Durian D24 Mille Crepe

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Eat Cake Today RM180.00

Durian cakes may seem increasingly common today, but finding one that actually tastes good is not as easy as it seems. However, rest assured that this is not the case with Food Foundry’s Durian Mille Crepe. A cake made entirely of thin layers of crepe and filled with fresh durian and cream, the merging of flavors will keep you wanting more. Plus, this cake is specifically made using the D24 durian variety!

3. Cempedak Cake

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Eat Cake Today RM145.00

So you’ve tried Durian Cake, but have you heard about Cempedak Cake? With vanilla sponge cake as its base and fresh cempedak making up the fillings of this cake, expect a cake that is soft, light and fluffy. A variety that is lesser known to many people, this cake might just surprise you with how good it tastes!

4. Apam Balik Mousse Cake

Price from RM145.00
Eat Cake Today RM145.00

Fans of apam balik, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now find your favourite local pancake available not just in regular cake form, but in a mousse cake! We know, it sounds odd. But take a walk on the wild side. Filled with peanuts, you’ll find layers of apam separating sections of vanilla mousse, giving you a taste-experience that truly celebrates one of our best loved snacks.

5. Gula Melaka Banana Cake

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Eat Cake Today RM110.00

Trust us when we say that a gula melaka and banana cake combination is a match that will truly make you go bananas! Put together with a combination of caramelised bananas, gula melaka and custard, this cake has a top layer of crushed almond brittle that adds to its character - making it possibly your new favourite cake!

6. Cendol Cake

Price from RM110.00
Eat Cake Today RM110.00

Here in Malaysia, we’re no strangers to scorching hot days where nothing beats a nice cool bowl of cendol to beat the heat. Take this sweet treat to another level with Petiteserie Dessert’s Cendol Cake. With pandan, sago gula melaka, coconut milk mousse and agar-agar all layered together, this cake is a great take on Malaysia’s favourite traditional dessert.

7. Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake

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Eat Cake Today RM120.00

Let’s be real, are you even Malaysian if you’ve not had a Milo dinosaur? This cake is Milo, more Milo, and MORE Milo... on a cheesecake! Do we even need to say more?

8. Hitam Manis Cake

Price from RM93.00
Eat Cake Today RM93.00

You’re probably wondering what a Hitam Manis Cake is, and you should! This is the cake to try if you like being adventurous. Apart from having bamboo charcoal sponge cake as its base, this cake is layered with cream cheese frosting and filled with pulut hitam. The best part - it even tastes good.

Have these options piqued your interest to check out these uncommon cake varieties? For more cakes that you might not find anywhere else, check out eatcaketoday.com for some of the most special cakes in town!

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