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All You Need To Know About SS15's Bubble Tea Street in Subang Jaya!


If you’re anything like us, you may be finding yourself struggling to keep up with the number of bubble tea shops that seem to be sprouting everywhere. The good news is that we’ve done the hard work to get all of it straightened out for you, including what to order, insider tips and even where to park; and all these, in the promised land of boba itself, Subang SS15.

So brace yourself, this is the ultimate guide to Malaysia’s very own Bubble Tea Street.

List of Bubble Tea Shops in SS15:

  1. Cha Wan Jia Tea Bubble
  2. Gong Cha
  3. Shifen Station
  4. Xing Fu Tang
  5. Tealive SS15
  6. Daboba
  7. Mui tea
  8. Pin Tea Malaysia
  9. TeaAmo Subang Jaya
  10. OneZo Malaysia
  11. Moge Tee
  12. Parking / How to get there
Battle of the Brown Sugar Milk Drinks

We try 5 brown sugar milk drinks from different stores along the renowned SS15 Bubble Tea Street located in Subang Jaya. Who will win? ------------------------------------------------------------ Article relating to Boba Milk Tea One Zo Pokeball Article:

Posted by on Saturday, 1 June 2019

Check out what we think about 5 popular brown sugar milk brands from SS15!

1. Chawanjia Tea Bubble

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A post shared by Lee Qin (@leeqin) on

Although a lesser-known Bubble Tea joint, Chawanjia is not any less than other Taiwanese brands of the like. In fact, it is the place to drop by if you like pearls with your fruit teas! All 6 of their pearl options are made from fruit and vegetable extracts so that you get interesting topping varieties such as Dragon Fruit Pearl, Mango Pearl and Sakura Pearl. Their teas are also freshly brewed using premium ingredients for the best results.

For a real thirst quencher, opt for the Refreshing Lemonade with Rainbow Pearls, or the Black & White which contains charcoal to help flush out toxins from your system.

Address: No 34, SS15/8 47500 Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Operating hours: 11AM – 12AM (Monday - Wednesday, weekends), 11AM – 1AM (Thursday & Friday)


2. Gong Cha

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A post shared by Gong cha Malaysia (@gongchamy) on

Before we were visited by the most recent Bubble Tea storm, we had Gong Cha as one of the first few pioneers of Taiwanese Bubble Tea in Malaysia. The brand’s name which translates into “tribute tea for the emperor” is best known for their Signature Winter Melon Tea with white pearls.

However, if you’re looking for a creamier option, their Signature Taro Milk Tea will just about appeal to anyone. Made using high-quality ingredients, you can bet that Gong Cha’s drinks will have you feeling like royal-tea!

Address: No 3, Jalan SS15/7, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: 11AM - 10PM (Monday - Thursday), 11AM - 12AM (Friday), 12PM - 12AM (Saturday), 12PM - 11PM (Sunday)


3. Shifen Station

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A post shared by yourcafestory (@yourcafestory) on

If you’ve ever travelled to Taipei, chances are that you might have done a day trip to Shifen which is a popular tourist spot accessible by train. Taking inspiration from this, Bubble Tea brand Shifen Station offers unique drink options such as Mint Milk Tea with Crushed Crackers, Banana Milk and Purple Rice Chocolate. But if you’re one to stay on the safe side, their bestselling Signature Marblearl Milk Tea is worth the try!

Address: No 80, Jalan SS15/4d, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: 11AM - 1AM daily


4. Xing Fu Tang

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A post shared by 幸福堂 Xing Fu Tang Malaysia (@xingfutang_malaysia) on

Xing Fu Tang goes the extra mile by stir-frying their brown sugar, before adding them into the milk and pearl mixture for the more natural, caramel flavour. Originated from Taiwan, the frying process gives the milk drink that extra charcoal aroma as well.

Pop in and try out their rich-flavoured Brown Sugar Boba Milk; or if you prefer a more refreshing drink, then their Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta would be interesting. Do check out their tea selections as well, such as their Grapefruit Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea.

Address: No. 88G, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 1am.


5. Tealive

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A post shared by Tealive Brunei (@tealivebrunei) on

Tealive probably has the biggest bubble milk tea menu. You will see more than just the bubble milk drink. From sparkling juices and crafted teas to smoothies and coffees, Tealive is your one-stop thirst quencher station. Due to popular demand, Tealive is available in major shopping malls and hotspots; of course, this includes a store in Subang Jaya SS15.

Address: No, 45, First Floor. Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya. 47500, Selangor.

Operating Hours: Mon to Thurs (10am - 10pm), Friday (10am - 10.30pm), Friday (10am – 10.30pm), Saturday (12pm to 10.30pm), Sunday (12pm to 10pm)


6. Daboba

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A post shared by Wooby 无比膏 ?? ?️ ♑️? ? ? ESTJ-A (@woobydoobie) on

Despite its wide range of drinks, the Daboba signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk is still the trending drink in the menu. It’s made up of pure milk and brown sugar, with extra-large pearls, making the milk drink more fragrant and sweet. Besides, the Japanese Roasted Milk, Mango Dirty Tea and the attention-grabbing cheese matcha drink are worth a try, too.

Address: 25, Jalan SS 15/4, Subang Jaya. 47500, Selangor

Operating Hours: Sun to Thurs (12.30pm to 11.45pm), Fri & Sat (12.30pm – 12.15am)


7. Mui Tea

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A post shared by MuiTea (@muiteabeverage) on

Bubble teas aside, Mui Tea also specialises in high-quality fresh fruit teas. Using only natural sugar to add a splash of sweetness to the drinks, Mui Tea’s is ideal for hot days; for when you need to quench your thirst. Additionally, Mui Tea also fuses sweet and savoury to give you the trending Cheese Meicha; it has a light body with delicate notes.

Address: No.18, Jalan SS 15/4b, Subang Jaya. 47500, Selangor

Operating Hours: Sun to Thurs (11am to 11.30pm), Fri & Sat (11am – 12am)


8. Pin Tea

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A post shared by Pin Tea Malaysia (@pinteamalaysia) on

Although not a bubble tea shop, Pin Tea is a crowd favourite among those who wants an icy and refreshing drink under the hot sun. Aside from their well-loved signature Citrus Fruit Tea, Pin Tea’s menu is filled with teas that are made entirely with fresh fruits and no artificial flavourings. Often praised for their well-balanced tasting drinks (not too sweet and not too bitter), it’s also common to find fruit chunks in their beverages.

Address: 86G, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: 12PM - 1AM daily


9. TeaAmo Subang Jaya

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A post shared by Michelle (@mhsuhuey) on

Many frequent this local brand  for not only their bubble milk tea, but also milk tea ice cream topped with tapioca pearls! The brand is known for their Taufa Brown Sugar Series and several other flavoured milk beverages such as Rose Milk and Peach Milk.

Address: 51, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: 12PM - 1AM  daily


10. OneZo Malaysia

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A post shared by OneZo Malaysia 丸作 (@onezo.malaysia) on

Taiwanese OneZo is raved for its good pricing and their brown sugar milk series called ‘Dirty Tea’. They are also known for their milk tea with chewy Pokemon’s Pokeball tapioca pearls, which are made with red rice, bamboo charcoal and coconut in order to emulate the colours of a Pokeball.

Address: 70-G, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: 11AM - 1AM, daily


11. Moge Tee

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A post shared by Moge Tee Malaysia (@mogeteemalaysia) on

Aside from their milk tea and fruit beverages, Moge Tee made headlines with their souffle pancakes which are topped with brown sugar tapioca pearls. Drinks-wise, their best-selling drinks are none other than their cheese-fusion drinks such as the highly-recommended Watermelon Cheese Tea. And they don’t just use any ordinary cheese, but fresh ones coming all the way from Australia!

Address: 52, Jalan SS2/61, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: 12PM - 1AM, daily

Parking / How to get there:

If this is your first time venturing into SS15, be warned that getting parking along the infamous Bubble Tea Street could be very challenging. During peak hours, it’s common to see cars double parked along the street. Hence, it wouldn’t be very wise to even enter the street in the first place.

What we would recommend is to park a few streets away and walk over. Parking costs RM0.50 per hour or RM4 for 8 hours and you can pay via the Smart Selangor Parking, parking coupons or parking meters available. This only applies on Monday to Friday 8 am - 6:30 pm. Alternatively, you could also park at the multi-level carpark which isn’t too far away. Parking rates are as below:

Monday – Friday

7 a.m. – 7 p.m.: Up to RM8

After 7 p.m.: RM2 per entry

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: RM 2 per entry



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