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The Pepsi Black Ginger Could Probably Be The Healthiest Soft Drink in Malaysia

And it's spicy too!

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Perhaps the one thing that would never cross our minds when we think about soft drinks is the possibility of it being healthy. But that doesn't mean that one could not try to make it so.

In fact, the Pepsi Ginger is the latest addition to Pepsi's no-sugar line, and is an effort to provide Malaysians with a variant that is healthier to make it possible for us to enjoy our cola sans guilt. It has no calories as well!

"Malaysians are always looking for that spicy kick in their food, so we believe this first-ever ginger cola variant in Malaysia will pair perfectly with their current consumption choices." - Santharuban T. Sundaram, senior VP of Etika Sdn Bhd Marketing and Alternate Business.

So the next time you're at the mamak and you find yourself torn between a Pepsi Ais and a Teh Halia, just know that it is now possible to have the best of both worlds. The Pepsi Ginger can also be found at all major convenience stores, petrol stations, supermarkets, hypermarkets and anywhere else that you would go to get your regular Pepsi. 

Pepsi Ginger

RM 2.09

The Pepsi Ginger features Malaysia's favourite spice for an added kick and spicyness to result in the ultimate thirst-quenching satisfaction. It is a healthier variety with no added sugar and calories, yet a taste that is undeniably bold. 

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