Recently, green tea has been in everything, and in every form, you could imagine – tea, cakes, ice-cream, you name it. While some may not be a fan of green tea, many have hopped on the bandwagon. Therefore, we’re here to help you with your obsession by introducing this list of tasty green tea packages that you can keep along with the million others in your kitchen.

1. 1. Heath & Heather Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

Best for pregnant women and breastfeeding
Price from RM20.50
Lazada Malaysia RM20.50

Being a pregnant woman means giving up caffeine and alcohol. But if you’re a green tea fanatic, then this Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea by Heath & Heather will be perfect for you. It helps to prepare your body for labour, and it encourages breast milk production. This green tea also helps with post-pregnancy, ensuring your uterus returns to its normal condition.

2. 2. Himalaya Green Tea

Best for weight loss and gastritis
Price from RM18.50
Lazada Malaysia RM18.50

Dieting is not the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of work and mental preparation. That being said, you should add this tasty green tea to your regimen, as it works to bring down your unhealthy weight. It also helps to aid digestion issues as well as cardiac-related problems. Now you can live a healthy lifestyle without giving up too many scrumptious foods.

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3. 3. Eastern Vital Lemon Green Tea

Best green tea with lemon
Price from RM9.90
Lazada Malaysia RM9.90

Green tea alone taste amazing, but if you’re someone who loves a little citrus flavour in your tea, then this lemon green tea is the way to go. This product on its own works as an antioxidant, but lemons have twice the amount of antioxidants. It will keep your skin young and smooth, fighting against ageing.

4. 4. Fuji Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Best for skin and acne
Price from RM25.00
Lazada Malaysia RM25.00

Japan is very much known for their green tea. You can tell by the incorporation of green tea flavouring in their desserts and food. This matcha green tea powder is nothing less of a green tea bag, only that it tastes much richer. Use it for baking, making milkshakes and even sprinkle them on your desserts.

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5. 5. Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea with Moroccon Mint

Best anti-inflammatory green tea with mint for diet, acid reflux and acidity
Price from RM14.50
Lazada Malaysia RM14.50

We all love how refreshing the taste of mint is, just like a splash of water on the face in the morning. Mint green tea does not only taste awesome, but it comes with many benefits too. The anti-inflammatory Morrocan mint green tea is an excellent solution for those with bad breath, acid reflux and acidity issues and if you are looking to cut back on your weight.

6. 6. Green Tea with Young Green Barley Leaves

Best for allergies and gout
Price from RM22.00
Lazada Malaysia RM22.00

The combination of green tea and green barley has many sources of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. They are all natural and great to put allergies and gout at bay. Besides, this drink produces a mellow taste that is relaxing and enjoyable anytime, anywhere.

7. 7. Heath and Heather Organic Green Tea with Manuka Honey

Best green tea with honey
Price from RM17.00
Lazada Malaysia RM17.00

Honey goes well with pancakes, waffles and even green tea. This sweet tea also contains a hint of caffeine to keep you going strong all day long. It's completely gluten-free and is perfect for your sensitive stomach and digestive system.

8. 8. Ahmad Tea Jasmine Green Tea

Best jasmine green tea
Price from RM33.00
Lazada Malaysia RM33.00

Jasmine green tea is known to help with stress. It will calm your mind and body after a long day. There's a mellow and relaxing taste to this combination that you can take throughout the day.

9. 9. Lipton Clear Green Tea

Best for cough
Price from RM14.50
Lazada Malaysia RM14.50

You'll no doubt need to go on medication when you’re down with a fever and cough. But if you prefer a more natural remedy, then this green tea is for you. It works as a cough reliever, is tasty compared to cough syrup and you can serve it cold or hot, depending on your mood.

10. 10. OSK Japanese Green Tea

Best Japanese green tea
Price from RM19.50
Lazada Malaysia RM19.50

Japanese green tea is known for its calming taste as well as its antioxidant benefits. This product is safe to consume any time of the day and as many times as you want. Also, it comes in a box of 50 – enough to last you for a good amount of time.

11. 11. Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea with Ginger

Best green tea with ginger
Price from RM17.50
Lazada Malaysia RM17.50

Ginger is known as the liquid gold as it delivers tons of health benefits to your body. Not everyone fancies ginger in their food or drinks, but this tea has only a minimal hint of the ginger taste. If you still don't like it, try adding in a few slices of lemon after brewing the tea to ramp up the benefits.

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