8 Phone Mounts under RM 50 for Smooth Drives and Easy Navigations

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The number of road accidents has been increasing over the years, mostly due to drivers being distracted by their smartphone. We've picked various affordable phone mounts for you to better focus on your driving while navigating with your GPS. 

Baseus Air Vent Car Mount with Auto Clip

RM 66.48

Mount your phone to your car air vent with this rigorous and stylish-looking car mount. With auto clip and 360 degrees rotation ability, you can easily mount and manipulate the position of your phone using only one hand. The clip can open up to 84 mm, making it compatible with most smartphones. Plus, this car mount is also scratch resistance with an anti-slip telescopic arm.

CD Slot Car Mount

RM 17.8

This 10 x 5 x 11cm phone holder features a stretchable clamp/bracket that can open up to 9cm and designed to fit your vehicle’s CD slot. It is durable and practical with a wide range of compatibility. The silicone cushion and rubber pads on the clamps protect your phone from being damaged, gripping your phone tightly without vibrating or wiggling around even when you are driving on bumpy roads. With two ball joints installed, you can rotate your device for a full 360 degree and even tilt it vertically or horizontally based on your preference or app usage. Find that perfect viewing angle with one hand. No tools needed, this device is easily installed and you can even play CD simultaneously while having it attached to your car’s CD slot.

Universal Magnetic Car Mount

RM 21.9

No matter whether you are a Samsung, Lenovo or iPhone user, you can still use this elegant-looking car mount. Not only its using magnets to keep your phone attached, it also has 360 degrees rotation ability, maximising its flexibility. This magnetic car mount is easy to install and remove. Have a pleasant driving while using this car mount as it is small in size and won't block your sight.

Universal Air Vent & Windshield Car Mount 

RM 13.5

This slim and elegantly designed phone mount securely docks your phone and has been tested to withstand harsh temperatures of direct sunlight. It features an extra long suction cup arm to allow you to adjust with ease while ensuring a safe driving. Supporting most smartphone cases, there is no need to remove your phone casing before docking. Install the device on the windscreen, dashboard or air vent and navigate your way through the busiest streets in Malaysia.

CAFELE 360 Degree Magnetic Car Mount

RM 30

This tiny 360 degree will surely meet your needs as it can be installed in multiple locations in your car ensuring a convenient operation and safe driving. There are four security magnets embedded inside to hold your phone firmly without interfering with the phone signal. Measuring only 4 x 4 x 8cm and made using aluminum alloy, this tiny durable phone mounts is easily installed and doesn’t leave marks on your car.

360 DegreeUniversal Magnetic Windshield & Dashboard Car Mount

RM 9.9

Suitable for general phone, this plastic and rubber made phone mount is definitely durable and practical. It uses suction cups measuring 6.5 cm in diameter and can be easily clean with a moist tissue. It can also rotate 360 degrees for flexible use. Mount your phone to the car windshield with ease as you navigate your way to your desired destination.

Portable & Adjustable Air Vent Car Mount

RM 14.90

For safety grip or kickstand gaming, you name it! This all-purpose designed car air vent mount holder is compatible with a variety of intelligent digital devices including all kinds of mobile phones, MP4, PDA and GPS. This product is made from ABS plus PVC, with simple and generous 360 degrees design.

360 Degree Windshield Car Mount

RM 23.5

This one has an adjustable width ranging from 0 to 6 inch with 360 degrees rotation ability. Using a suction cup, this car mount is easily installed and is so practical that it can be operated with single hand operation. It also has a strong holding power and can hold any devices with weight up to 1 kg. Get to your destination safely with ease.

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